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Thanks to the popularity of Korean culture through K-Pop and K-Dramas, interest in Korean fashion is growing around the world. Of course, many famous fashion brands are paying attention to this unstoppable fashion which more and more consumers are joining every day. Those foreign fashion brands are looking to add Korean fashion influencers to be their brand ambassadors in Korea. Probably, you would also like to know who they are. That is why today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we will introduce you to the Korean fashion influencers you should know. These are the most famous faces in K-Fashion this 2022 that you can follow on Instagram. Keep reading!


8 Most Famous Korean Fashion Influencers


1. Irene Kim


When it comes to Korean fashion influencers you should know, we can’t forget the one and only Irene Kim. She is not only one of the most popular Korean fashion influencers in and out of Korea. Irene is also a renowned model and owns her clothing brand. This Korean American Fashion Instagram star is the top Korean fashion influencer on Instagram. Irene Kim travels the world and performs fashion shows everywhere. Also, Irene has a very loyal following in China and other Asian countries, so her fame knows no bounds. Her fun, colorful, and very feminine style gives her an edge. Something that defines this influencer very well is her fun hair color choices. Irene Kim is an ambassador for brands such as Calvin Klein, Chanel, and Estee Lauder.


2. Mulbada


This Korean fashion influencer you should know is known for her fashion blogging and her longstanding fashion sense when it comes to dressing. If you check her Instagram feed, you can also notice that she has a very aesthetic style, even on her social networks. Mulbada does a great job of fashion, mixing smart looks with casual looks. Among the outfits that we can see, we can highlight that her styles include leather jackets, long dresses, and animal print coats. Also, she’s a nail art fanatic! She always makes a lot of posts about her nails. You can see that she is a lover of nail designs. Her Instagram feed is about all kinds of Korean fashion and beauty. However, Mulbada is not only a fashion influencer! She also owns a clothing brand called Unbutton.


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3. Park Sora


At Korean Fashion Trends, we recently took a closer look at Park Sora’s closet. Today, she is also part of the Korean fashion influencers you should know. Park Sora is a model for Stylenanda and is a famous face in K-Fashion. In addition, she is an ambassador for 3CE, one of the biggest Korean makeup brands. We can see that her skin is spectacular, and her style is elegant and simple, but never boring. Thanks to her remarkable fame in the Korean fashion world, her photos are often in popular places. Park Sora is an expert in experimenting with different looks that are cool, sexy, casual, and elegant. She experiments with these styles wearing everything from swimsuits to professional business wear. For all this and more, Park Sora is one of the Korean fashion influencers you should know.


4. Sunghoon Jang


But this list of Korean fashion influencers you should know is not only about female influencers. We also have a male influencer, his name is Sunghoon. He is known to be a handsome tutor at Chung-Ang University. Sunghoon went viral because of his feed. He became a professional model thanks to that fame. His look towards fashion is intelligent. He has a fashion taste that leans towards suits, dressy jackets, baggy shirts, and leather jackets. Jang Sunghoon loves going to museums. His Instagram lets us see that he is a great fan of photography. He is one of the most famous Instagram menswear influencers in Korea. His style is the perfect source of inspiration for the younger Korean male generation.


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5. Byung Jung Ha


She, like Park Sora, is the face of the Korean fashion brand Stylenanda. Jung Ha has more than 640,000 followers on Instagram. She is one of the hottest models making her way in the K-Fashion industry. As for her fashion style, she does a great job mixing colors with casual and sophisticated looks. The outfits of this Korean fashion influencer that you should know are usually colorful, original, and avant-garde. Byung Jung Ha knows how to combine streetwear with avant-garde fashion. Her style is very defined and striking. In addition, her Instagram account also shows us her life when she travels the world. You should follow Byung Jung Ha if you think Korean fashion should be fun and functional. She is one of the current top Korean fashion influencers in the street fashion space.


6. Jung Ho Yeon


If you watched Squid Game, the Korean series that broke records in 2021, you will know Jung Ho Yeon. Also, recently here, at Korean Fashion Trends, we got to know in-depth the grunge style of this model and actress whose fame is only growing. Her Instagram shows us her life as a Korean model and an actress. Her style is that of a catwalk model. She is very focused on the fashion industry. Jung Ho Yeon has a perfect ability to combine vintage styles with current trends, but she certainly stands out thanks to her grunge style. The look of this Korean fashion influencer is very artistic and eye-catching.


7. Rock Chae Eun


She is also known as Sara. Looking at these Korean fashion influencers you should know, you would think that she is a K-Pop star. However, in reality, she is a freelance model. Chae Eun is not afraid to show off her slender physique by wearing sexy sports underwear and swimsuits. She is one of the most versatile Korean Instagram influencers out there. Her posts on her Instagram are about her daily life, from where she goes to what she buys and eats. You will find many photos of her in a pool or on the beach. Thanks to that, she is the perfect influencer for swimwear and lingerie brands looking to enter the Korean market. Her popularity has led her to work with international brands like Nike and MLB.


8. Lee Ho Jung


And finally, among the Korean fashion influencers you should know, we have Lee Ho-Jung. Apart from being a model, she is also an actress. She has appeared in some music videos and K-Dramas, such as None. However, Ho-Jung’s focus is on the fashion industry. Thanks to that, she is one of the top Korean fashion influencers on Instagram. She constantly shares with her followers her outfits from her day. She is a perfect influencer to follow for daily Korean fashion inspirations full of versatility and style. If you want to stay up to date on the latest trends, you should follow her on Instagram. In addition, there you can also follow her style that pushes the limits of fashion while valuing comfort.


The Korean fashion influencers you should know are people with a huge presence in Korean fashion. They are faces that uphold K-Fashion abroad. If you want to take your Korean fashion style to the next level, you must follow them. They are an incomparable source of inspiration. Did you already know some of these influencers? See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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