Top 5 Korean fashion staples to look for in 2022

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Korean fashion is full of clothes and accessories that you can mix to achieve perfect looks. However, these always vary, although some elements always remain. Those are the classic or basic elements that distinguish a fashion. In Korean fashion, we could recognize oversized garments as basic elements, but the truth is that they are not the only ones. With the new year, new trends also emerged. Therefore, today at Korean Fashion Trends, we will present you with a Top 5 Korean fashion staples to look for in 2022. Are you ready? Here we go!


Top 5 of the Korean Fashion Staples in 2022


1. High-waisted ripped jeans


Effortless style is key to Korean style. How can you achieve a style like this? Easy: with jeans. Overall, jeans are one of the favorite garments in Korean fashion. Above all, if they are ripped, they are perfect. The reason? Because they can create more creative styles. For example, in Korean grunge style, many girls wear ripped jeans to reveal the fishnet stockings underneath. That undoubtedly adds a fun twist to any look.


It is why ripped jeans will give you that carefree, casual yet fashionista style typical of Korean fashion. What kind of jeans can they be? The ones you like the most! They can be mom, baggy, or even skinny jeans. Because yes, in Korea, skinny jeans are still a big thing. Just make sure that the model you choose always fits your waist. If you get a pair of high-waisted jeans, you can look slimmer and taller. Because of that, ripped jeans are Korean fashion staples to look for in 2022.


2. Oversized tops


Oversized are part of the Korean fashion staples to look for in 2022. Why? Because it is one of the quintessential staples of Korean fashion, and generally, they always remain among Korean fashion trends. No matter how much time passes, oversized garments will always be key pieces in K-Fashion. They are comfortable clothes with innovative designs. Also, they adjust to any season of the year. Oversized tops remain among the favorites, thanks to their versatility. They are often paired with high-waisted pants or skirts to create an effortlessly elegant look that makes your legs look long, streamlined. However, you can wear these tops with shorts and even dresses.


3. Casual blazers


Among the aesthetics that dominate Korean trends in 2022 is the contemporary aesthetic suit that integrates formal garments and combines them with others to make them casual. However, one of the key garments to achieve this style is the blazer. Blazers are Korean fashion staples to look for in 2022 and also a favorite among Korean fashionistas. Also, Koreans are often wearing blazers even outside of the office. For that reason, you can choose one lightweight material for a sophisticated and casual look. You can combine the blazers with denim jeans, formal pants, skirts, dresses, etc. It all depends on you and your creativity. But thanks to their versatility and design, they are a basic piece in any Korean fashion closet.


4. Sweatshirts with hoodies


In Korea, one style that dominates the scene is athleisure. In addition to being a comfortable style and for everyday use, it is also fashionista if you know how to mix them with the correct garments and if you know what accessories it fits best with. For this reason, hooded sweatshirts are part of Korean fashion staples to look for in 2022. You can wear these sweatshirts with jeans, shorts, skirts, and even dresses. In addition, they are a perfect garment for these winter days. If you wear it with a skirt, try to get tennis shoes as well, and let your socks remain uncovered. It will add a perfect touch to your casual sports outfit. Add this garment to your closet and stay comfortable and stylish with a hoodie. In your Korean fashion closet, this element cannot be missing.


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5. Sneakers


Perhaps you wonder why sneakers are part of the Korean fashion staples to look for in 2022. The answer is that they are one of the most versatile shoes that can exist. They are part of the favorites of those who love Korean fashion. With a good pair of sneakers, you can recreate casual, sporty, feminine, grunge outfits and even outfits with an elegant and sophisticated look. It all depends on the elements and accessories you mix them with. You can look at some sneakers in beige, black, and pastel tones. However, among the sneakers that should not be missing in your closet are the white ones with a classic and basic design.


What is trending in Korean fashion?


To be more aware of the Korean fashion staples to look for in 2022, it is significant to know what is trending in Korean fashion this year. Did you know that K-Fashion is one of the best in the world? That’s how it is. K-Fashion is more popular every day with Seoul fast becoming one of the fashion capitals in Asia and the world. It is also thanks to the Korean wave. Its popularity grows due to the increasing popularity of Korean training media, such as K-Dramas and K-Pop. However, many Korean fashion trends only reach other countries a year or two after having spent time in Korea.


That’s why at Korean Fashion Trends, we try to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends so that you are always connected with the latest updates on Korean fashion. Therefore, among the trends in Korean fashion in 2022, we can find minimalist clothing, denim clothing, ankle pants, tennis skirts, ribbed shirts, knitwear, sneakers, and chunky shoes. However, if you want to learn about this in more depth, click here and visit the Korean fashion trends blog, where we talk about the major trends that we will see in K-Fashion this 2022.


The Korean fashion staples to look for in 2022 are those elements that you can’t miss in your Korean fashion closet for anything in the world. They are the basic elements you will need to recreate almost any Korean style look this year. In addition, these are versatile garments that many of them will serve you at any time of the year. See you in the next blog!


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