Korean fashion trends for summer 2022


Korean fashion trends for summer are about innovation and proposals. Don’t be afraid to take risks in combining prints, patterns, and accessories. Being able to mix different types of shapes, textures, and colors is what will give life and joy to your outfits this summer.


The most appreciated garments and outfits are those with elegant, chic, and fresh lines. There are a lot of people out there supporting the trend of midi dresses with long sleeves combined with boots and a cardigan. The truth is that this summer is coming strong, and we want to help you learn more about the trends in Korean fashion for this season. Read on and find out the latest Korean fashion trends for summer.


8 Korean fashion trends to follow for summer 2022

Korean summer fashion 2022


Gathered clothing


Korean fashion Trends -  Korean Summer Fashion - Korean girl with yellow dressThey can be tops, shirts or dresses. Gathered clothes are very popular in Korea. Especially during this season, where temperatures are higher.


These kinds of garments add a certain complexity and attractiveness to your look that would otherwise go unnoticed.


They are elegant, creative but also quite casual and comfortable.


What you should know to identify this garment is that at chest height it looks like crumpled paper. But don’t worry, they look better than they sound. They are very versatile garments, some are off-shoulders and very fresh. That is why they are the best option during the summer.


Korean fashion Trends - Korean Summer Fashion - Chunky and platform shoes - (sneakers) - Overfit Relexing Shoes WhiteChunky and platform shoes, Korean fashion trends for summer


These shoes have been leading fashion trends in Korea for a long time.


They are thick and high-soled shoes and increase the height of those who wear them.


They are not to the taste of all Koreans, but a large majority are delighted with them. So if you plan to renew your closet with Korean-style garments and accessories, these shoes should not be missing if they are to your liking.


Korean fashion Trends - Korean Summer Fashion - Torry Grow Wide Slacks - Casual and baggy pants - (pants)Casual and baggy pants


Most of the time, simplicity and comfort are the foundations of Korean clothing.


That is the reason why clothing in this style is so popular.


It is not just about baggy shirts or sweaters anymore, but also baggy and casual pants.


Above all, lately, it is a trend to wear this style of pants with long socks, sports shoes and a shirt or top of your choice. It is a style that often balances the casual with the elegant.


Korean fashion Trends -  Korean Summer Fashion - Shorts - Collin Pintuck Denim ShortsDo not forget the shorts and let your legs breathe in style, Korean fashion trends for summer


These pants are famous in summer with men and women alike. They are pants that do not cover the entire leg, they leave the ankle exposed.


They are very comfortable pants, a lot of people prefer them in denim and pay attention to the shoes.


If you have shoes that you like a lot, and you want them to take center stage in your look, these types of pants will help you achieve it.


Shorts are best for warmer weather because they allow more air circulation.


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean fashion trends for summer - Military Boots Military boots



These boots can have a very masculine look.


But the truth is that both men and women can integrate them into their outfits.


Women often wear these boots with dresses or other garments that reveal their legs to show off their boots.


They are boots with a great style and very easy to wear.


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean fashion trends for summer - Military Boots However, they are a bit warm.


You can wear them in summer.


But in a moment when you do not have to walk a lot.


Military boots are the latest in Korean fashion.





Korean fashion Trends -  Korean Summer Fashion -Back Ribbon Mini DressLong dresses & short dresses, Korean fashion trends for summer


In the summer, we always look for the lightest and simplest garments


Otherwise, we would suffer the consequences of the heat. During this time, wearing long or short dresses is always a good idea. In addition to the ease of these garments, you can wear the most summery outfits, since the dress is classic during hot seasons. 


They come in a wide variety. Options to choose from will never be lacking. In addition, you can accompany them with accessories such as hats or a bag, and you will have a magazine look and at the same time you’ll stay comfortable while looking chic.


Dresses with buttons, Korean summer fashion 2021


Korean fashion Trends -  Korean Summer Fashion -Button Eco DressContinuing with the theme of dresses, lately, this type of dress is very famous in Korea. It is a pretty showy, eye-catching, elegant, and casual dress at the same time. How is it different from typical dresses? In these, the center of attention is the buttons that decorate them. In addition, they are very versatile dresses because you can wear them in colder weather, but also in the hottest season.


During the colder seasons, you can combine them with a shirt on the inside.


But since you are now interested in how to wear them in hot weather, we suggest that you wear them as a single garment and preferably with short sleeves. They are the perfect dresses for formal meetings, and you can combine them with high heels or sandals that you like.


Korean fashion Trends - Korean Summer Fashion - Blouses - Sug Tight Loose Fit Short Sleeve Tee ShirtBright and monochrome colors, Korean fashion trends for summer


The most popular colors during the summer are bright and vivid colors.


Like yellow, green, or orange.


However, if your thing is not to combine many colors and prefer a more minimalist style, neutral and monochromatic colors are also a trend in Korean fashion in summer 2021.


Koreans often appreciate simplicity in outfits. Simple pieces are a must-have and help perfect any look.


What are the most popular summer clothes in Korea?


As you have seen so far, the trends are numerous. However, you should know that the summertime in Korea is heavy. Temperatures sometimes reach up to 40 degrees. Because of that, everyone is looking for very light and fresh garments. Korea is still a very conservative country but is now opening to change, especially when it comes to fashion.


Korean fashion Trends -  Korean Summer Fashion - blouses - Rose Scent Off Shoulder Blouse

Perhaps you will not see very relieving clothes here as you would in other countries during the summer, but some clothes adapt perfectly to any time of the year in Korea. Koreans can rock cool clothes without revealing too much.


Korean fashion has become more popular over time. More people are looking for and joining the Korean fashion trends. It is a very varied fashion and full of possibilities. Over time, it has transformed into something that everyone talks about. For designs that fit in at any moment, the warmer months seem to be the scene of a more open fashionista expression.


Korean fashion trends are updated every year, but some things always stay the same and never go out of style. The only thing you need to know is how to use the clothes. And how to combine them according to the occasion or the season too.


But now that you know a little about the Korean summer fashion 2022, you have the simple tools to start innovating in your style and completely change your closet. We hope this blog has been meaningful to you. Remember to keep up to date with our publications, do not miss the updates of your favorite fashion!

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