Korean fashion style guide


Korean fashion is not just about oversized and cute clothes. If you look closely, you will notice that in this fashion there are many textures. But patterns and asymmetry too. K-fashion can look a bit bright and feminine to anyone new to it. But exploring new styles can also be a lot of fun and interesting. To know how to wear the best of K-fashion, you need to read this Korean fashion style guide.


All the styles that exist in Korean fashion are colorful, full of creativity, and versatile. The truth is that it is one of the most striking fashion styles. Because of that, many people currently have their eyes on it. Although it may seem a bit complicated, it is not difficult to adopt the Korean style. You just need to follow the advice in this Korean fashion style guide, and you will be able to achieve your dream look very soon. Stay with us and take notes of this style guide to perfect your outfits!


What are the current trends in Korean fashion?



A secret that you do not know is that it is difficult to identify the trends that have defined Korean fashion in recent years. However, what stands out the most is that K-fashion is less and less conservative. Even in recent years, there is an increase in wearing shorter tops and more revealing clothing. We can see that in many of the latest fashion trends in Korea. One example of this is backless shirts, which are becoming more and more popular. 


Also, another very famous trend in Korean fashion for women is crop tops and off-shoulder blouses. In Korean men’s fashion, shorts above the knees are trending. The pants to the ankles are famous among Korean too. These pants allow a balance between fashion and casual style. They are so versatile that they can be worn, actually, on any occasion because it has a semi-formal nature. They’re comfortable and a bit sophisticated at the same time. If you visit Korea today, you will see hundreds of men and women wearing these clothes.


20 ideas to achieve a perfect Korean look


When we want to experiment with our looks, we turn to new ideas to renew our style. Korean fashion has many options for you to achieve your goal. You should not miss this Korean fashion style guide if you want to achieve a perfect look.


Add layers and use textures, Korean fashion style guide



Korean fashion enjoys combining clothes with others.


You can wear a tight garment with an oversized one, and the look will be perfect.


Add a faux fur jacket to your jeans, pants, and even a button-down dress.


If you are a bit more daring, you could also go a bit further and add leather boots and round glasses.



Ruffled skirt and a printed T-shirt, Korean fashion style guide


For a look with these items, pair a patterned tee with a ruffled skirt, stockings, ankle-length boots, and maybe a hat as an accessory. It is all about being able to mix your clothes well while enjoying yourself on the go. However, the ruffles are not only on the skirts but also on the blouses. With a ruffled skirt, you can add volume and texture to any outfit. Ruffled blouses have been a hit with Koreans. Among the actresses of many K-dramas too. They are also an easy way to dress up any outfit, as they give the illusion that you are elegant and appropriate when dressing.


Shorts, sassy striped tops, and dresses, Korean fashion style guide


If you have seen any K-dramas, you must have noticed that this is an outfit for most Korean women. Shorts are nothing new, but pairing them with an eye-catching striped tee could be a good option when you want to make a Korean fashion statement. It reminds us that in reality, at any time, you can go back to your favorite Korean celebrities for some much-needed fashion inspiration. Plaid and flowery dresses are everywhere. 


An oversized sweater and pleated skirt, Korean fashion style guide


These types of garments are very famous in Korean fashion. They are an easy trend to adopt, as well as very feminine and very chic. A pleated skirt highlights your feminine side. And an oversized sweater can be an unusual combination. But since it is in K fashion, it works well. Pack a tote bag to complete the look. You should know that South Koreans have perfected the art of wearing oversized blouses: they keep the correct proportions and balance it with tight pants or flashy footwear.


Korean women walk around wearing combinations that we would not otherwise consider wearing. Best of all, they do it very safely. A ruffled velvet skirt and a loose-fitting sweater or shirt with a lapel is a must-try punk look.


Bootcut jeans and sweaters, Korean fashion style guide


Ask Korean designers, and they will tell you that bootcut jeans, boots, and graphic tees are their favorites. You can combine all those clothes in a single outfit or use them separately. Bootcut jeans and an oversize yellow sweater fit perfectly with Korean fashion.


Winter / Fall Outfits, Korean fashion style guide


Dress like Koreans during winter! You can wear a faux fur coat or a thick, oversized jacket. Koreans firmly believe that beauty is in the details, which is why winter jackets feature eclectic cuts, patterns, or designs with knee-high boots.


Outfits for spring/summer, Korean fashion style guide


In summer, you can see a lot of off-the-shoulder dresses, light baggy shirts, shorts, etc. But a patterned shirt or a T-shirt dress with shoes, glasses, and a hat immerses you in Korean culture seamlessly.


Mix the clothes!


While you did wear many softened fashion pieces, you would also be surprised to learn that Koreans choose two simple pieces of clothing. It is not just in colors, but also in pattern, style, etc. Even if you are in the mood to pair this outfit with knee-high boots, no one is stopping you – it is incredibly stylish and comfortable. Because of that, the appeal of South Korean fashion lies in its eclecticism. And to achieve this, throw all the style lessons you have learned out the window. You can find almost everything in South Korean fashion, as they mix and match all kinds of looks with each other to a fantastic effect.


