Christmas In-Vogue: Korean Holiday Outfits Inspired by K-Pop Stars for a Chic Christmas!

Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Holiday Outfits Inspired by K-Idols for a Chic Christmas!

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to bring out the shimmer, the sparkle, and the style! This Christmas, why not take a cue from K-pop stars who have been setting fashion trends on fire? From bold colors to unique accessories, K-Pop fashion is all about making a statement. And what better time to make a statement than during the festive season? Today at Korean Fashion Trends, we’ll show you how to infuse some K-Pop flair into your Christmas outfits for a chic and unforgettable holiday celebration! Get to know the best Korean holiday outfits with us. Let’s dive in!


3 Outfit Tips to Try Out This Holiday Season


But, before delving into the Korean Holiday Outfits inspired by K-pop stars, we want to reveal some ideal tips for this holiday season. Let’s begin!


Glitter and Glam


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Holiday Outfits - Jeong Somi wearing golden dressK-Pop stars are known for their love of all things glittery and glamorous.


So this Christmas, don’t shy away from sequins, metallics, and bold prints. A shimmering silver or gold skirt, short, or dress paired with statement heels will have you shining like a star at any holiday party.


Draw your inspiration from Somi’s ‘’Gold Gold Gold’’ MV to make this look come alive.


Accessorize with chunky, rhinestone-studded jewelry to complete the festive look. Finish off with a mini metallic bag in the same hue for extra razzle-dazzle!


Statement Outerwear


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Holiday Outfits - K-idol wearing sweaterThe winter chill calls for stylish outerwear! As we’ve mentioned before, fur is very much in this season! So, try a faux fur coat in a neutral color, like beige or black to complete your holiday ensemble. Plus, you’ll not only stay warm but also turn heads wherever you go.


Bold Makeup


K-Pop makeup is all about being bold and creative. Experiment with bright eyeshadows, graphic eyeliner, and glossy lips. Red or burgundy lips are a classic choice for the holiday season and will instantly make you look festive-ready. Try keeping your eye-look minimal and making the lips your focus point this season! We’re sure you’ll love it.


What to Wear to a Holiday Party?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Holiday Outfits - K-idol wearing long coatIt’s Christmas time when December arrives! So it is normal to want to know what to wear to a holiday party. Especially if you want a stylish outfit without losing confidence in yourself. The truth is that everything depends on the taste of each person and the occasion. For example, if it is a party with friends, you can opt fot a more relaxed outfit.


However, if it is an office party, it is best to maintain a sophisticated style. Of course, regardless of that, there are common factors that you can keep in mind if you want to wear the best Korean holiday outfit! For example, you can opt for dresses or outfits in red, green, or gold. Or, you can dress in neutral colors and add accessories in festive colors without losing sight of the glitter and glam. Plus, you can also focus on your makeup for an extra touch! Click here to buy the best Korean Holiday Outfits!


What Colors Are Best to Wear to a Holiday Party?


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Holiday Outfits - K-idol wearing white dressThe range of colors that you can use in your looks to achieve a perfect Korean Holiday Outfit is endless! Because, it all depends on you and the colors you like the most.


However, to be fully in tune with the Christmas holidays, the best options will always be the traditional ones. Therefore, let’s go back to the classic Christmas colors of a lifetime. Red, green, and black are usually the colors that abound in clothing stores around Christmas time. You can find different clothes in these colors, from dresses to suits and shoes, and even accessories. Don’t be afraid to be daring and creative. Remember that a personal touch will always make a difference in your looks regardless of the time of year. Integrate the typical colors of the holidays into your favorite choices!


Enjoy the Christmas festivities in the best Korean style! Even for Christmas and December, wearing Korean-style outfits is a possibility! In fact, one of the best options you can go for! Click here to start shopping for your Korean Holiday Outfits at the best prices. Don’t miss the opportunity and take advantage of the YesStyle catalog here!


Where to Buy Korean Holiday Dresses?


You can’t wear the best Korean Holiday Outfit if you don’t know where to buy the clothes and accessories necessary to achieve it. But don’t worry! As always, Korean Fashion Trends has the ideal option for you. At YesStyle, you will not only get Korean holiday dresses but also other clothes ideal for December and the Christmas season. Click here and buy the Korean Holiday dresses of your choice! However, if you need some recommendations, here are three options you will love. Let’s take a look.


  1. Yuxi – Strappy Glitter Sheath Party Dress


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Holiday Outfits - K-idol wearing light blue dressWhen it comes to dresses to create the best Korean Holiday Outfit, the Yuxi Strappy Glitter Sheath Party Dress is one of the best options!


In addition to being very feminine and sexy, it has a romantic touch that doesn’t go unnoticed! It is a dress with ruched effects across the design and an open back with criss-cross straps.


It is the ideal option for an unforgettable Korean Holiday Outfit. Shop here!


  1. Smackthat – Sleeveless Square Neck Plain Maxi Sheath Dress


Korean Fashion Trends - Woman wearing maxi dressA dress with the ideal shade for the Christmas holidays! The Smackthat – Sleeveless Square Neck Plain Maxi Sheath Dress is perfect for an office Christmas party, with your friends, or for a date during the holiday season! It is intensely red and enhances the figure. Also, it is sophisticated in appearance but also sensual. Shop here!


  1. Alizio – Spaghetti-Strap Square-Neck Velvet Mini Bodycon Dress


And finally, this Spaghetti-Strap Square-Neck Velvet Mini Bodycon Dress in black will take your style to the next level! It is in a classic color, so it will not only be a good option as a Korean Holiday Outfit but also on any other occasion. Shop here!


What Do You Need For Christmas Outfit Ideas?


