Korean Idol Makeup Look Using K-Beauty Products!

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Idol Makeup Look: Using K-Beauty Products!

Like clothing trends, makeup trends are always changing. However, some traditional techniques and products remain current regardless of how much time has passed. Korean celebrities are aware of that. So no matter the trend of the moment, many have their favorite products of a lifetime. If you want to achieve makeup looks as incredible as those of your favorite K-idols, we invite you to stay at Korean Fashion Trends. The reason? If you are a fan of K-idols and their magnificent makeup looks, this is your time to learn how to achieve the coveted Korean idol makeup look! And with the most popular Korean makeup products used by your favorite K-stars! This short guide will take you through the steps, and unveil the products to achieve a dewy and bright Korean idol makeup look. Are you ready? We don’t have time to waste! Let’s get started!


Why Korean Idol Makeup Went Viral?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Idol Makeup Look - Korean girl wearing K-beauty productsHave you ever wondered why Korean Idol Makeup goes viral? Before embarking on our journey where we will unveil the Korean idol makeup look, we want to tell you the reason behind the success of the K-pop idol’s makeup looks. It is undeniable that Korean Idols serve as a significant source of inspiration for skincare and makeup trends.


And usually gain popularity on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. The reason behind this phenomenon is quite straightforward. Korea boasts cutting-edge technology in skincare and makeup trends. By observing and imitating Korean idols, who must maintain an impeccable appearance in front of the cameras, we learn valuable secrets to achieve flawless looks. Their tips on achieving glass skin, and their expertise in eye and lip makeup techniques inspire us to chase a perfectly polished makeup look.


What Are the Key Tips to Achieve the Korean Makeup Look?


It is a fact that to achieve a polished makeup look akin to our beloved Korean idols, it is crucial to prioritize skincare. That should be the starting point before any application that you will put on your face. Remember that, for Koreans, it is more important to have beautiful skin than to have momentarily “perfect” skin with makeup. Therefore, we must start with skincare to achieve Korean idol makeup looks. Take note of the following eight tips to achieve your favorite Korean idol makeup look!


  1. Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Idol Makeup Look - Korean girl wearing K-beauty productsStart by refreshing your skin with a dip in iced water to promote firmness. Follow up with a nourishing sheet mask. Remember to apply your favorite SPF for all-day sun protection.
  2. The key to achieving a perfect base makeup lies in choosing the right products. Opt for a lightweight and hydrating BB cream or foundation.
  3. Add on concealer with buildable coverage.
  4. Once your base is set, use translucent powder to lock in the makeup. Pay special attention to the areas around the eyes and nose to ensure it stays intact throughout the day.
  5. For a soft and airbrushed look, select a bronzer that is one shade darker than your skin tone. Gently apply it to add dimension and warmth to your face.
  6. For eyeshadow, opt for a light shade and elevate the look with a blend of fine and chunky glitter. The strategic placement of glitter will help you achieve the glamorous appearance that Korean idols effortlessly rock.
  7. Enhancing your eye makeup with a mascara that will separate your lashes will provide you a dolly look. One of the key tips that Korean idol makeup artists use is to light a cotton swab and warm it before applying it to the lashes to keep them straight all day. In Korea, this technique is referred to as the “fire straightener.”
  8. Follow up with a lipstick, lip stain, or lip tint to brighten your complexion and add a glamorous touch.


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Is It Easy to Achieve a Korean Idol Makeup Look?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Idol Makeup Look - Korean girl wearing K-beauty productsIt’s natural to feel hesitant about attempting your favorite Korean idol makeup look, as it might appear challenging at first.


While each idol’s style varies and they don’t consistently wear identical makeup, the overall approach typically involves makeup that isn’t overly complex or daunting.


In fact, it’s the opposite. Korean makeup is easy to apply since it’s mostly cream-based and lightweight, which offers pliability. Don’t be afraid to go in with layers, and try the Korean idol makeup look!


What Are the Makeup Products That Are Loved by K-Idols?


It’s time to get to know the beauty products that are most loved by K-pop idols! That way, you will be able to know which are the closest products to those used by K-pop celebrities. And you will be able to achieve your favorite Korean idol makeup look. Let’s dive in!


BLACKPINK Lisa’s Favorites


  1. Mude Skinny and Multi-Fixer Mascara


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Idol Makeup Look - mude skinny mascaraThis mascara curls and protects the lashes. Also includes fiber to lengthen and add volume. It is a good option if you want to take good care of your eyelashes while still rocking a beautiful look. Shop here!


  1. Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette in 002 Glitz


The colors in this palette include yellow gold and platinum, both with a metallic finish. In addition, it also features gold with an intense and warm finish. It is the favorite of many Korean idols due to the fact that it illuminates the face in the most natural and intense way.


  1. Unleashia Glitterpedia Eye Palette


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Idol Makeup Look - Unleashia Glitterpedia Eye PaletteThis palette is smooth and easy to blend. In addition, it has nine matte shades. Shop here!


