Korean fashion ideas to look like your favorite idol


Korean fashion ideas to look like your favorite idol.  Are you a K-pop fan? Do you admire groups like BTS, BLACKPINK, TXT, or TWICE? If you are swimming inside the Korean wave, you’ve probably wanted to look like your Kpop idols more than once. So, this time, we will give you some Korean fashion ideas to dress like them.


The captivating style of idols does not apply only on stage. For them,  limits do not exist. Even in their day to day, they wear the best and most attractive outfits. Kpop idols are a source of inspiration for fashion, and they invite us to care more about our image, to make a unique and striking style. Thus, this time, we will help you achieve that dream style that will make you stand out from the rest.


How to look like your favorite idol with these 5 Korean fashion hacks


There are many styles that you can recreate for any occasion. Don’t worry if you have to go to school, shopping, or traveling. For every moment, the right look will allow you to look like a real K-pop star. In fact, all you need to do is think about your favorite idols and follow our advice. So, learn with us the basic steps you must follow to come closer to idol-inspired fashion.


Choose the concept


As a good K-pop fan, you know that each group prepares hard before each comeback, and they care a lot about their concepts. Also, the concepts influence the music but also their outfits. You need to ask yourself, how do I want to look today? Do I want a girly style or a crush style? Do I choose pastel colors or dark colors? These questions can help you to define your path into idol-inspired fashion.


Mix different styles and accessories


Then, after defining your concept, do not think that this will be a limitation to create your looks. That is only the starting point. After, you can take different types of clothes and accessories and combine them in harmony. So, don’t discount any of them by associating them with a specific trend.


Say goodbye to gender


When it comes to wearing idol-inspired fashion, genres do not exist. Are you a girl but want to wear a basketball or soccer shirt and combine them with a skirt? Are you a boy but you are interested in wearing a crop top with a pair of jeans? Do not worry! Everything is valid here. There are no limits to creativity. The more you mix your looks, the closer you will be to looking like your idols.


Less is more


You may believe that your idols always look perfect, and that’s valid because, in reality, they always look like that. However, what you do not know is that they do not make an effort to achieve it. Sometimes they prefer simpler garments that help them to keep comfort without leaving their fashion styles.


Hair also matters


Idol-inspired fashion includes hair styling. Do not stick to the conventions. Play and vary with the colors and cuts of your hair. Remember that they not only pay attention to the clothes. They also care about the style of their hair. Looking the same all the time is not an option for them.

How to look like a pretty K-pop idol?


Dressing like your favorite kpop idols is a dream you can make come true with us. Idols, like true fashion icons, wear different styles that attract the attention of their fans. For that reason, as fans, we take inspiration from them to improve our outfits. But how can we look as pretty as them? We need Korean-style clothing such as oversize garments, denim, pleated skirts, sneakers, accessories, etc. However, skin care is also relevant. We recommend Korean beauty products. In addition, a good attitude is the best complement with which you can improve your Korean style looks and recreate Korean fashion ideas to look like your favorite idol.

What kind of fashion do kpop idols wear?


In addition to layered and oversized outfits, in 2023, high-cut looks are a trend you can’t miss. For this reason, jeans, skirts, and high-cut shorts are a must-have if you want to achieve Korean fashion ideas to look like your favorite idol.

Korean fashion ideas: Looks inspired by idols


Getting bored with the style of clothing or hair we wear is natural.


It is happening because we wonder many times how we can change our image. However, sometimes it is hard to choose which look would suit you.


Idols, thanks to their always-on-trend styles, might have the answer for you.


What should you try this time? You already know what you could do to get closer to the look of your idols.


Now let’s see what look you could try after getting inspired by 16 Idols. Would you dare to try it out?


Korean fashion ideas: CL – Soloist


From her beginning in the famous girl group 2ne1, she was considered a fashion icon.


CL is one of the most recognized artists of the genre. Over the years,  she adapts to Korean fashion trends, also mixing them with her style.


Elegant, urban, and chic.  She has worn many styles. And they all look good on her!


Her blonde hair has been a hallmark of hers, but with her black hair, she looks great too! We must admit that her style is very versatile and open to many possibilities.


HyunAh – Soloist


Do you want a sexy and casual style at the same time? Then you have to put your attention on HyunAh! Her sexy and provocative style has always been the talk of Koreans.


She is an expert on how to combine sexy with casual style. She is a girl who never goes unnoticed either because of her talent or the way she dresses.


Like most idols, the look of her hair is constantly changing.


If you don’t know what color to paint your hair, learn from her! Use each one in different seasons. Dare to vary.


Korean fashion ideas: Rosé – BLACKPINK


To think of Rosé is to think of the girly style, cute and with romantic vibes.


Being a part of one of the chart-topping girl groups, Rosé has wowed everyone with her fresh, chic, and adorable style!


She usually wears casual and comfortable clothes. But when she wants to have a sophisticated look, she does it without going out of her style.


Without a doubt, Rosé inspires us all.


Amber – Soloist


The tomboy style characterizes Amber. If there is anyone true to her style, it is her!


In all this time, she has never been seen with a look other than the tomboy.


She is a girl who knows how to wear menswear creatively. She integrates the crunge style clothes into her outfits and achieves a perfect image.