Athleisure fashion, Korean fashion style guide


The athleisure trend is here to stay in Korea. Streetwear brands release more and more pieces catering to fans of this style. They are also responsible for popularizing athleisure fashion. South Koreans have advocated this trend for some time. Best of all, they do it while maintaining their comfortable yet stylish appearance.


Blazers, Korean fashion style guide


Blazers are garments that fit perfectly with any other. Because of that, a way to look good is to put a blazer on anyone who has the outfit. Choose a blazer with a striking print and cut. That way, it will look like you are ready for a sophisticated street-style photo.


Monotonous, Korean fashion style guide


The minimalist look has had a bit of a resurgence lately, but in Korean fashion, nothing is minimal. Sometimes the colors of the outfits are kept black or white. But there will always be a hint of color in the hair. It can be an eye-catching way to highlight the style.


Many logos, Korean fashion style guide


In Korea, logomania doesn’t seem to want to stop anytime soon. It will get bigger as brands produce more products based on this trend. Do not be afraid to use logos, but try to keep it simple with the same color palette.


Dark colors, Korean fashion style guide


Still, many people assume that K-fashion is all about pastel color palettes. Yes, there are many garments with these tones and there are because various styles fit those garments. But there can also be quite outrageous outfits. You will realize that the moment you walk through the streets of Seoul. The street style is in trend precisely because it integrates many dark colors. Be sure to experiment with shapes, sizes, and colors for a unique look.


Accessories for all, Korean fashion style guide


Koreans love accessories, and the trend has only become more famous in recent years. Remember, when you are using accessories, more is better. So do not be afraid to put it on and stack it up to achieve the Korean fashionista look.


Street style


The street style is the most popular on the streets of Seoul. Some popular streetwear looks in Korea are oversized shirts, baggy pants, hats, and berets. This type of clothing is very different from the style that has been popular in recent years. Oversize was just an unusual style until recently. But these days, many streetwear brands are popping up. Thanks to that, the look is more and more common.


Ankle pants


Another trend that is very showy in Korea, for both men and women, is ankle-length pants. These pants expose the ankles, and wearing them is the right option for hot seasons in Korea. They are popular during the spring and fall. You can complement them with fitted tops or loose tops, as long as the colors match as well. You can wear many types of open shoes with them. Besides everything, they are very comfortable pants.  That makes them not only a good option for casual outfits but also semi-formal outfits.  Another of their benefits is that they are available everywhere, and you can get them at an affordable price. If you want to add some Korean-style outfits to your closet, buy one of these pants. 


Tennis skirts


Tennis skirts are not a fully Korean style! They exist almost everywhere, but tennis skirts are always popular in Korea. They are commonly seen on the streets of Seoul in summer and spring. Although these skirts rose to popularity several years ago, they are still a great asset in any closet. They are especially popular with Koreans under the age of 20, but that does not mean that people of other ages can not use them. You can wear this type of skirt when you want to feel cute and look very attractive. Depending on the style you choose, tennis skirts can work well with heels or flats. If you are looking for a brilliant but casual look, shoes are the best option. 


Shirts with puff sleeves


It is another widespread trend in Korea since last year. This trend is not exclusive to any specific type of clothing. You will find a lot of puff sleeves on dresses and shirts. But you may find them more in many ribbed shirts.


Puffed sleeves are a way to add sophistication to designs that might be too simple. It is an easy way to make dresses and shirts look unique and very chic. The best thing is that it keeps the look comfortable and not too outgoing. Some dresses will have loose puffed sleeves down the entire arm. Others will just bulge around the shoulder. Shirts with puff sleeves come in many designs. All designs are popular in South Korea.


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Button-down dresses


It is a more elegant and sophisticated trend. Button dresses are popular because they are right for both casual and professional situations. Also, they are sophisticated but not very flashy. They are dresses that have a variety of different styles. It can look a bit formal for everyday wear, but it is common in Korea to dress that way, even for daily outings. Button-down dresses work best without any garments underneath. However, if worn in cold weather, you can wear it with a blouse. These dresses are usually quite warm on their own. You can use it in the spring and fall seasons as well.


Dresses with buttons can be accompanied by high heels or shoes that have some heel or platform. Boots with heels are also a great option. You can also wear this outfit with bags. Especially those that are a bit longer.




Masks protect from contamination. They have a function more of necessity than of fashion. But that does not stop some brands from trying to make this new necessary garment a part of fashion. Most people wear the standard surgical mask. They are the KF94. However, some local brands produce fashionable masks in different designs. One of them is Idontcare. This mask is one of the most used, and they are also quite comfortable. Besides Idontcare, Etiqa, Looka, and other brands are also very popular recently. While masks are a necessary accessory, they have become fashionable in some cases. These brands are famous in Korea.


K-beauty is also important!



The term K-beauty defines products of Korean origin focused on beauty and skincare. But the truth is, it encompasses a meticulous grooming routine that hails from Asia. This skincare routine encourages self-esteem and health.


