15 Korean makeup brands in 2021


15 Korean makeup brands in 2021. For Koreans, skincare is much more important than makeup. For them, skincare comes first and makeup second. They think that it is better to have healthy and beautiful skin than to beautify it from time to time with makeup. However, that is not to say that they don’t care about their makeup products, they really do. And thanks to that, a lot of Korean makeup brands in 2021 remain at the forefront of the beauty world.


There is a wide variety of Korean makeup brands. Each one offers distinct quality products. Korea sets new trends around the world thanks to K-POP, K-dramas, K-fashion, and also K-beauty. A few years ago, there weren’t many brands to choose from, but in recent years that has changed exponentially. In any part of Korea, you can find stores of the most recognized makeup brands in the country. If you are a real fan of makeup, you should try Korean makeup.


Why should you choose Korean makeup?


It is one of the million-dollar questions. And the answer isn’t really that difficult. Korean makeup is an innovative proposition in the market, and the products are much more effective than others. It is a fact that even foreign brands have the same opinion and take inspiration from Korean makeup for their products. Besides that, Korean skincare brands use natural, unique, and harsh-free ingredients for their preparations, which have been passed through multiple generations.


Korean makeup products also contain formulas that provide many benefits to the skin and delay aging. Those formulas are also very light so that you can show off your natural beauty. Korean makeup brands think of all public. Because of that, they manufacture products that adapt to any skin or specific problems of each skin. Korean makeup not only focuses on beauty but also on creating natural and harsh-free products that really care for your skin.


15 Korean Makeup Brands


If Korean makeup has piqued your interest, and you would like to know what are the best Korean makeup brands. Here you can learn what your best options are when trying K-beauty products. Let’s get to know which are the best 15 Korean makeup brands in 2021.


1. Misha


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Missha-(subtitulo) At first, itwas not very popular. But after the launch of one of its makeup collections, Misha achieved recognition not only within Korea but also outside the country.


They are one of the leading and pioneering brands in the market. Its most popular products are skincare and makeup made with natural ingredients.


Their BBcream is not only a foundation. It also serves as a sunscreen and serum. Thanks to that, it is one of everyone’s favorites.


2. ETUDE HOUSE, korean makeup brands



This Korean makeup house is so famous that it is one of the top brands that everyone thinks of when hearing Korean makeup. It is renowned for its quality products, but also for collaborating with Korean celebrities.


They have great lip products, high coverage foundations, lip ink, and brow pencil. One of the most acclaimed is an eyebrow pencil that works like a tint that leaves a dark, natural pigmentation when removed.


This Korean makeup brand is popular with women of all ages. Their product packaging is very creative and feminine. They have a princess concept, and the base color is pink. Besides stores in Korea, they also have many stores throughout Japan.





This brand is a bit more luxurious than others. Their prices are high but without a doubt, their products are worth it.


AMORE PACIFIC uses natural formulas for its products, such as botanical ingredients that serve to care for the skin.


Its best-known product is a compact powder and a light base that, in addition to caring for the skin, also enhances it.



4. HOLIKA HOLIKA, korean makeup brands



This brand handles skincare and makeup products.


Their makeup products do not always focus on colors or pigment, but rather on the benefits they can bring to the skin.


Because of that, they are the best option when it comes to light makeup.


Its foundation creates soft and smooth skin. They also have a renowned shadow collection.





It is a makeup brand that creates very colorful products.


They are very famous thanks to their lip ink, but they have many other innovative products. One of the benefits of this brand is that its formulas are light and, above all, durable.


It has been in the market for several years, and it is the younger crowds who most acclaim its products.



6. VDL, korean makeup brands



It is a luxury brand with prices within reach of everyone!


Not only that, but it is a favorite among many professional makeup artists due to its colorful, varied products and long-lasting formulas.


VDL is a famous brand thanks to its primer that provides an instant effect and combines the 10 skincare steps in a single product.





It is a new brand on the market. But despite its few years of experience, it has very notorious popularity.


Their products are modern, and their packaging is brilliant. Their collection of egg creams for skincare made them famous, but also their incredible makeup products.


They have lightweight, full-coverage powders and foundations.


8. IOPE, korean makeup brands


It is also a luxury brand, but compared to AMORE PACIFIC they have much more affordable prices. It is renowned for its luxury skincare and makeup products. The formulas of their products are effective and made with ingredients of natural origin. They focus on delivering skincare results and long-lasting, effective makeup.




Many idols have been the face of this Korean makeup brand. Its products are of quality and full of variety. Their main store is in Seoul, and it is a common favorite. It is a good and pleasant space that has all the brand’s products available. Some popular products of MOONSHOT are mascara, powder, and lipstick. Celebrities and the public recognize this brand as one of the best.


10. THE FACE SHOP, korean makeup brands


The brand has been on the market for several years. It is one of the favorite brands of K-pop fans. It is one of the largest makeup brands in Korea. Not only that, but it also has stores in other countries of the world. Its commercial success has made them a renowned Korean makeup brand. 


They manufacture their products from natural ingredients such as mineral waters, fruits, flowers, grains, and plants. They also combine traditional and modern techniques to produce products that mix the past with the present. Its products calm and nourish the skin.


11. CLE Cosmetics



All Korean makeup brands include skincare in their products, and CLE cosmetics is no exception.


This brand also highlights natural beauty without losing the integrity and health of the skin.

It is not a very big brand.


But its lip tints and powders are the favorite products of many.


12. BENTON, korean makeup brands


The history of the name of this brand is quite curious and highly creative. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a story of Fitzgerald, inspires the name of this brand. If you have read the story, you know that it is a man that ages backward.


Because of that, the BENTON brand creates beauty products that focus on anti-aging. They are quality products that provide softness and hydration to the skin. Like many Korean brands, BENTON is cruelty-free. The makeup of this brand is of quality and friendly to the environment as well.


13. 3CE


3CE stands for Three concept eyes. It is a sub-brand of the STYLE NANDA clothing label. The quality of its products and the colorful and very girly packaging are what characterize this brand. The colors of this brand are vibrant and long-lasting. In addition to makeup, it also offers skincare and whitening products.


14. BANILA CO, korean makeup brands


Keeping the ideals of K-beauty in mind, this brand focuses on light makeup products. This makeup works like skincare products. It has been in the industry for several years. Since 2006 it works making quality and renowned products. It has an iconic cleansing balm which is a favorite of many. It works to remove makeup residue, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. However, their makeup products also have those characteristics. It is so good for people who prefer a more naturally derived formula.


15. ROM & ND


Gaeko is the founder of this makeup brand recognized in K-beauty. Its products are suitable for all skin types and tones. Many people prefer their matte lipsticks. It is a brand that has grown over the years, and its fame is unstoppable. That is why it is one of the best Korean makeup brands in 2021.


The fame of K-beauty products started with the popularity of facial masks and BBcreams, and it’s only grown over time. Currently, Korean makeup products are very popular among Korean and foreign women of all ages. They produce makeup that not only beautifies but also cares for the skin.


All Korean makeup brands have the idea that skincare is the most important thing. Because of that, whatever your choice is among Korean makeup brands in 2021, we assure you that you will achieve healthy and happy skin. Now that you know a little more about the hottest Korean makeup brands. Take care of your skin while wearing the perfect makeup. To stay on top of K-fashion and K-beauty updates, do not forget to visit our blog. Every day we have new information for you.




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