Korean men’s fashion trends for winter 2021


We have already talked about the trends in Korean women’s fashion for fall-winter 2021. Now it is the men’s turn. Did you know that even Korean fashion trends vary depending on the time of year? Although the basics always prevail, to set new trends, other garments appear. The Korean men’s fashion trends for winter 2021 will make you want to look like a fashionista as a Korean celebrity. Remember that achieving this is not very difficult! You only need creativity and fill your closet with the most necessary clothes. Are you ready? Then keep reading!


10 trends in Korean men’s fashion for winter 2021


1. Oversized shirts


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Oversized-shirts-(subtitulo)These shirts are part of the basics that you should not miss. When it comes to Korean fashion, oversized garments are a favorite.


But that does not only apply to trends in women’s fashion, as many think. On the contrary: they are unisex garments that also fit any style.


However, they are a favorite in Korean casual or street fashion.


If your style fits this, feel free to add oversized shirts. Neutral colors are the most popular, but you can choose the one of your preference.


2. Long-sleeved T-shirt


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Long-sleeved-T-shirt(subtitulo)In these cold seasons, sometimes a jacket or sweater is not enough.


For that reason, the best thing to do is wear a long-sleeved shirt.


They are classic, comfortable, and provide an attractive masculine look.


The favorite colors are white, beige, black, and in general, all neutral colors.


However, do not be afraid to wear pastel colors. These are not exclusive to girls, and they add a different glow to your style.


3. Denim jeans


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Denim-jeans(subtitulo)And with what can you combine the shirts? Easy! In autumn and winter, it is better to go warm.


However, that is not synonymous with loss of style.


You can wear comfortable and warm clothes without neglecting your fashion sense.


A perfect option to accompany oversized shirts or long sleeves is denim jeans. It can be wide, ripped, or classic. It depends on you. The important thing is that you get a type of jeans that fits your style and that’s it: you would be wearing the best of Korean men’s fashion trends for winter 2021.


4. Cargo pants


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Cargo-pants(subtitulo)But if you prefer more comfortable and baggy jeans, then cargo pants are the best you can wear.




Because they are perfect for those moments where you require greater comfort without leaving your style.


In addition, they are very striking and will give your look a special touch.




5. Printed sweaters


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Printed-sweaters(subtitulo)Do not be afraid of prints! Make them your best friend.


When it comes to adding a different touch to the look without being over the top, prints are the best there is.


Although you can wear your prints on various garments, either on shirts or even pants, a good idea is to use them on sweaters.


You can wear clothes in neutral tones and add a printed sweater to make it the star of your look. These sweaters are a favorite in Korean men’s fashion trends for winter 2021.


6. Cardigans


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Cardigans(subtitulo)Fall and winter are here, and with it, the possibility of wearing cardigans again!


People in Korea are waiting this season to bring their favorite cardigans out of the closet.


A cardigan that stands out in the Korean men’s fashion trends for winter 2021 is the checkered cardigans or the classic ones.


You can create a look with a simple white shirt, denim jeans and add a cardigan to complement it. You will achieve not only a casual outfit but also a sophisticated one.


7. Baseball jackets


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Baseball-jackets - Korean men's fashion trends for winterBaseball jackets are a favorite among preppy fashionistas.


Besides being comfortable and warm, they are beautiful and so helpful.


You can use them at any time that deserves a casual look.


These jackets are also a good ally for an urban street style.


If you want to take the best of Korean men’s fashion trends for winter 2021, then make sure you have a baseball jacket.


8. Woven vests


Woven-vestsYou can wear these vests with jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, socks, and sneakers. In this way, you will achieve a style that fits the season but is also fashionable.


If it is so cold, some add a cardigan at the same time.


That depends on the weather, but the outfit will always be your own choice. Dress however you feel comfortable.


But remember that if you need a warm garment, knitted vests are ideal and very cute. For that reason, they are part of the Korean men’s fashion trends for winter 2021.


9. Long socks


Long-socksWearing long socks has always been a trend in Korean fashion for men and women.


However, it is more common to see them in the fall and winter, when the temperatures drop the most.


Many people believe that wearing long socks can be out of tune with the outfit. But the truth is that the opposite happens.


Leaving your socks uncovered is one of the best decisions you can make to perfect your looks. Wear pants that reach a little above the ankles and show off your socks. If they are white, much better. The truth is, people in Korea are not afraid to show off their patterned socks either. These add a fun touch to the outfit!


10. Formal streetwear


Formal-streetwearThe street style form is a very modern style that embodies Korean street fashion in many ways.


However, also add more formal items like loafers or business shoes. It is a stunning contrast and depending on the clothes you choose; it is perfect for the fall and winter seasons.


Usually, this style is totally black. While each person designs the outfit differently, there are two main styles. One wears a jacket, which is often denim or leather. The other wears a long-sleeved shirt.


If you want to combine them with other garments, you can do it with a pair of long black jeans that are straight or slim fit. Accessories such as bags, hats, and jewelry are also helpful to complement the outfit.


What’s the Biggest Men’s Korean Fashion Trend for Winter 2021?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-What’s-the-Biggest-Men’s-Korean-Fashion-Trend-for-Fall-Winter-2021(subtitulo)As you have seen up to this point, the biggest trends in Korean men’s fashion trends for winter 2021 are casual, minimalist, a bit focused on street fashion, and, above all, with very sporty touches.


However, these garments can be helpful for formal occasions. It all depends on what other clothes you combine them with. For example, you can wear a white shirt, pants, and a cardigan to the office. It is a very comfortable and sophisticated style at the same time.


The Korean men’s fashion trends for winter 2021 are fantastic! If you are a K-Fashion lover, then add to your closet the clothes that we recommend here. During these seasons, you do not want to stop looking good! Have you already done it? How was your experience? You surely reached a perfect Korean look for fall and winter. We are proud of you and your love for Korean fashion. We are waiting for you in the next blog!

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