Korean fashion trends for spring 2021


Korean fashion trends for spring. We know that you love Korean fashion, and that is why you are always looking to renew your closet with pieces that adapt to any time of the year. For that reason, you will be interested in knowing the Korean fashion trends for spring in 2021. It has a Bohemian and vintage style that dominates the lists. The versatility also stays present.  


The clothes for this spring are full of colors, layers, and many shapes. Creativity is part of these looks, and the best of all is that you can look fabulous without having to suffer the consequences of changes in the weather. So, take to the streets wearing the best clothes and accessories and enjoy this spring that comes with beautiful landscapes, special moments, but above all, many new options for your clothing.


12 Korean fashion trends for spring 2021


1. Dresses with floral and polka dot prints



With the arrival of cherry blossom season, it is normal for many garments to include details from these beautiful creations of nature. For spring 2021, one of the most used dresses will be midi and prints with spring designs. The colors range from the brightest to the most neutral, you only need to choose your favorite and the one that goes best with your style.


As for the dot patterns, we can say that they are timeless. It never goes out of style! It can be elegant and at the same time, casual. These dresses with floral or polka dot prints are so popular this time of year. In Korea, they are easy to find. All stores have a wide variety of dresses available.


2. Woven garments, Korean fashion trends for spring


Woven clothing has always had that vintage feel that we all love. It is an excellent option this spring. Knitted sweaters and vests are quite popular in Korean fashion trends. But during the spring, they are seen even more on the streets.


Also, to spice things up a notch you can wear knit dresses if you prefer. The truth is that this option of garments is the most comfortable and pleasant during this time. In addition, they look perfect and give a very chic touch to our outfits.


3. Coat and blazers



If you want to give a touch of joy to your looks, you have to try to wear a plaid coat and a striking blazer that match.


These types of garments are perfect for any occasion. You can wear it to go for a walk or to work.


The moment doesn’t matter, wearing a coat or blazer will always give you a sophisticated and comfortable touch. In Korea, it is never a mistake to wear a monochromatic style, and with coats and blazers you can achieve a sober and perfect look.


4. Backless blouses or dresses, Korean fashion trends for spring


These types of garments came to challenge the conservative style that still exists in Korea. They are revealing garments, very sexy but also very comfortable to wear. Idols like Sunmi have broken the internet with this type of clothing. If you want to wear a more daring look, you should try on a blouse or a dress of this type. You can stand out this spring with the best of looks.


5. Crop-tops



This garment is universal. It’s popular in all fashions of the world. However, with the current Korean fashion trend to go against conservative rules and revolutionize style with more revealing garments, crop tops have become a staple for many girls.


Particularly for those who love to show off a bit more skin. Besides, spring is the perfect occasion to rock that crop top. 


When mixed with baggy jeans and tennis shoes it’s the perfect example of a contemporary and casual look.


6. Puffed sleeves, Korean fashion trends for spring


This style is very versatile and it’s very acclaimed during these spring dates. You can wear them in dresses, blouses or jackets. No matter what the presentation is, the important thing is that you choose the one you like the most and go out to conquer the streets with it.


These types of sleeves add an extra touch to outfits and help them stand out more. You can accompany this type of garment with jeans, skirts or shorts. They are comfortable garments, and they add a lot to the style. Idols are wearing them quite often, and that also inspires us to dress up.


7. Tennis skirts


A good lover of skirts always needs this garment in her closet. So, leave the winter behind and dust off your best mini skirts to show them off this spring. Tennis skirts, in particular, are so famous in Korea. These types of skirts are as Korean as Hanbok itself. 


They never go out of style in Korea, especially in spring. Besides, they are an indispensable piece, and they look good with almost everything. Creating looks with this type of skirt has never been a problem. It is easy to style and is perfect for these warmer months.


8. Modern hanboks, Korean fashion trends for spring



Korean fashion brands have taken their traditions and found ways to modernize them. An example of this happens with the typical Korean costume, and during the spring, it is more common to wear them. The revival of the Hanbok has reached celebrities as well.


Many idols have used versions of modern Hanbok in their videos and their day-to-day life. On special occasions, people wear their Hanbok, but this new version can accompany you every day. It can be easily adapted to everyday life and gives an elegant and sophisticated style. Modern hanbok looks top Korean fashion trends for spring 2021.


9. Jackets


The cold season is over, but you can continue to wear jackets without clashing. Replace long, padded jackets with leather or denim jackets. You’ll deliver a unique appearance without breaking a sweat. They are always the perfect complement to your looks. 


10. Mini bags and wallets, Korean fashion trends for spring


Let’s talk about bags and purses to start with the accessories theme, which is essential in any season! The funny thing is that lately, in Korea, bags are no longer cool if they are useful. For this reason, mini bags and purses are in Korean fashion trends for spring 2021.


Some of those bags are minis where you can only, perhaps, carry lipstick inside them. But that is not a problem. After all, who needs a functional bag if you have minis that are so cute and perfect for any outfit? Well, at least that’s the way it is in the Korean spring.


11. Hair clips, bracelets, and necklaces


With the hair clips, you can bring your inner girl back. The world of fashion is very uncertain, so it should not surprise us that one day they are trends and the next they are not. However, with more girls using them in recent days, they are popular again.


Decorate your hair with the girliest clips and look amazing thanks to your clothes and accessories. You can complement the outfits with jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. They are classic accessories that will never stop being a good choice.


12. Bucket hats, Korean fashion trends for spring


The trend for these hats has continued throughout the year. In spring, they stand out more for their usefulness, and for the ability that they have to perfect any outfit. Undoubtedly, lately, it is one of the favorite accessories among Koreans. They are very chic and vintage hats. It is modern, practical, and complements any fresh, laid-back outfit.


Korea is an economically developed country, but it is also an advanced country in terms of entertainment. The growth of K-pop, K-dramas, and K-fashion has allowed South Korea to become more and more noticeable around the world. Korea is also becoming one of the fashion capitals, and its style attracts more viewers every day.


Its unique, versatile style and tendency to pay attention to detail are some of the things that make this fashion one of the best. For this spring, make sure none of these pieces are missing from your closet. Stay tuned to our blog. That way, you will not miss the latest Korean fashion trends.


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