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Korean makeup is part of Korean fashion trends thanks to the popularity of K-beauty today. Although Koreans place more importance on skincare, makeup is still a significant accessory in Korean fashion. Because of that, several creative and innovative ideas are trending among people who practice or want to practice Korean makeup techniques. If you are a beginner and want to discover the secrets of this trend, there are some Korean makeup YouTubers you should know. They are girls who have YouTube channels with a long list of subscribers thanks to the makeup they do or recreate. Keep scrolling down to find out who they are!


11 Korean Makeup YouTubers You Must Know!


Heizle, Korean Makeup YouTubers



She is a girl who makes makeup videos on YouTube, but on her channel, you can also find a wide variety of video blogs.


She records some videos of her daily life as well as recreating makeup.


However, she also creates her makeup ideas, so you can get inspiration from her videos to do your makeup as well.


Her videos have English subtitles, so you can enjoy her content without the fear of not knowing Korean.


Pony, Korean Makeup YouTubers



Pony Makeup is the most famous YouTuber in Korea. Her style, makeups, and even her video editing are stunning.


This popular Korean makeup YouTuber has even created her makeup line and published books on beauty. In her channel, you will find beauty tips and tutorials on a more professional level. She was a makeup artist for many famous idols, like CL. Her videos also have


English subtitles. You can find inexhaustible ideas of Korean beauty on the Pony Makeup channel. And also makeup inspired by movie characters. Pony is undoubtedly a makeup mastermind.


Lamuqe, Korean Makeup YouTubers



Lamuque will give you the best tips and tutorials to adopt the best Korean beauty trends.


She presents absorbing makeup proposals that you will surely want to use.


She uploads a lot of varied content, but her makeups have allowed her to achieve fame among Korean makeup YouTubers.






In Haneul’s channel, you will find a great diversity of content such as hauls, travel blogs, or curiosities of your day-to-day.


But among her videos, those in which she shares makeup tutorials for special occasions stand out. She also shares beauty tips that will be very useful to you.


Haneul is also a model for various brands of lingerie and bikinis.


That is why on her channel, you can also watch videos about her experience in the world of modeling.


Sunny’s channel



This girl will give you the best ideas to experiment with your look!


On her channel, you will find makeup tutorials for very different styles. She also prepares to cover makeup videos.


She is very famous among Korean makeup YouTubers, even though her content is not as constant compared to the YouTubers mentioned above.






The Leean channel is not very well known compared to the others we have mentioned so far.


However, although its community is not that large, it still has a significant number of subscribers.


Her videos are very relaxing due to the music and colors.


Her channel is very minimalist, and her content is not only valuable but also entertaining. Learning Korean makeup with her is a good option.





If you are looking for makeup tips, this channel will enchant you.


This girl shares videos showing daily makeup ideas, and you will also have fun with the video of her style called “get ready with me.”


Learning makeup with her is so easy and fun. In addition, she is a girl who transmits emotion and pleasure for what she does.


Many people admire her for the content of her videos and her infectious personality.





Yucatnit (besides offering you makeup tutorials on Korean fashion looks) has an absorbing segment on her YouTube channel called 5 Minute Product Review. In this section, Yucatnip reviews about five products in 5 minutes.


She gives a quick introduction to each product and shows using them herself. Products in the video tend to have characteristics such as color or product type.


In addition, she includes a range of affordable and luxury brand products. They are quick but informative videos.


Those videos are what every beginner needs to learn more about a product, above all when they cannot physically test it in stores and buy it online.


If you look deeper at her channel, you will find makeup tutorials easy to follow. While you can enjoy makeup looks for every day and different seasons, this Korean makeup YouTuber also has bolder and more elegant looks for special events like classy dinner nights, Christmas parties, or Halloween. Her channel has 301K subscribers.





Risabae is known as the look-alike singer Sunmi. Thanks to her impeccable work, she achieved status in the beauty industry with her impeccable makeup skills. Her YouTube channel has a staggering 2.25 million subscribers. She is famous for her makeup tutorials, but she occasionally vlogs about her life and creates costume-style videos. She has makeup tutorials. In them, she challenges herself to recreate makeup looks. Those videos are so famous big brands like Chanel and Lancôme have approached Risabae to collaborate thanks to her beauty and fame.


Together with this girl, you will learn many things about makeup and hairstyle for different occasions. She recommends the products she uses and shares the best tips to show off your facial features and create better color effects. In addition, she also makes cover makeup videos that are very creative. Although they seem very elaborate, many of her followers have managed to recreate the same makeup due to her videos.





YouTubers’ personalities play a huge role in their successes. We can see that in Hyojin, who in her videos appears as a fun friend and with whom you can relate.


Thanks to the quarantine, many YouTubers have started making makeup transformation videos while stuck at home. But even before this, Hyojin was constantly uploading those makeup videos like this.


Her transformation before and after makeup is drastic. She often leaves viewers in awe of her makeup skills.





Korean makeup is known to be softer compared to Western makeup. However, Ruieeé is a master at mixing K-beauty techniques with Western makeup techniques.


Compared to other Korean beauty YouTubers, Ruieeé’s eye makeup leans towards the bold and dramatic. If you’ve tried to master the art of eye makeup but failed, you should check out this Korean makeup YouTuber’s channel.


The videos of her are easy to follow! Also, many of her tutorials are suitable for taking selfies and sharing them on Instagram. They are also perfect tutorials for those at home playing with makeup.


Now that you know these Korean makeup YouTubers, you can visit their channels and learn a lot from them! You have to take advantage of their tutorials and go ahead and recreate some makeup. Many are easy to do, and others require a little more time and dedication. However, neither is impossible to achieve! Try the trends in Korean makeup and surprise everyone with unique and beautiful makeup. Remember to visit us every day. In that way, you can discover more about the latest trends in K-fashion, but also in K-beauty. See you soon!

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