The popularity of Korean skincare is so famous today that in 2016, many Western brands began launching products that imitated Korean formulas. Because of that, we have included skincare in this Korean fashion style guide. Not everything is about clothes. Appearance, and the health of your face are also part of the steps we must follow to achieve the perfect Korean style. Do you have any doubts about skincare? Here we help you solve them.


Are Korean products good?


The answer is a definite yes. Korean cosmetologists have been well-known for their innovations for decades: they constantly incorporate new ingredients and improve their products. They have unique ways of processing fermented and plant extracts. In addition, they use nanotechnologies and assets from the best laboratories.


In South Korea, the industry focuses on skin health, hydration, and porcelain appearance. They are enemies of the sun. The goal is for the skin to look as even and beautiful as possible.


When did the K-beauty movement emerge in Korea?


The truth is that it has been around for a long time. It is ancient. There are records from 8000 BC. In 918, cosmetics included lotions with plant extracts, rice powders, and oils such as camellia and peach. The routine was so famous that they even made a skincare guide. The book’s name is Korean Beauty Routines. It is interesting, don’t you think? In the past, France was well-known as the world capital of cosmetics. But now, the eyes are on South Korea.


What is the Korean skincare 10-step routine?


Step 1: Oil-Based cleanser


With this product, you can melt all makeup and easily remove even the heaviest cosmetics.


Step 2: Water-based cleanser


Its function is to remove the remains of impurities and refresh the skin. Check out the best cleansers for oily skin here.


Step 3: Exfoliating


They eliminate dead cells through massage with granules and promote cell regeneration through their concentration of active ingredients.


Step 4: Tonic


Its job is to balance the skin’s pH, detoxify pores, eradicate excess bacteria, and deflate breakouts.


Step 5: Essence


It helps fight aging and promotes cell renewal, making your skin look more even and radiant.


Step 6: Serum


It is helpful for hydration, aging prevention, acne control, etc.


Step 7: Mask


They are an ideal complement to enhance skin moisture, pamper yourself for a little while and get the occasional extra benefit.


Step 8: Eye cream


In this area of ​​the face, the skin is thinner. For that reason, it deserves a special cream. The eye cream helps to relax the eye area. And it prevents facial lines too. 


Step 9: Moisturizing


It is an extra layer that moisturizes the skin, strengthens its barrier function, and creates a waterproof effect that seals the previous products.


Step 10: Sunscreen or Night Cream


Sunscreen will be your last layer of protection against external factors. You should apply it at all times, even if you are indoors.

Korean makeup is the most natural accessory of all!


What is Korean makeup?



Korean makeup is one of the most natural and discreet. At the same time, it brings out the full potential of each person. When you do your makeup with Korean techniques, it does not look like you are wearing any makeup. And still, you will be perfect at all times. This type of makeup is always looking for a very subtle finish. It is as far as possible from fantasy makeup. It does not use extravagant or color-laden tones.


In this style, the most natural neutral colors are the most prominent. Not for just one skin tone, but all tones. It also focuses on hiding blemishes. It is a type of makeup with which it will always seem that you are just awake, but enhancing the strengths of your face. Not only that, but it is a very natural look that can be used day to day and is very easy to achieve. Find out how to do your makeup in this Korean fashion style guide!


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What should I do to achieve Korean makeup?


The first thing you must do to achieve this style is to look for the most suitable products for your skin. A neutral base (if possible BB Cream) to unify the tone and hide imperfections. Eyeshadows in nude, earth, or coral colors, just like lipsticks. You will also need clear or brown mascara and a very subtle blush. Forget green or blue shadows, red lipsticks, or triple-effect mascara. Simplicity is key!


How to make up my eyes in the Korean style?


  • Use shadows without a lot of colors. As much as possible, please.


  • Apply the black pencil only on the mobile eyelid. The lower eyelid should be light-colored or made up with a light-colored pencil.  It will have the effect of making your eyes appear larger.


  • The appropriate mascara is transparent or brown because it enhances the eyelashes without overly


  • Applying makeup. If you wear it in black, only do it on the upper lashes and a single layer. But to supplement this, you can use the eyelash curler. A natural curl without a lot of makeup will be perfect. 


  • Forget green or blue shadows, red lipsticks, or triple-effect mascara. Simplicity is key!


  • Add light with a white or very light shadow in the area of ​​the tear duct.


How to make up my lips in the Korean style?


  • As for the lips, far from enhancing them with the color red, Koreans try to achieve a subtle style. Unlike with eyes, they tend to make them smaller by blurring the edges.


  • With the foundation and a good lip brush, you can achieve a clear effect where the lips begin. In this way, you can enhance the inner part of the lip. But also in a blurred way.


  • Apply coral or pink colors to the central part, achieving what is known as bitten makeup. The result is pale lips that seem bitten down the center.


  • To give more importance to this type of makeup, you can apply a gloss in the central part. In this way, the difference between one tone and another becomes more obvious.


Korean fashion is unstoppable. If you like this fashion, you will most likely want to achieve the best possible Korean style. Do not worry if you had doubts about how to do it before. If you have read this Korean fashion style guide, you already have the necessary instructions to achieve an authentic Korean look. Remember to visit us every day to stay tuned for K-fashion news!


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