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A few days ago, we learned about the Korean beauty trends 2022. With these trends, we could see that not only Korean fashion is updated. Beauty also arrives with novelties every year. For that reason, this year, we will also see the Korean makeup trends 2022. Although we can recognize Korean makeup for being lighter than others, in the same way, there are new updates that are better to know if we want to follow Korean fashion in all its aspects. Also, Korean makeup products are just as great as skincare products. Many Korean brands make perfect makeup products. They constantly change their formulas, collections, etc. Hopefully, with that, the trends reach another level every year. Stay on Korean Fashion Trends to discover those Korean makeup trends 2022!


6 Korean Makeup Trends 2022


No one can deny that South Korea stands above the rest. They have the best beauty tips, tricks, and trends, whether it’s skincare or makeup. Thanks to this, Korean beauty has managed to position itself as a leader and global phenomenon that impacts more and more people. Korean makeup is easily recognizable, thanks to its sophisticated look. But every year, we say goodbye to some trends and welcome others. Know these 6 Korean makeup trends 2022.


1. Cherry or mauve lips


The cherry or mauve lip trend stands out among the Korean makeup trends 2022. Due to its obvious fall appeal, this makeup trend came straight from the fashion runways to take over reality. How can you achieve this trend? Combine a cherry-colored lip with healthy, glowing skin. Your skin must be well cared for and beautiful. Otherwise, the lips will not have the expected effect. You can also go for a mauve lipstick to give your lips a blush. That brings just the right amount of color to a look that focuses on keeping things natural.


To successfully pull off this trend, you need to keep the color focused on the center of the lips. You shouldn’t extend them to the edges. In that way, you can achieve a carefree approach. The best thing about this trend is that the skin contrasts with the texture of the lips. The lips are matte, but the skin is slightly dewy and luminous. Before wearing Korean makeup trends 2022, it is better to start with Korean beauty trends. Skincare is more important than anything else. It always goes first.


2. Effect without makeup


Koreans are experts at looking like they don’t have any makeup on. For their day-to-day, cosmetics are applied that are barely noticeable, achieving a very natural effect. For this, they also follow a facial routine to have porcelain skin. Although there are many makeup trends where color and details are the protagonists, non-makeup makeup will always remain among the main trends. For this reason, it is also part of the Korean makeup trends 2022. Although Koreans love makeup, they love to show off beautiful skin that doesn’t always require makeup. For them, skin health is the best way to have a beautiful face.


3. The classic red lips


All makeup lovers know that red lipstick is the little black dress of the beauty world. For that reason, red lips as the protagonists are also part of the Korean makeup trends 2022. Although bold red lips and well-groomed and smooth skin have always gone hand in hand, this year, it stands out more thanks to the fact that the lips are a focus on this trend. For the look to work, it is best to moisturize the skin very well before using the foundation for makeup. For lips, it is better to use matte pigmented red. Also, it is essential to make the lips as accurate as possible. For that, always clean the edges with a base darker than your skin. Or at least that’s how it works with people who already have their skin cared for. If this is not your case, you may need more layers of foundation, concealer, powder, etc.


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4. Idol-style eyelashes


This trend probably sounds a bit strange, but it’s real. It is one of the Korean makeup trends 2022 stands out the most. The idol lash trend is about carefully bunching lashes to create a bold effect. There are plenty of K-Pop idols and celebrities rocking the trend. But it requires some skills. Idol lashes are usually created by applying mascara first and then using tweezers to gather the lashes together. However, it is also significant to use the right mascara. Preferably a black waterproof formula mascara with less fiber. You make sure to gather the lashes before they dry. Otherwise, you could end up with a clumpy mess on them.


5. Peach-toned blush


Many women in Korea are obsessed with cool tones like pink and mauve this year. However, they use it on the lips or eyes while the blush is more saturated compared to other years. In addition, they are also experimenting with the way they apply blush. Instead of applying it to the apples of their cheeks, they like to create a natural blush or dial it in for high-impact color. To achieve this option among the Korean makeup trends 2022, apply a few strokes to the center of the cheeks and blend with a sponge. That way, you can create slightly tanned cheeks that look natural.


6. Y2K Trend


It’s easy to see why the Y2K aesthetic is trending again this year. How do you recognize these trends? Thanks to plucked eyebrows, lots of glitter on the lips and eyelids, matte skin, and bright pastel colors, it’s easy to recognize the Y2K trend. We have to admit we’re glad to see it back, as it’s a super playful and fun way to express yourself. Because of that, and after a couple of stressful years, K-Pop stars are certainly embracing this trend. It is why it also stands out among the Korean makeup trends 2022. Many Korean women incorporate thick glitter in their eyes and apply a violet eyeshadow on their lids. If you want to achieve this makeup look, use a shimmery violet eyeshadow on your lids up to your brow bone. You can complete the look with thin, arched eyebrows and cool-toned pink lips.


The Korean makeup trends 2022 will be helpful if you want to keep up to date with what’s new in Korean makeup. We know that it is not always easy to wear new trends and change with them. However, these trends don’t require much effort or products. Once again, the protagonist continues to be smooth and well-groomed skin. Because of that, we remind you that before trying the Korean makeup trends 2022, consider starting with the K-Beauty Trends 2022. And you, have you already done it? Tell us about your experience. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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