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Korean fashion for plus size is becoming a high-value industry! In a country where current beauty standards are too high, and the figure is a significant element in determining a person’s attractiveness, a new generation of women has emerged in Korea. They are women with power. They are women willing to revolutionize the concepts of beauty and leave their mark within the fashion industry.


Tired of growing up in a strict society where everything is judged? Especially a person’s weight and height? That’s why plus-size models have emerged to challenge the standards of beauty in Korea. Those are standards that often become very superficial. These models seek to promote another image of women. Both slim and plus-size women are real, exist, and each deserves equal love and value. For them, beauty goes far beyond being thin. It is about accepting the fact that each of us has different body types. And it is precisely this belief that is the foundation of body positivity. If you are interested in knowing more about Korean fashion for plus size, keep reading!


How was Korean fashion for plus size born?


The plus-size industry began to gain traction in South Korea when Kim Gee Yang launched her magazine and clothing brand in 2014. She is one of the most famous plus-size models in Korea. Since then, she strives to spread positive messages to prove that beauty does not have a specific size. Her clothing brand is called 66100. Kim named it that because in Korea size 66 is equivalent to plus size for women in America. The number 100 represents plus-size for men.


What is considered plus-size in Korea?


The truth is that Korean beauty standards can seem unforgiving. Sometimes, that’s the case both for foreigners and Koreans. Anyone over a US size 6 is plus-size in Korea. It is normal to hear that the weight of a Korean woman is 56 kilos at most. However, if you think that all Korean women are slim, you are wrong. It’s simply not true. Also, regardless of whether you have that size, you should remember that all bodies are beautiful and that your weight does not define your beauty or value as a person.


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Are there plus-sized clothes in Korea?


If you are plus size, and you decide to go shopping for clothes in Korea, there are some phrases you need to know because they will be helpful to determine if a store has plus size clothes or not. Let’s find out how we can get Korean fashion for plus size!


Free Size, Korean fashion for plus size


When you see a store that says this, they most likely do not have any plus-size clothing. The free size is the Korean version of the one size fits all. This clothing is for the average Korean body type, that is, small size women. “Free size” clothing is not only in boutiques but also in Hongdae fashion stores.


Asian Fit, Korean fashion for plus size


It is a typical phrase of international brands such as H&M or Zara. Asian fit means the clothes are not the original size. If it appears in stores, it also means that they do not have plus-size clothing.


Large size, Korean fashion for plus size


It is a phrase that indicates you will find Korean plus-sizes in that store. You can also look for this type of clothing in online stores.


Size adjustment, Korean fashion for plus size


The trend in Korea is to wear very baggy or oversized garments. Even among people who are not plus size. This trend can be helpful for foreigners who only look for outfits that are plus-size in Korea. Due to the loose fit of these articles of clothing, these items may fit you tight or even a little loose depending on the garment.


Which Korean clothing brands are plus size? 


Thanks to changes in society, today you can find many plus-size brands throughout Korea. Changes may be slow, but you can rest assured they’re coming. We can see it with many of these brands. Many even have physical stores and shopping websites. Most have garments available up to a Korean size 120 for women and up to a Korean size 145 for men. However, keep in mind that not all Korean plus size stores have the same sizes.


Another thing to not forget is that even though the clothes are labeled plus-size, sadly they are still made with a Korean body type in mind. Because of that, you may have trouble with these marks if you are very tall, or have a large chest and broad shoulders. Take your measurements before buying anything and compare them with the sizes of the garments, especially if you buy online. Keep scrolling down to see the 5 best Korean brands in plus-size clothing!





This store has a variety of clothing available, from baggy shirts to long sweaters.


OKIRO focuses on casual clothing. Also, they sell a lot of accessories and shoes.


You can create your perfect outfit with clothes from OKIRO.


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 one of the best plus-size clothing brands in Korea!


They not only sell the most avant-garde and modern clothes, but they also show us how their clothes look in plus-size models.


Buying on their website is easy even for foreigners.






If you are a lover of dresses, this is your best option. Unlike other plus-size clothing stores, this store follows current clothing trends.


Dresses that you thought only slim women could wear are here in plus size.


Because of that, you can find a wide variety of dresses.


Not just the typical sweater. In addition to dresses, they sell other types of clothing. In this store, there is a lot to choose from. 





At first glance, this store does not appear to have large striped models. But the truth is that they do sell plus-size clothing.


Because of this, on their page, and at the end of each article, there is a table.


It is the table of the Real Adjustment.


There you can find the size that fits you best. ROMISTORY has physical and online stores.



HOTPING, Plus Size Korean Fashion


This store has it all. They have an online shop, but also physical stores located in different places. Thanks to that, it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular stores among plus-size women in Korea. The online page is international. There you can make purchases easily because they have several languages ​​available.


In Korea, there are a lot of prejudices. Plus-sizes are not fully standardized. However, little by little stereotypes are disappearing, and new opportunities are born. Now more than ever, it is possible to get Korean fashion for plus size. You have to search in the right way, and you will find such beautiful clothes that fit your size. 


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