Her hair, always short, has also gone through different colors. Her style is dynamic and worthy of admiration.


Korean fashion ideas: Joy – Red Velvet


Joy is also the perfect example that sweet meets sexy and chic!


And she does that without any effort. Notably, she likes fashion.


We can see it in her casual looks because she is always willing to play and try new things.



So, even when she has a cute look, we can see urban styles in her.


Sunmi – Soloist


Sunmi conquers the stage, her social networks, and also the streets!



Her style mixes the feminine with the masculine, sometimes achieving a style that could be considered unisex.



Also, luxury details and accessories always stand out from her looks.


Korean fashion ideas: Dara – Soloist


It wasn’t for nothing that she was the visual of 2ne1.


Dara has an urban, modern and casual style. For example, from oversized garments to casual dresses she does it all.


Over the years, she has shown the public that she can impose a style. She loves fashion, and we love her for her successful musical trajectory and her contribution to K-Fashion.


She is famous among idols for her lovable personality that transmits through her outfits.

Naeun – APINK


The style of this idol is sporty and elegant with a subtle urban touch.


We can recognize Naeun by her style which tends to colors and minimalism.


However, unlike other idols, she usually doesn’t vary much in her hairstyle.


Although, she does know how to wear the best hairstyles.


Naeun has proven to be a fashion inspiration for fans of hers and other idols as well.


Korean fashion ideas: G Dragon – BIG BANG


Leaving the girls who lead Korean women’s fashion, let’s enter with the guys who hold the name of Korean men’s fashion high.


And the best way to do it is by talking about G Dragon, another unrivaled fashion icon. G Dragon has shown more than once that he loves fashion.


It was he who opened the door for many idols to experiment without fear of breaking the rules. He has collaborated with other brands and has his collection of shoes as well. In fact, he has a crunge and elegant style at the same time. He always combines layers, accessories, and colors.


Besides, he constantly tries out new trends by mixing retail brands with haute couture. Can you always succeed with his looks? Yes! Let there be no doubt that this pop star marks a before and after in Korean fashion.


Korean fashion ideas: V – BTS


BTS is a band that not only breaks records because of their music.


All the members have a unique and captivating style, but perhaps V is one of the most breathtaking due to his fashionist looks.


A big fan of color, prints, textures, and layering. He has also not been afraid when it comes to playing with clothes.


However, sometimes he seems to have an eccentric style, but that is quite what we love about him.


Hwall – The Boyz


Korea exports K-pop every day. Therefore, it is common for many groups to debut every year.


One of the groups that are currently achieving a lot of recognition is The Boyz. All of its members are talented and striking for their talents and their ways of dressing.


One of them is Hwall, who wears outfits that all his fans obsess over.


Most of the time he wears black clothes. He has a crunge style and an ingenious way of wearing his outfits. Hwall always pushes us to the limits of what we are used to!


Korean fashion ideas: Kai – EXO


We talk about Korean clothing being genderless. Well, a perfect example of this is Kai.


In recent times he has been a big figure thanks to his tendency to show his abdomen wearing crop tops.


Did someone say that crop tops are only for girls? Forget this! You can use it without any problems.


Kai also knows how to maintain a classic and casual look even on habitual days.


HongJoong – ATEEZ


The beret is not only French! And Koreans know that very well.



HongJoong integrates her into his style frequently and achieves the best looks.



Wearing capes, prints, stripes, textures, and many accessories, he searches for and gets the funniest and most creative outfits!



Korean fashion ideas: Haechan – NCT


When we talk about male idols imposing their fashion sense, we cannot leave out Haechan.


He has a laid-back, calm, often sporty, and even grunge style.


He caught the attention of all the fans around the world when he dyed his hair red.


Haechan proved that no hairstyle looks wrong on him. He usually integrates accessories into his outfits, but the one that stands out the most is the glasses.


He likes to wear different styles of glasses on his days off and when it comes to traveling.




This young K-pop star has tried everything he could.


His style is full of fabrics, jeans, hats, street clothes, colors, and minimalism.


The8 has shown that there is nothing that he cannot wear and, above all, that always looks good on him.


He shows us that Korean fashion has no limits and that you can always mix clothes and accessories.


The8’s style is versatile, varied, and not boring at all.


Korean fashion ideas: Bobby – iKon


The rapper of this K-pop boyband is one of those who stands out the most for his crunge and street style.


Hip-hop and rock elements integrate into their outfits. It is very colorful, but strong tones abound in its garments. Hats, glasses, and many more accessories always accompany his outfits.


A look like Bobby’s is what the youngest guys in Korea want to achieve. If his style suits yours, don’t forget to try it. Most likely, the focus is on you because of your carefree style but with a great sense of fashion.


Korean fashion ideas have no end. Every year we meet new K-pop groups, and each one of them imposes its style. So, that shows K-pop idols are incredibly talented on and off stage. Besides, many of them have a closet that we wish we had.


Many idols have become fashion icons, taking their styles and ways of dressing seriously. Inspired by them, we can be the focus of attention thanks to our looks too. Thus, all you need to do is think about your favorite idols and follow our advice.


To keep up with the looks of your idols, stay tuned to our blog!



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