After winter, autumn is the coldest season in Korea. Because of that, it is essential to know what to wear. However, it is terrible to have to dress in boring clothes simply because they’re the ones that protect the most from the weather. We know you want to be able to wear your best outfits even when it’s cold outside. Korean fashion knows it too, and for that reason, Korean fashion trends for autumn 2021 are better than ever!


Although the cold in autumn is not as heavy as in winter (and it’s even possible to wear lighter clothes during the day), there are days when it’s freezing outside. If we don’t want to get sick, it is best to dress appropriately. Many garments can keep us safe and at the same time allow us to wear the most fashionable outfits of all. If you want to know about Korean fashion trends for autumn 2021, keep reading!


Autumn in South Korea what to wear 


South Korea sports a temperate four-season climate. It has a wide variation throughout the year. So, each season offers its own set of perks. In autumn, the weather is much lighter and drier than during the summer. During September and October, it is still pleasantly warm and somewhat sunny.


But at the beginning of November, it starts to get very cold. Also, autumn is when the leaves begin to change color, creating beautiful natural landscapes. Chuseok, which is Korean Thanksgiving Day, also begins. Kimjang is another special fall day in Korea.


The family gathers to prepare kimchi for the rest of the year. There is a time during the autumn when you can wear lighter clothes. But when the cold starts to hit, it is better to bundle up a bit. The Korean fashion trends for autumn 2021 are full of options.


10 Clothes you’ll see in Korean fashion trends for autumn 2021!


1. Long sleeve tops



These tops are warm and comfortable. They come in all colors and designs. Also, they look good with a pair of jeans and boots. It is such a versatile item that you could consider it as an essential piece. It helps you put together any look. You can wear them in a casual style.


But you can also achieve other outfits with this garment. All you need to do is to combine it with other clothes correctly. If you need to go out for a walk or to work, that is fine! You can go out without fear of that cold breeze because these types of tops are ideal for this season. They are warm due to their long sleeves, but generally, their material is a light and soft fabric. If you prefer, you can also wear the tops in short sleeves and wear a sweater or jacket on top.


2. Light jacket



Jackets can’t be missing in your closet when the cold starts to kick in. And although there are many quality jackets ideal for the winter cold, it is best to get a lighter jacket for the autumn season. It may occur that for one moment it’s freezing. But the next it will be a little warmer.


Because of that, the jacket should be light, preferably a denim jacket that you can combine with the clothes you want. From pants and shirts to boots. You can mix it with the garments you prefer. All you need is to keep in mind that it should be a light jacket. Give prominence to your jacket designed for this autumn season.


3. Warm sweater



If jackets are not your style and you prefer something else, you can substitute them with a warm sweater.


These sweaters have soft and comfortable fabric that (in addition to keeping you warm) will also give you a casual and chic style.


They come in all types, shapes, and colors. In addition, oversize sweaters together with a skirt, long stockings, and leather boots are an ideal perfect outfit.


4. Scarf and hat



It is not all about clothes. Accessories are also necessary. They complement any look and add a distinctive stamp to it. One of the most used accessories during autumn are scarves and hats. Scarves are so comfortable and warm. You can even wear terry cloth scarves! Or more modest scarves.


The important thing is that they protect you from the cold and also perfect your image. When it comes to hats, you also have a lot of options to exploit. The number of hats that exist is impressive. The designs, shapes, and colors are so varied that sometimes you do not know what to choose.


In the autumn, we recommend wearing bucket hats or hats with vintage vibes. They go great not only with your clothes but also with the landscapes outside! Your clothes can be that extra kick that you need if you dress in Korean fashion trends for autumn 2021.


5. Jeans


Jeans are a garment that you should never miss. You can wear them at any time of the year, but they are a fundamental piece in your wardrobe. In Korean fashion trends for autumn 2021, denim jeans are at the top, and they also come in ankle-length. These allow you to show off your stockings without any problem! Also, skinny jeans are a favorite to pair with baggy tops.


With jeans, you can achieve any style. Don’t worry if you have to go to work, take a lecture, or if you’re on a date with your partner. You can mix it with many other pieces, and they will help define your look. Remember that it is not always a single piece. Sometimes it is valuable to highlight the look with other clothes and accessories.


6. Boots or sneakers


Footwear is also significant. So significant that sometimes many people prefer to give more prominence to their shoes than to their clothes. Sometimes we have a pair of shoes that are so beautiful that we need to make them notice. In Korean fashion trends for autumn 2021, brown leather boots, long boots, or platform boots are a must-have.


Besides being chic, boots are also perfect to protect yourself from the cold. You can keep your feet warm while wearing fashionable shoes. However, if the day is suddenly warmer and you want something a little cooler, you can wear sneakers without any problems. Light and pastel tones are a trend in sneakers this season, but you can wear the ones that best suit your style.


7. Warm socks


You don’t need to hide them. In Korean fashion for autumn 2021, you can wear your warmest and most comfortable socks, but also the chicest and fashionistas! You need to make them a little visible, and voilà! If they stick out of the shoes, even better. Socks are no longer dull garments. They are garments that can make you look more versatile and unique!


8. Cardigan


Cardigans are garments with an elegant and sophisticated look. But you can use them on any occasion. Neutral colors and earth colors are the best options in cardigans, although if you are a person with more colorful tastes, there are many cardigans out there that can suit your tastes. Integrate the cardigans into your closet. It will be worth it!


9. Waterproof jacket


These jackets are comfortable, warm, and very practical. The best thing is that they are waterproof, so you can use them on rainy days. It will keep you warm. You can wear it on top of a cute shirt that fits your style. You can also combine them with jeans and a nice pair of boots.


10. Autumn hiking shoes


The landscapes in Korean autumn are beautiful. Because of that, many people decide to go out for long walks and go hiking. If you are one of these people, we recommend that you get some special shoes for that. Walking shoes should be cozy, and also sophisticated or casual if you want them. You can combine your shoes with wool socks that absorb moisture to be comfortable throughout the day. They are super comfy and very fashionable at the same time.


Korean fashion never stops. There are many garments that you can wear at any time of the year. But others are specific for the hotter and colder seasons. With Korean fashion trends for autumn 2021, you will have no worries about your look because you can wear comfortable and warm clothes that allow you to have a modern and bright outfit. Do not forget to visit us every day! This blog is your best space to know more about the latest news in Korean fashion!


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