Let’s get to know all about Korean makeup for tanned skin


Do you like K-Beauty, but have tanned skin and don’t know how to put on makeup in the best Korean style? It happens to many people with tanned skin. Many people think Korean makeup is not available for darker skin as they are used to seeing Korean idols and celebrities with skin as white as porcelain. However, we can’t forget those Korean celebrities who are brown-skinned. RM, Kai, Hwasa, and Hyolyn, are some of the many idols who have suffered discrimination because of their tanned skin. But that doesn’t stop them, and they also prove that K-Beauty trends suit any skin type. If you are brown-skinned and want to do Korean-style makeup, it is possible, and there are a few ways to achieve it. For that reason, today, in Korean Fashion Trends, you will be able to know how to do makeup like K-Beauty trends if you are brown-skinned. Let’s get to know all about Korean makeup for tanned skin!


Which Korean makeup brands offer products for brown skin?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Which-Korean-makeup-brands-offer-products-for-brown-skinA recurring question among tanned people who want to wear makeup in K-Beauty trends in which Korean brands offer makeup for dark skin.


It is essential to talk about those brands to know all about Korean makeup for tanned skin.


While most K-Beauty brands offer products for different skin types, we can find specific ones that have a long catalog of products ready for those with tanned skin.


Brands like Innisfree, 3CE, Etude House, and Kaja offer different makeup products that people with brown skin can use without fear.


Tips to achieve a Korean makeup if you have tanned skin


Continuing with this guide to know all about Korean makeup for tanned skin, we have some tips to help you when applying makeup. Let’s get to know them!




Korean-Fashion-Trends-USE-A-MOISTURIZERThis tip is functional not only when you want to do makeup in the Korean style. It is functional for any makeup you want to do. Before applying any product to your face, you should moisturize it.


Why? Because some facial products tend to dry out the skin to make it appear oil-free.


For that reason, many products tend to make your face lose its natural moisture.


You need to protect your skin, and one way to do that is to use moisturizer.




Korean-Fashion-Trends- hwasa mamamoo - brown skinThe foundation is so significant because it is the first makeup product we use before others.


It has to be according to your skin tone. Otherwise, you will achieve an unwanted effect.


You can try (depending on the color of your skin) ivory, warm ivory, honey, natural, almond, warm beige, and brown tones.


You can usually find these foundation shades in the Korean makeup brands we mentioned before.


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Korean-Fashion-Trends-LIP-TINTS-AND-LIPSTICKS - hwasa mamamooKorean beauties achieve their makeup look with a gradient lip tint.


They have two shades, one light and one slightly darker to enhance your lips, giving them a gradient tint.


However, not all colors go well with tanned skin.


Some shades that work well with your skin tone are nudes, shades of purple, caramel browns, and metallic reds.



4 types of Korean makeup for tanned skin


For now, to know all about Korean makeup for tanned skin, it is important to have at least three types of makeup for different areas of the face. Today we present four, and we also tell you which products of the mentioned brands you can use.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-LIP-MAKEUP- 3CE-BRAND - hwasa mamamooAs we said before, to know all about Korean makeup for tanned skin, it is important to consider lip makeup. We recommend the trend of gradient lips with ink.


However, you could apply lipstick in the shades that suit your skin type. That will be a good option too! That brings us to the 3CE brand lipsticks, the velvet Lip Tints.


Also, you can see that they have a lot more shades that are friendly to dark skin tones. However, this is not the only lip line from 3CE with a diverse color range. You should take a more careful look at all the products of this brand.


If you do, you’ll be one step away from finding a lip product from the Korean brand that finally matches your skin tone.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-EYE-MAKEUP - hyolynWe have eye makeup to continue with this little guide to know all about Korean makeup for tanned skin.


Admittedly, it’s hard to find shades that suit people with tan skin tones.


Why? Because the colors may not look good on your lids. Or the colors don’t do your skin tone justice.


However, a palette with burgundy tones will be stunning for a sultry look.


Also, the golden highlights will give you the extra glam you need for a night out.




Korean-Fashion-Trends- hyolyn soloistAlthough contouring is also an essential product in makeup, when it comes to Korean makeup for brown skin, it’s hard to get the right one.


Why? Because there are not many options for contouring. But a popular option for many is the Etude House contour.


You can go for natural light + natural deep or neutral light + neutral deep. Those are the two darkest shades.


In addition, its creamy formula makes it easy to apply. You can also use the product in layers if you prefer.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-NATURAL-KOREAN-MAKEUP - hyolyn soloistAnd if you are one of the people who prefers not to wear a lot of makeup, then this option in this guide to know all about Korean makeup for tanned skin is for you.


A factor that stands out in K-Beauty is the natural texture that Korean beauty shows when wearing makeup. There are multiple layers of makeup, including moisturizer, foundation, serum, blush, contours, and whatnot.


However, the natural texture blends so well with the skin that the beholder’s eyes would hardly know it is makeup.


Korean makeup gives a natural touch to people without much effort.


If you are tanned, think no more that you can’t pull off Korean makeup trends. This little guide to knowing all about Korean makeup for tanned skin will help you on your way to putting Korean makeup trends into practice on your dark skin. Also, Korean brands that offer makeup products for brown skin are excellent and worth checking out. See you in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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Korean makeup for tanned skin


Mineralist Eyeshadow Palette (6x Eyeshadow) – # Sunlit – $27.55

from: KOODING, Inc.

Addiction – The Blush Pearl – 2.8g – 001P Nudist Beach – $62.79

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Eyeshadow Palette (9x Eyeshadow) – # Coffee – $29.45

from: KOODING, Inc.

Addiction – The Blush Matte – 2.8g – 007M Rose Latte – $62.79

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Claudette St Germain Des Pres Eyeshadow Palette (6x Eyeshadow) (limited Edition) – $61.75

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MEILINDA – Color Code Blush & Eye Palette – 10.6g – 04 Brick Brown – $14.99

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Haze Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette (9x Eyeshadow) – # Purple – $32.30

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Bbi@ – Last Blush – 2.5g – 10 Cashew Nut Blossom – $8.49

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La Rose Eyeshadow Palette (9x Eyeshadow) – $30.40

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Addiction – The Blush Pearl – 2.8g – 003P Foggy Rose – $42.79

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Haze Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette (9x Eyeshadow) – # Khaki – $32.30

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RiRe – Luxe Gel Eyeliner – Pearl Black – $4.89

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Compact Powder Foundation – # 73 (dark Beige) – $40.88

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The Face Shop – Inkgel Pencil Eyeliner – No.01 New York Black – $7.69

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Dual Fx Foundation Powder – # Olive – $33.73

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Bbi@ – Last Pen Eyeliner – Choco Brown – $5.49

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Diamond Foundation – # 50 – $50.83

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The Saem – Saemmul Under Eye Maker – 0.7g – 01 White – $4.89

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Oil Infused Lip Tint – # Laguna (box Slightly Damaged) – $15.20

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MEILINDA – Mood Mellow Eye Palette – 5.85g – 01 Pumpkin Latte – $14.49

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Airy Fit Lip Tint – $14.00

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Dior Addict Lip Tint – # 771 Natural Berry – $35.15

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Tinted Love Lip & Cheek Tint (look Of Love Collection) – # Bohemian Kiss – $44.18

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