How is Korean fashion in Hongdae?

Korean Fashion Trends - How is Korean fashion in Hongdae

Currently, South Korea is one of the most attractive fashion capitals in the world. Its popularity is due to the Korean wave: K-Dramas, K-Fashion, K-Beauty, and, above all, K-Pop. However, Korea itself is an exponent of fashion, and that is something that you can easily see live and direct if you travel to South Korea. With the obsession of wanting to look good, there are many places in Korea where you can enjoy fashion. However, in Seoul, there is a region called Hongdae, which is well known for being the scene of fashion. Therefore, Hongdae is a dream place where music and popular culture come together. It is also one of the most important meeting points in Seoul. But how is Korean fashion in Hongdae? Stay on this blog to discover the answer. Keep reading!


Why is Hongdae famous?


Hongdae owes its fame to its broad cultural sense. Why? Because it has cultural events, street shows, and festivals. Also, it has recreational places, such as clubs, cafes of all types and themes, presentations, and live shows. In addition, it is one of the leading clothing shopping destinations for tourists and locals. For all this, it is a place that should not be missing from your itinerary when you visit Seoul. Being a cultural and fashion scene, it is natural that many people who do not have the opportunity to visit it yet wonder “how is Korean fashion in Hongdae?


What is Hongdae fashion?


Hongdae’s fashion is attractive, thanks to its versatility and creativity. While Hongdae’s fashion stands out for being street, other styles also converge. Hongdae is the ideal place to inspire your style, as many stores have shelves with the latest fashion trends. Walking through its streets is also a source of inspiration. Being a recreational district of the most visited by local and foreign young people, it will give you the chance to admire other styles to improve yours. In addition, the presence of dance presentations, music, art demonstrations, or modeling allows you to know the exclusive brands represented by your idols and celebrities with a unique touch of style.


How is Hongdae Fashion Street?


Did you know Hongdae is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Seoul and that its street fashion is the definition of Korean fashion style? Street fashion in Hongdae includes sportswear and unisex garments. But also elegant garments combined with some more casual ones. Also, you can see oversized clothing in Hongdae street fashion. Usually, they are one size fits all! And yet they look amazing on both guys and girls. In Hongdae street fashion, you can also find extremely thin or tight clothing. You will also see many garments in shades of black. This style has also taken inspiration from American street fashion.


A curious fact about Hongdae’s street style is that many Korean idols use this style as a regular one in their daily lives. We believe that Lisa from Black Pink, Hwasa from Mamamoo, and Jessi from JYP are the ones who set the trends in this style for women. However, the same is true of most young people who like fashion. Also, from Seoul to Busan, you can see people in their 20s and 30s dressed as if they were on the streets of Hongdae. As you can see, Hongdae street fashion is one of the most popular in the entire country. For that reason, when someone asks how is Korean fashion in Hongdae, you could say it is very urban and street.


How do I get to Hongdae shopping street?


One of the frequently asked questions of a foreigner is how to get to Hongdae shopping street. Doing it is not very difficult! Do you want to do it cheaply? You can do it! The easiest way to go to Hongdae is to take subway line 2. Then, stop at Hongik University Station. You’re sure to wonder where to start once you’ve made your way to the shopping streets of Hongdae. At that exit from the Hongsik University station, you can find the main places of purchase, brands, and franchises of clothing and cosmetics. There are many different stores with different vibes and styles to choose from: vintage, chic, casual, hip-hop, among others. If you want to shop in Hongdae, options are always the order of the day.


What clothing stores can you visit in Hongdae?




It is a brand widely used by celebrities such as Lee Sung Kyung (the actress who played the role of Bok Joo in the Weightlifting Fairy series Kim Bok Joo), Black Pink’s Jennie, or SNSD’s Sooyoung. The brand is rated in Korea with an elegant yet comfortable feel, especially for its collection of colored blouses, oversized sweatshirts, and long coats.


Stylenanda and Chuu


These stores specialize in women’s clothing, accessories, and cosmetics with a chic, urban, or even cute touch. Stylenanda is especially like the pure style of a luxurious hotel and is full of neon colors. It is an excellent setting for the best Instagram photos. On the other hand, Chuu is famous for her -5kg pants, which seem to mold the figure to the degree of seeming to have lost all that weight. Both have affordable prices, and the quality is excellent.




The store of this brand in Hongdae is a place with different types of clothes. It offers from the most casual to the last cry of the season. G-dragon is one of the idols who has worn clothes from this brand. They even collaborated.




ROEM is another brand that you can get in Hongdae. It is more inclined towards demure and feminine fashion. It plays with the idea of ​​the perfect bride. ROEM has delicate garment designs and neutral colors that you can wear on special occasions.




If you feel attracted to more street style or casual fashion, you can visit SPAO. This brand has more dynamic and comfortable collections for those who like to show off a more discreet but unique fashion. A fun fact is that the guys from EXO and AOA have been the face of this brand, so this way, you can give yourself a better idea of ​​the style that you can find in this store.


How is Korean fashion in Hongdae? It is full of creativity, it is versatile, and stands out for its street style. If your way of dressing fits this style, then the best thing you can do is visit Hongdae to go shopping or to get some inspiration. Have you done it before? What do you think about Hongdae’s fashion? Please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments. See you on the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!



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