Korean maternity clothes brands you should know


Korean fashion is available to everyone. Why? Because unlike what many believe, Korean fashion has clothes and styles available for all times. Be it casual, sophisticated, grunge, soft, beach styles, and even lingerie and pajamas, Korean fashion has designs for everyone. Therefore, if you are a woman who is in the sweet wait and still doesn’t want to stop wearing the best Korean-style clothes, we want to tell you that there is a possibility that you will not abandon your style while pregnant. You can also wear the best of K-Fashion and be a stylish mom-to-be during your pregnancy. Today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about the Korean maternity clothes brands you should know! You can add the best Korean-style maternity clothes to your closet by knowing those brands. Are you ready? Keep reading!


How to dress during pregnancy?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-How-to-dress-during-pregnancyBut before we get to know the Korean maternity clothes brands, we need to review how you should dress during pregnancy. That way, you will be able to know ​​what to buy when buying clothes from these brands. During the first trimester of pregnancy, most of the physical changes associated with pregnancy have not yet occurred. It allows you to use most of your usual wardrobe. However, when the changes already appear, pregnancy itself can produce a state of discomfort due to the bodily changes. For that reason, it is better the clothes used by the pregnant woman to be as comfortable as possible. The garments must be comfortable and not too tight in the abdominal area.


A comfortable garment is one to which a person adapts and generates tolerance. So you should avoid tight clothing that can make you uncomfortable. Fabrics that are too rigid should be avoided, as they can cause chafing or discomfort in folds. Many comfortable garments worn by pregnant women in Korea are oversize garments, so this is a good option during your pregnancy. Cotton, wool, and knitwear are also great options.


How can I look stylish during pregnancy?


One way to stay in style during pregnancy is by wearing Korean fashion. Therefore, you need to know the Korean maternity clothes brands. With the garments that these brands offer, you can expand your options in terms of clothing for pregnancy. And without further delay, we start the top 5 Korean maternity clothes brands.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-SWEET-PLUSSweet Plus is the first brand to reach the top of Korean maternity clothes brands. This brand was founded in 2005. Since then, Sweet Plus is a leading maternity brand headquartered in Korea. The brand has a website similar to a shopping mall. There, you can freely browse and find the products you need according to the stages of your pregnancy. However, that’s not the best of it all. The best part about Sweet Plus is that it doesn’t just sell housewares and maternity underwear. It also offers clothes with a stylish look and flexible fit for those who continue to work in the office during pregnancy! Isn’t that great? With Sweet Plus garments, you can show off the best of elegant Korean style, even during your pregnancy.


If you are interested and want to get up-to-date information about the brand’s news and discounts, follow its Instagram account. Another positive feature of the brand is that it always puts quality as the top priority. For that reason, the quality of Sweet Plus products is made possible by the layers of quality control processes involved during the production stage. Additionally, defect inspections also help maintain high standards for each item. You can wear Sweet Plus clothes during and after pregnancy. Her dresses in pastel and neutral colors are beautiful. With Sweet Plus, you will be a very stylish mommy.


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Korean-Fashion-Trends-REAL-MOMMYThe second brand in this top Korean maternity clothes brands is Real Mommy. It is a Korean maternity brand that focuses on maternity wear and plus-size clothing. Like Sweet Plus, the brand has a website where you can freely browse to find what you are looking for.


In addition, Real Mommy sells everything from maternity shirts and dresses to activewear and comfortable underwear. As you can see, the brand has everything that moms-to-be need. If you want to take a look at their products, you can visit their website or their Instagram account.


An advantage of buying products of this brand from their website is that the shipping service is available throughout the day until 5:00 p.m. Korean time. It is easy and reliable to buy on the website of this brand.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-MOMNURI - Korean maternity clothes brands - korean woman pregnantAnd to continue this top Korean maternity clothes brands is the MOMNURI brand. It is a leading maternity brand in the Korean industry. MOMNURI specializes in a variety of clothing in many sizes for moms-to-be. During the long pregnancy, many women go through many worries and obstacles in their daily lives. One of those great difficulties is what to wear during pregnancy.


This Korean maternity wear brand helps eliminate those worries. They provide the public with many maternity clothes. At MOMNURI, you can find clothes with an elegant, informal, and practical style. It also offers product selections that range from conventional clothing such as dresses, tops, and pants to items designed for more specific purposes, such as sleepwear and sportswear.


The clothes of this brand are so good that women who have had the opportunity to wear their designs continue to wear the garments even after pregnancy, as the brand also offers outfits suitable for postpartum and breastfeeding. As with the previous brands, you can follow the MOMNURI account on Instagram to keep updated with their designs, prices, and all the information you need.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-PETIT-ELINWe continue with this top from Korean maternity clothes brands with Petit Elin.


The name of this Korean brand means Little Happiness.


In addition to selling clothes for pregnant women that adapt to any time and size, the brand also helps mothers prepare for the arrival of the little ones.


In this brand, moms can also buy baby clothes, toys, furniture, accessories, sanitary products, and skincare products.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-SOIM - Korean maternity clothes brands - korean woman pregnantAnd to finish this top of Korean maternity clothes brands, we have the SOIM brand. It is another Korean maternity brand that supports the different needs of pregnant women. Throughout your pregnancy, easy-to-wear dresses tend to be wardrobe staples.


However, such clothing often looks quite similar and can be boring. SOIM designs clothes for those who are looking for clothes that are easy to wear, comfortable, and stylish.


In this brand, you can find blouses, underwear, and elegant dresses that you can use during maternity and breastfeeding.


Additionally, SOIM products are made with eco-friendly pigments and paints that are safe for the sensitive skin of pregnant women and their babies.


The Korean maternity clothes brands that you need to know are ideal for moms-to-be who want to look perfect during their pregnancies too. And it is that being in the sweet wait is not synonymous with looking messy and wearing any garment without style. It is such a special stage that it deserves to be celebrated with the best outfits. Visit these brands and expand your options in the closet during your pregnancy. See you soon!


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