Korean makeup for men and how to achieve it

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean makeup for men and how to achieve it

Before starting this post, we must clarify that it is not for men with fragile masculinity. So if you are not a boy with prejudices and taboos and like Korean fashion and beauty, this blog is for you. Did you know that Korean cosmetics also offer the best Korean makeup for men? That’s how it is! This trend is for those who want to take care of themselves and look good. It is a desire that today not only turns out to be a thing of the female sex. Just as Korean women are a benchmark for care and perfect skin, men are too. Protecting the skin and wanting it to look good does not distinguish between any sex. As women, there are men who are experts in knowing how to wear good makeup. K-Pop idols are an example of this. So if you want to find out everything about Korean makeup for men and how to achieve it, stay with us. Let’s get started!


How does Korean makeup for men come about?


Korean Fashion Trends - how does makeup come aboutKorea inspires many men with its traditions of care for stunning skin that, above all, looks natural and healthy with each makeup product they wish to use.


The need to take care of the skin and make it look much better has allowed large Korean brands to worry about developing ideal products for all skin types, both women and men.


In addition, talking about makeup for men also refers to the makeup of male K-Pop idols. Thanks to them and other public figures from the Asian country, makeup for men has ceased to be a matter of wonder, becoming a trend that many want to be part of.


If you also want to join the male makeup, discover the Korean makeup for men and how to achieve it!


How do Korean men make up?


When we want to know everything about Korean makeup for men and how to achieve it, we first need to know how Korean men do their makeup. Korean men achieve flawless skin, as well as women. They prioritize beauty and skincare products and then focus on makeup. Korean men’s makeup is like Korean makeup in general. It leans toward a youthful, natural look. For that reason, Korean men make up using few products. And soft colors and keep it classic, nothing exaggerated. Of course, that can change the makeup of male idols. Sometimes, those makeups are more loaded. But in general, the makeup of the Korean man is simple and not very flashy.


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5 most used Korean products in men’s makeup




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean makeup for men - Suga from BTSIf you want to know everything about Korean makeup for men and how to achieve it, you need to know that having lip balms is a must.


Korean men add color to their lips while moisturizing them with lip balms.


However, other men, on the other hand, use this type of makeup to improve the appearance of dry and chapped lips.


Using lip balm is necessary and not optional if you have dry lips.



COMPACT POWDERKorean Fashion Trends - Korean makeup for men - Jungkook from BTS


The formulations of Korean powders provide multiple benefits to the skin.


For that reason, men choose to use pressed powder to control oil levels.


These powders also eliminate excess shine, hide some imperfections or improve the skin’s texture.


They serve to mattify the face.




Korean Fashion Trends - BB creamDid you know that BB Cream is a must-have product for many men after leaving the military?


That’s how it is! And that’s because BB Creams also protect against the sun.


To learn everything about Korean makeup for men and how to achieve it, you should know that BB Cream is one of the star products for the male gender when it comes to makeup for men.


This product is a fusion of moisturizer and makeup. It offers a double function when applied.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean makeup for men - Minhyun from NU'ESTWanting to hide those panda patches that usually appear around the eyes is not too much.


In addition, dark circles don’t discriminate either: women and men can suffer from it.


For this reason, dark circles concealers are part of men’s makeup.


Don’t hesitate to use a concealer for dark circles.


On the other hand, you also need eye shadows and eyebrows in neutral tones if you want to give a little color to those areas of your face.




Korean Fashion Trends - foundation or primerThe base or the primer is also an essential product to knowing everything about Korean makeup for men and how to achieve it.


The first is a significant product for a long-lasting make-up effect. It is a primer that is applied to a clean face and is usually used after moisturizer and before applying foundation to the face.


This product not only helps correct skin texture. It also neutralizes excess oil on the face, reduces dilated pores, and directly intervenes in the instant improvement of the skin’s surface.


In addition to all this, it hides wrinkles and expression lines. Using it will be a big decision.


Tips that you should consider when applying Korean makeup if you are a man


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean makeup for men - jimin from btsWhen we talk about Korean makeup for men and how to achieve it, even skincare matters. Beyond thinking about the best Korean makeup for men, it is necessary to consider a skincare routine that allows you to maintain beautiful skin. In this way, the makeup you apply daily will be much more striking. It will pigment in the best way and make you look velvety skin without many products. For this reason, talking about makeup for men goes beyond a matter of vanity. It is a way of taking care of yourself, too.


The first tip is to consider a skincare routine before moving on to makeup products. Another important tip is to keep a natural and youthful style when you put on makeup. Avoid excesses and prepare your skin with cream and a mask before each makeup. Using primer or foundation is a must, and keeping your brows straight will give you that Korean look that many are looking for. You can contour your face by lightly lighting the areas you want to highlight. Also, you can use blush under your eyes if you want a K-Pop idol look.


If you are a man and you like Korean fashion and beauty, knowing the Korean makeup for men and how to achieve it will help you get closer to those Korean trends that you like. You only need a few products and start by taking care of your skin with more dedication. Do you like Korean makeup? Tell us about your experience in the world of Korean makeup as a man! And don’t forget to visit us every day to stay connected with K-Fashion and K-Beauty updates!


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