Don’t worry if dresses aren’t your thing. You can still wear the best Korean Holiday Outfit. At Korean Fashion Trends, we will unveil what you need to craft the perfect Christmas outfit this year.


  1. Transparencies


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Holiday Outfits - K-idol wearing black shirtSheer shirts and fine-knit sweaters are currently an integral part of Korean fashion. You can combine them with matching bralettes or some tank tops to wear underneath. Additionally, you can combine them with leather skirts, shorts, or wide-leg pants. This way, you will achieve a glamorous Korean Holiday Outfit! Shop here.


  1. Cozy and Comfortable


But it is also possible to choose more casual options for your Korean Holiday Outfit! You can wear oversized denim jeans along with long-sleeved shirts and a cardigan. It is a comfortable, cozy, and casual combination, ideal for a Christmas party with friends and family. Shop here!


  1. Denim Skirts


If you like the Y2K style, you can take advantage of it to create the best Korean Holiday Outfit! You can wear long denim skirts! Shorter variants and mini skirts are also ideal. Combined with long-sleeved shirts or sweatshirts, it is a comfortable casual option. But if you want to take it up a notch, you can mix them with dress shirts. Shop here!


Korean Celebrity Holiday Outfits: 5 Different Outfit Ideas For Christmas Inspired by K-Idols!


Korea Fashion Trends - YG girl groupAlthough it’s all personal opinion, the KFT team believes in the power of always looking good. Obviously, Christmas is no exception. Furthermore, while we close the year, we also tend to start thinking about how we can improve or change ourselves for the better. And, there is nothing better than to change our haircut, makeup, and fashion to create a brand new us. The start of the year presents many possibilities for us to turn a new leaf and leave out the 2023 baggage at the door.


Let’s be honest, It is only right to start the year looking fabulous. Also, Christmas is a joyful time that we often spend with the people that are closest to us – like family and friends. So, let Korean Fashion Trends give you the inspiration you need this Christmas to achieve the best Korean Holiday Outfit! Let’s take a look:


Simple Glam


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Holiday Outfits - K-idol wearing jakcetIf you often opt for simple styles that compliment your personality, this is the look for you. So, draw your inspiration from BlackPink’s Jennie and pair a white strapless dress with elegant pumps.


Jennie wears one from Alexander Wang. But if you click here, you can find a similar dress for much less! And remember to accessorize. So, add some pearls to finish off the look. Furthermore, you can even use the aforementioned tips to elevate your look. But, the key of this look is the hair and makeup! Wear your hair down, tuck it behind your ears, or use hair clips that will match the look. Although Jennie is seen sporting a smoky eye look, feel free to express yourself with your own. Shop here!


Cozy Chic


Korean Fashion Trends - clothingDo you have plans to attend a small house party, or host one of your own? Or do you have in mind to spend the holidays doing fun activities with family? You cannot go wrong with this look. Again, let’s draw inspiration from Jennie as she is the icon of the moment.


Moreover, this look is just the perfect winter day outfit to keep you warm and chic. Pair black tights with a black mini dress, or pair a knit short with a black turtleneck for a monochromatic look. To pull everything together, combine black leg warmers with a pair of black platform uggs. Don’t forget to add a black jacket to keep you warm and cozy. Accessorize with a quality and thick scarf. Jennie wears Chanel’s famous cashmere chunky knit in black and white. However, you can find a more affordable one to create the same effect! Simply click here!


Christmas Fairy


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Holiday Outfits - K-idol wearing white dressTake your next inspiration from Red Velvet’s Joy!


Pair a flowy midi skirt with a slightly oversized knit sweater – consider having one shoulder down for the Joy touch! Joy combines her look with fuzzy inside boots!


And for this look, opt for a no-makeup makeup look with slightly red lips to reflect the festive season! This look is perfect for a wine and dine christmas supper! Shop here!


Streetwear but Make it Ugly


Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing Bennie

A Christmas without an ugly Christmas sweater is bad luck! So, don’t skip out on the tradition.


Draw your next inspiration from former F(x) member Krystal Jung! Pair an ugly Christmas sweater, or a turtleneck with baggy or straight cut jeans – depending on your mood.


Finish off the look with a sneaker that matches your ugly sweater! This is very important. Krystal accessorizes her look with a Ralph Lauren polo beanie for a cozy christmas look. But, you can find affordable options and beanies on sale if you click here! Let the festive season begin now!


Christmas Play


Korean Fashion Trends - K-idol wearing makeupIt’s a well-known fact that red is strongly associated with Christmas and the holiday season. Therefore, making a statement with the in-vogue red color is a must! Take your last inspiration from Girls’ Generation’s Yoona! Yoona knows how to make clothes elegant with just her aura.


Like her, pair a mini skirt with a sleeveless turtleneck and layer with a sleeveless red sweater. However, you can also opt for a simple red sweater for this look. Throw over a maxi coat for extra warmth and protection. Yoona finishes off her look with knee-high socks, which we’ve been constantly mentioning this year, and mary janes. Although her outfit is all Miu Miu, you can shop for a similar look by clicking here!


December is approaching, and that only means one thing: the Christmas holidays! If at Christmas you want to wear the best Korean Holiday Outfit, you can’t miss these recommendations of styles and outfits inspired by K-pop stars. That way, you can wear a Korean style even during the December festivities! Also, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitch! See you in the next Korean Fashion Trends blog post!


It doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight budget! You can shop Korean fashion now! Enough of postponing your dream of wearing one of the best styles that exist in fashion. If you click here, you can get discounts on Korean fashion and beauty products. Don’t miss the opportunity and take advantage of the crazy prices that YesStyle has for you! Just click here!


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