  1. Mude Dreamy Glitter


This glitter is liquid and adheres to your eyes in a perfectly shiny finish. Also, it’s smudge-proof, long-lasting, and gentle on your skin. Shop here!


  1. The M.A.C Brushstroke 24-Hour Liner


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Idol Makeup Look - The M.A.C Brushstroke 24-Hour LinerThis eyeliner pencil is smudge-proof, highly precise, and allows you to achieve perfectly pigmented lines. Shop here!


SOMI’s Favorites


  1. Too Cool for School Finish Setting Pact


This is a highly pigmented blush that allows you to add a pastel shade to your cheeks. In addition, it has a long-lasting matte finish. Somi achieves her rosy cheeks with this product. You should try it! Shop here!


  1. Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Pencil


Korean Fashion Trends - Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyebrow PencilThis eyebrow pencil allows you to add a fuller look to your brows. And lasts throughout the day. If you don’t have thick eyebrows, this pencil is ideal to make a difference. Shop here!


  1. Espoir Real Cheek Up Blush


It is a blush with a soft and long-lasting texture. So, it is another good option to achieve rosy cheeks as beautiful as Somi‘s. Shop here!


  1. Peripera Pure Blush


And if none of the other options convince you, the Peripera pure blush is another ideal product to achieve Somi’s makeup looks! Also, this blush guarantees a long duration. Shop here!


BLACKPINK Jennie’s Favorites


  1. Hera Sensual Powder Matte Liquid


Korean Fashion Trends - Hera Sensual Powder Matte LiquidThis product is ideal for achieving intense color on the lips.


In addition, it has soft tones and does not leave stains.


Jennie achieves her perfect lips thanks to Hera sensual powder matte liquid! Shop here!


NEWJEANS’ Favorites


  1. Chanel Ultra Le Teint Foundation


Korean Fashion Trends - Chanel Ultra Le Teint FoundationIf you are looking for a foundation that allows you to achieve the makeup look of the NewJeans girls, the Chanel Ultra Le Teint Foundation is ideal! It’s full coverage, lasts 24 hours, and has a soft matte finish. In addition, the texture is light and allows you to achieve smooth and perfect-looking skin.


  1. Romand BareWater Cushion


Another ideal alternative is the Romand bare water cushion. It is moisturizing, suitable for vegans, and is full of hyaluronic acid. In addition, it helps you keep the skin moist for up to 48 hours. Shop here!


  1. I’M MEME I’m Hidden Card Palette 


Korean Fashion Trends - I'M MEME I'm Hidden Card PaletteThis eyeshadow palette features nine shades and one blush. And it is easy to mix and match with other shades. Shop here!


Korean idol makeup looks If you aim to recreate makeup styles as stunning as those worn by your favorite Korean idols, consider the fantastic concepts of Korean idol makeup looks. Moreover, by utilizing the K-beauty products adored by Korean celebrities, you can attain a flawless finish! Have you tried any of these products? Tell us in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive real-time notifications of our updates. Also, you can join our community by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, YouTube and Twitch! See you soon, K-lover!


Are you still hesitating about buying Korean fashion because you don’t know where to do it? Don’t worry! You will find discounts on Korean fashion and beauty products by clicking here. Shop here to achieve your dreams of dressing like a Korean celebrity!


Best Choices in Korean Makeup!


So Glam – Blush Paint – 3g – #104 Sun Beam – $14.49

from: Stylevana

E.L.G – Charming Black & Thin Eyeliner 2ml – $9.50

from: YesStyle.com

MISSHA – Cotton Blush – No.Carrot Butter Cream – $5.99

from: Stylevana

MISSHA – Cotton Blush – No.Lavender Perfume – $5.11

from: Stylevana

Kanebo – Coffret Dor Framing Liquid Eyeliner – 2 Types – $35.20

from: YesStyle.com

Addiction – The Blush Pearl – 2.8g – 007P Sky Flower – $63.09

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Merry monde – Super Twim Pen Eyeliner Kit – 3 Types Brown Kit – $23.80

from: YesStyle.com

Peach C – Peach Glow Makeup Base – 35g – $8.59

from: Stylevana

The Saem – Saemmul Easy Eyeliner #02 Brown – $6.10

from: YesStyle.com

heimish – Artless Glow Base – $20.19

from: Stylevana

FOCALLURE – Volume Mascara & Eyeliner 2 in 1 #1 Volume Mascara & Eyeliner – $4.80

from: YesStyle.com

Kao – Sofina – Primavista Ange Moisture Keep UV Base SPF16 PA++ – 25g – $24.79

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Peach C – Easy Matte Lipstick – 5 Colors Scarlet Pink – $11.90

from: YesStyle.com

CLIO – Pro Eye Palette Mini – 0.6gX4 1.6gX1 – 01 Mono Mood – $23.79

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Ciracle – C8 Vitamin Lipstick – 4 Colors #01 Red – $18.80

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