Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022

k,orean fashion trends - Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022

Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022. Although many are experts in dressing in each season of the year, sometimes, we all need help choosing what clothes to wear. That’s why today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we have a Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022. That way, you can get rid of the difficulties when dressing in the fall since this season is usually a bit complicated. Why? Because these months are not very cold or hot. The temperature varies depending on the time of day. Therefore, you must make the right outfits so as not to clash with your style. Also, to learn how to dress for fall with us and look stunning every day. After all, you don’t want to throw off your style. Are you ready? Then it’s time to know that Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022!


6 Clothes you need to have in your closet this fall 2022 according to Korean fashion


We start this Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022 with the basic garments you need in your wardrobe if you want to conquer the streets in autumn, thanks to your incredible style. Maybe you already own some of these items. However, if not, you still have time to add them to your closet.




korean fashion trends - blazerDid you know that a good classic blazer has many benefits for your wardrobe? That’s how it is. For this reason, it is part of this Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022.


The blazer is a timeless piece that you can wear at any time. Especially in the fall, when you need to cover up a bit from the cold at certain times of the day.


This garment will make you look spectacular and comfortable. And you will go from informal to formal just by wearing it. Choose neutral colors you can mix or sober and geometric prints.


An oversized blazer will also be a good choice because large garments are a hit in K-fashion all year round.


  1. COAT


korean fashion trends - coat - Korean guide to dressing well in fallThe coat is a piece to wear over clothing. It can be an accessory that ruins your outfit or leads to success, so you must choose it well.


Suppose you want to know what coats are trending in Korean fashion during fall 2022. In that case, you can visit our blog dedicated to the most popular coats during this season.


The advantage of the overcoat for fall is that, depending on the weather, you can wear it or take it off without any problem.


You can have one in a tone that goes with all your clothes: black, burgundy, or beige. But this season, colors are in trend, and bright overcoats are an accessory that will make you stand out.




korean fashion trends - scarves - Korean guide to dressing well in fallThe simplest pieces shine with these accessories. I mean, scarves help you elevate any fall and winter look.


For that reason, they are part of this Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022. There are thousands of ways to use them and make them look different. They will make you stand out at all times.


In addition, it is also an option to cover yourself from the cold when necessary.


You can change its shape to bring freshness to the outfit during hot hours. Buy them thinking about what you have in your closet. Printed, plain, bright, or neutral.




korean fashion trends - shirts - Korean guide to dressing well in fallSomething that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of every fashion lover is t-shirts. In the fall, it complements almost all outfits.


They are fresh and comfortable and allow you to use other pieces on top or underneath. The idea is to buy them unicolored so that you can add necklaces or accessories and create combinations to use something different.


If you prefer, you can combine white long-sleeved shirts with a dress on top, and maybe add a coat with combat boots.


That’s a Korean hit look for fall 2022.


  1. JEANS


korean fashion trends - jeansIn short, the piece that no one can stop having, regardless of the season or the weather, is the jeans.


They are garments as versatile as fashionistas.


This textile wonder combines everything, and you can use it in many moments.


Choose straight and high-waisted cuts.


Also, the mom jeans are the favorites of this season. But also baggy, mom and wide-leg jeans.




korean fashion trends - sweatersSweaters are beautiful pieces, feminine and chic.


Don’t forget to add it to your closet to perfect your looks.


Similarly, you can wear it over a t-shirt, button-down shirt, or under a tank top.


Play with the textures of your fabrics and patterns.


The important thing is to make this piece the main element of your outfit or the perfect complement to something more striking.


How to dress in fall 2022 according to Korean fashion?


Continuing with this Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022, we explain the best alternatives to wear in fall 2022. Now that you know the pieces that should not be missing in your wardrobe, it is time to learn how to mix everything to achieve incredible outfits!




korean fashion trends - dress in layersWe start this Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022 by clarifying that you can dress in layers.


Taking into account that in this season the weather is changeable.


Dressing in layers is ideal for covering yourself from the cold and the rain. But also cool down a bit when it’s a bit hot.


Find a balance so that the layers can stand out from each other and not overshadow each other.


You will surely get a perfect look.




korean fashion trends - korean woman wearing a red t-shirtIn this Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022, colors retain a fundamental role. We know that dark and opaque ranges, such as brown and black, are the favorites this season. But try livening up your wardrobe this fall.


Colors are in fashion these months. Combine shimmering white with vibrant tones, and you will see how your outfit will be perfect.


You can try monochromatic looks using pastel or bright colors.


You can also combine neutral tones with colors like red, yellow, or fluorescent colors that are on trend.




korean fashion trends - prints - korean womanThe prints are the protagonists this fall. For that reason, they are part of this Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022.


Plaid, striped, and polka dot prints are the ones that stand out the most. Especially in bright or neutral colors.


However, remember that maximalist looks are also very fashionable, so you are allowed to combine patterns and their colors to see yourself as a true fashionista.


As long as your combinations make you feel comfortable and identify with them, you are free to wear what you want.




korean fashion trends - korean woman wearing denim clothes - Korean guide to dressing well in fallDenim or denim doesn’t go out of style. For that reason, it is part of this Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022. In addition, they are a complete success in K-fashion.


Denim garments are perfect to combine and use as a complement. Thus, we let the denim trend rest a bit to get into the textures of other fabrics.


You can wear pants like palazzos with a shirt and a jean jacket. Or you can wear jeans with a shirt and a leather jacket.


The idea is to combine textures and create layers.


This Korean guide to dressing well in fall 2022 is ideal for those who still don’t know how to leave summer trends behind and adjust their looks to fall. It’s best to go through each of the considerations on this list to look stunning this fall. Do you like Korean fashion trends in fall? We hope so. And we also hope that you can stand out in each of your looks, thanks to our recommendations. See you in an upcoming Korean fashion trends blog.

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