Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022

korean fashion trends - Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022

As in any other fashion, trends in Korean fashion also change according to the season. That doesn’t mean that some clothes, accessories, colors, and patterns are maintained throughout the year. Of course, some elements are classic. And that is why they are also basic in any closet, whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter. However, there are seasonal pieces that improve any outfit too. With autumn already upon us, it is natural that we want to adapt our wardrobe to take care of climate changes and to continue looking perfect. For that reason, today at Korean Fashion Trends, we present a Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022. That way, you can equip yourself with everything you need to achieve seasonal Korean outfits that allow you to remain the focus of attention anywhere, thanks to your style. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


Korean Fashion Capsule: What clothes do you need this fall 2022?


The following Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022 has all the elements to keep your style this season without being a victim of climate change. From shirts, coats, and pants to footwear and accessories. Remember that if you want a complete and successful style, you should not only focus on clothes. You should also consider the accessories. They help you elevate and perfect even the simplest outfit of all. Let’s know that Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022 will save your style this season!




korean fashion trends - cottagecore shirtsWe kick off this Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022 with cottagecore style shirts. The cottagecore style is making a comeback, and Korean fashion proves it.


Shirts with a wild, country character and with a nostalgic and romantic essence have come this fall 2022 to gain prominence in your looks.


To achieve contrast, so fashionable this season, you can combine them with more formal garments.


However, if you want to wear these shirts in a more casual style, you can wear one with puff sleeves with mom jeans and sneakers.




korean fashion trends - animal print shirtsThe animal print is here to stay. It has been a staple in our wardrobe for a long time. This Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022 can’t be missing.


Animal print shirts are a garment that will give your looks great character. But how can you combine them? A perfect way to wear them is to opt for a complete animal print look, but with garments of different colors and shapes.


You also can give more prominence to animal print shirts by combining them with more neutral and plain garments.


You can wear an animal print shirt with camel-colored tailored pants. They are beautiful garments and also provide a sophisticated appearance.


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korean fashion trends - ZIP-UP SWEATERSOf course, coats are a must at a Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022.


Plus, oversized sweaters are reluctant to ditch K-fashion trends, but this time they’re zippered and in neutral colors.


Go for neutral tones to combine them more easily.


You can combine a sweater with a zipper, tailored pants with the same tone, and sneakers. It is a casual, comfortable, and trendy outfit.




korean fashion trends - korean woman wearing a cardiganCardigans are a big favorite in Korean fashion. For this reason, we include it in this Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022.


In the purest preppy style and recalling the essence of American university looks, autumn also opens its doors to cardigans. And if it’s not in your closet yet, give it a try! You will immediately notice many looks you can create with this garment.


They are very versatile as well as very feminine. Wearing it closed can opt for a more classic and sophisticated style. Or, for a more casual look, unbutton the buttons and revealing a shirt or sweatshirt underneath.


You choose how to mix them based on the style you want to achieve!




korean fashion trends - PADDED COATSThere are several coats that you can have in your closet this fall.


If you visit our blog about the coats in trend in fall 2022, you will be able to know all those coats that will bring a lot of style to your closet. But above all, don’t forget the padded coats!


This garment, which was very popular in the 90s, has returned to not go unnoticed in 2022.


In addition, they are perfect for showing off a streetwear style.


This garment has endless possibilities.


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korean fashion trends - CULOTTE JEANSWrapping up the tops, it’s time to talk about the bottoms you need to have in your Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022.


If comfy looks are your thing, culotte jeans are the answer. In addition, thanks to their high waist and wide cut, they will make you look amazing.


You can combine them with sports shoes, heels or boots.


Why? Because culotte jeans are comfortable and versatile. Everything blends perfectly.


Choose depending on the occasion.




korean fashion trends - WIDE-LEG PANTSWide-leg pants are a success in Korean fashion.


Therefore, they are also part of this Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022.


The wide boot in denim pants has not stopped conquering K-fashion trends.


How can you combine them?


Wear a total look in the same color as these pants and heeled ankle boots. It’s a mix that never fails.




korean fashion trends - HIGH-WAISTED TAILORED PANTSDon’t know what to wear when formal events are coming up? High-waisted tailored pants are the answer!


For this reason, they could not be missing from these Korean Fashion Capsules for Fall 2022. But they are also suitable for more relaxed days when you do not want to wear a sporty look.


To attend any event, combine these pants with a fitted sweater in a neutral color, a blazer in the same color as the pants, and an extra long trench coat.


Finish off the look with black stilettos and accessories in gold tones. It is a perfect look, sophisticated, chic, and with many personalities.




korean fashion trends - PLATFORM LOAFERSIn this Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022, footwear could not be missing.


Therefore, platform loafers are an excellent option.


In addition, they are classic and comfortable shoes. Any color and any print are worth this season.


However, black is the perfect color to complete your wardrobe.


A daring suggestion but one that is a success is to wear your moccasins with socks. Try it!




korean fashion trends - korean woman wearing bootiesAnd we finish this Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022 with ankle boots.


During this season, you can use them with a more casual style.


It will adapt to your day-to-day and have an infinity of looks.


Brown boots look great with jeans. And if you want to look a little daring, you can opt for its metallic version and combine it with garments in neutral tones.


This Korean Fashion Capsule for Fall 2022 is ideal for keeping your Korean style during this season. The perfect shirts, pants, coats, and shoes for fall 2022 are part of this Korean fashion capsule that you must consider if you want to stand out, thanks to your style. See you soon!


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