Get to know this Korean fashion guide for beginners

Korean Fashion Trends - Get to know this Korean fashion guide for beginners

Get to know this Korean fashion guide for beginners. We know that learning everything related to Korean fashion can be challenging. Although it is a fashion with styles and trends that are easy to wear, we get lost among so many options and need to figure out where to start many times. Or we only know a little because we’re new to Korean fashion. But don’t worry. Today in Korean Fashion Trends, you can get to know this Korean fashion guide for beginners. We prepared this guide with the clothes, trends, and tips you need to know to start wearing a Korean style like the one you admire from your favorite Korean celebrities. You won’t need much but critical pieces to achieve a Korean style. If you still don’t have those garments, don’t worry. You still have time to get them. Stay with us and get to know this Korean fashion guide for beginners! Are you ready? Let’s get started!


How to have a Korean style?


Korean Fashion Trends - How to have a Korean style?This Korean fashion guide for beginners tells you how to have a Korean style. However, we must clarify that you will find many styles if we look at K-fashion as a whole. And that is what it consists of. This fashion enhances the use of skirts and sweaters to match prints with a lot of jewelry.


However, despite its variety, every outfit in Korean fashion gives off the same vibe. Why? Because most street outfits consist of skirts combined with a sweater. Or with long denim jeans with a striped top. Also, include basic clothing with accents to show off certain parts and hide others. Yes, it seems like something easy to digest. But sometimes, it can be complicated.


Also, consider that Korean fashion uses unique accessories, bright colors, and different patterns. These features have attracted many people to K Fashion, in addition to seeing it on their favorite Korean celebrities or series. To have a Korean style, you need some clothes and follow some specific tips that you can know if you keep reading!


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How can I dress like a Korean?


Korean Fashion Trends - How can I dress like a Korean?If you are wondering how to dress like a Korean, this Korean fashion guide for beginners is for you.


Take note of the following tips and clothes you should consider having in your closet if you want to dress like a Korean or wear a Korean style.


Are you ready?


Here we go!




Korean Fashion Trends - korean woman wearing a skirtWe start this Korean fashion guide for beginners by mentioning that skirts play a significant role in Korean fashion. Why? Because skirts are in 50% of the outfits in K Fashion.


Many people don’t wear skirts in their daily lives.


However, seeing Korean fashion, they fall in love with them. All kinds of skirts are used in Korean fashion. But mainly the medium-length ones. However, you can wear whatever skirts you want.


We recommend having pleated and tennis skirts to get closer to the Korean style.




Korean Fashion Trends - oversized clothingWe continue with this Korean fashion guide for beginners! One of the most important things to consider is that in K-fashion, most clothes seem to be oversized.


Thanks to that, it’s easy to feel that Korean fashion consists of oversized clothing. It has many benefits. Why? Because it can be combined with everything. That’s why it’s such a basic look.


Street style tends to include oversized sweaters paired with skirts. Or an outfit with an oversized jeans sweater and a regular top. It adds a relaxed vibe to the look. And that is the right style for many people. It is the Korean oversize trend.


Also, it is a style that can go with everything, so it is a good option if you are starting to wear a Korean style.




Korean Fashion Trends - importance of accessoriesDefinitely, in this Korean fashion guide for beginners, we could not forget to mention the importance of accessories. Accessories can’t be missing in your closet if you want to wear an authentic Korean style.


That’s right, accessories are essential. Why? Because they give your outfit another touch and can take it to another level. Accessories like earrings and glasses can make or break some outfits. These accessories can sometimes be the accent part of the outfit and spice up the look.


Other accessories that you should consider if you want to wear a Korean style are bucket hats, bags, and even tights. You can leave your stockings visible, and you will be able to give your outfits a fun touch.




Korean Fashion Trends - use of bright and bold colorsWe couldn’t fail to mention the use of bright and bold colors in this Korean fashion guide for beginners. As you probably know, you usually create an outfit around a specific color.


However, Korean fashion takes it to another level. As it does? With striking colors such as yellow, purple, and blue. Those colors draw attention. And yes, Korean fashion gives more importance to neutral and classic colors. However, Korean fashion can also be risky. And so they are not afraid to wear bold colors as well.


Therefore, in Korean fashion, an outfit is sometimes created with only one color but in different shades. It is an interesting part of Korean fashion. You can see how bright colors flood the catwalks at Seoul Fashion Week. Don’t be afraid to add clothing in bright tones in addition to basic, neutral colors. That way, you will have a varied and available closet for any Korean look you want to achieve.




Korean Fashion Trends - korean people wearing clothes with patternsAnd just as risky colors are impossible, patterns are too. That’s why the patterns are also part of this Korean fashion guide for beginners. You can see that people are not afraid of matching patterns in South Korea.


Also, most of the time, it works because they do it smartly. Patterns from stripes to plaid clothing combine to create outfits that leave many people in awe. Many people also use this as an opportunity to network with other people. You can find couples, brothers, and sisters matching each other in sometimes highly detailed or adorable designs. In Korea, too many people use logomania.


So now you can get an idea of ​​the importance of patterns in Korean fashion. Add floral patterns to combine with pastel colors, which also stand out in Korean fashion.


How do I get a Korean aesthetic?


Korean Fashion Trends - How do I get a Korean aesthetic?And to finish this Korean fashion guide for beginners, we will tell you how to have a Korean aesthetic. After looking at the clothes and styles you should consider if you want a Korean look, it’s easy to have a Korean aesthetic. You need clothes like skirts, dresses, jeans, a lot of oversize clothes, clothes in neutral colors but also bright and pastel, and accessories like glasses, bags, and hats In your closet. You also need to wear printed garments, blazers, sneakers, combat boots, and chunky shoes. In general, the Korean aesthetic is summed up in the use of these garments. So if you want a Korean aesthetic, you should make sure you have these clothes and styles.


The Korean fashion guide for beginners is perfect for those new to the world of Korean fashion. Knowing the basic clothes and the tips you need to know to achieve a Korean aesthetic will help you to wear the style of your dreams. See you in the next Korean fashion trends blog!


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