8 Korean Fashion tips for dressing well in white

Korean Fashion Trends - 8 Korean Fashion tips for dressing well in white

Did you know that one of the favorite colors in Korean fashion is white? That’s how it is. For that reason, it is easy to see this color in many outfits regardless of the season. In addition, we all know that when it comes to dressing well, one of the essential colors in all wardrobes is white, which never goes out of date. But how to use it? What to combine it with? Today at Korean Fashion Trends, we will give you 8 Korean Fashion tips for dressing well in white. White is a color with many positive connotations. Among them, it represents purity, transparency, elegance, and sobriety. It also suits almost all skin tones. And in climates with very high temperatures, this color has become the favorite because it gives the sensation of freshness. Elegant dresses, pants, skirts, jackets, and white coats will always be a trend. However, while white is a hit in the summer, it’s also possible to wear it in the fall. Get to know these 8 Korean Fashion tips for dressing well in white now!


8 K-fashion tips to dress well in white


As followers of Korean fashion, we know that there are many combinations and looks where white stands out on its own. That’s because white is a highly prized color in K-fashion. Why? Because it is an elegant color, which also transmits tranquility and purity. However, sometimes we think it is easy to combine because it is a neutral color. But you need to know the right ways to mix this color. That way, you can take full advantage of it and stand out with your looks in white. Check out these Korean Fashion tips for dressing well in white to successfully wear this dress. Let’s get started!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing black and white clothesWe start this list of Korean Fashion tips for dressing well in white with a classic and timeless mix.


The combination that never fails is black and white.


In this sense, the black and white style is one of the most sought-after.


A white blouse with black pants looks very obvious in fashion.


However, the secret is to add a touch of color that stands out. It can be in an accessory, jewelry, or bag.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing white and pastel clothesWe continue with the Korean Fashion tips for dressing well in white. And on this occasion, we recommend mixing white with pastel colors.


The white color is ideal to combine with black, navy blue, chocolate brown, or intense green. Thanks to this, it is also a trend among men to wear white suits with dark shirts. Your outfit will give you the elegance you are looking for.


Likewise, white also works with pastel shades, such as pink, yellow, or sky blue.


In addition, the mixture of white with pastel colors is a favorite among lovers of Korean romantic style.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a total white lookThe total white look takes over this third Korean Fashion tip for dressing well in white! The total white look or wearing white from head to toe is not only for summers on the beach or in the mountains.


Also, wear it to morning parties, graduation, baby showers, or a bachelor party. Unless you’re going to a theme party, it’s not a good idea to wear all white.


But if this is the case and you choose a monochrome look, make sure that the tones of all the garments match. And even if you have your white clothes, try to make the accessories of another color.


Combine with footwear and accessories in another tone. That way, you can achieve a harmonious and beautiful look.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing white clothes mixed with patternsWe are already halfway through these Korean Fashion tips for dressing well in white. And for this opportunity, the mix of white with print is a perfect option.




Because white is a basic color and it looks good with any pattern.


Be they pictures, stripes, flowers, letters, or any other figure or ornament.


White pants with a printed blouse or shirt will be the perfect outfit for a casual meeting. A floral jacket can enhance a total white outfit.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing white pants - tips for dressing well in whiteGetting out of the monotony is always a fashion tip. For that reason, it is part of these Korean Fashion tips for dressing well in white.


Dare to wear clothes you have never worn before, such as dressing totally in white or wearing pants in this tone.


Try the white pants, which are light, comfortable, and versatile when it comes to combining.


They are also ideal to go to work, on a casual date, or even dressing in an elegant look.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a white blouse - elegant lookThe sixth Korean Fashion tip for dressing well in white is about mixing textures.


Mixing different textile textures will help you differentiate between garments and prevent a blocky effect from being seen in your look.


Especially if you have decided to wear all white.


Play with different textures, such as velvet, chiffon, or satin.


Instead, dense textures like leather or suede can work very well with fabrics like silk, chiffon, and lace. You can also wear layered looks.




Korean Fashion Trends - total white look and accessories - tips for dressing well in whiteUsing natural accessories is another of our Korean Fashion tips for dressing well in white.


If your total white look outfit is ideal for going out, combine it with accessories in natural materials and earthy colors, such as leather shoes and a bag made of fiber.


These will give color and elegance to your outfit.







Korean Fashion Trends - wear white underwear - Korean woman wearing a monochrome lookAnd finally, we have maybe one of the most significant tips among these Korean Fashion tips for dressing well in white. One of the risks of wearing white lower body garments is revealing undergarments. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman; the moment will be unpleasant and uncomfortable.


Take care of that detail when buying your pants, skirt, shorts, or shorts. Thick textured fabrics are the most recommended because you will not have this incident with them. Although in some places it is fashionable to show underwear, there are formal places where you must take care of your image and adjust to the label. Korea is one of them.


Therefore, if you want to wear white in the best Korean style, you should consider this recommendation a lot. Wear underwear in a nude tone and without seams, which will prevent them from marking the fabric.


These Korean Fashion tips for dressing well in white will help you get the most out of your looks in white. That way, you can wear this color without failing. Do you like the color white? Then follow these tips if you want to stand out with your outfits. See you in the next Korean fashion trends blog!


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