Top 5 Korean fashion brands you need to know in 2022

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Korean fashion would not exist without haute couture brands. They are responsible for designing the best K-Fashion garments and accessories. In addition, these brands have a long and significant history. Thanks to that, they have known how to attract the attention of the international market as well. Even celebrities outside of Korea want and have worn clothes from many Korean brands, thereby raising the name of brands outside of Korea. Although there are many brands that you should know if you want to wear the best of K-Fashion, there are always a few in particular that you should not miss on the radar. For this reason, today at Korean Fashion Trends, we will discover the Top 5 Korean fashion brands you need to know in 2022. In this way, you can see their new collections and think about whether you would like to acquire a piece. Or, you can check it out just for inspiration. Keep reading!


5 Korean fashion brands you need to know in 2022


These Korean fashion brands offer new collections every year. Each one has its stamp that makes them unique, but they all agree on one thing: they are the best of K-Fashion and exalt the essence of Korean fashion. The top 5 Korean fashion brands you need to know in 2022 are these:




Kye is the first on this list of Korean fashion brands you need to know in 2022. Korean-American Kathleen Kye is the owner of this brand. Kathleen Kye didn’t just start the brand because everyone wanted to have a couture clothing line. Everything seems to indicate it is a life project because she prepared herself for this. The designer graduated from Central Saint Martins University 8 years ago. She graduated with a Master’s in Men’s Fashion. Later, she opened her clothing brand in 2011. From there, the KYE brand was born, which deals with bold, fun, and original casual wear. In addition to that, they design unisex clothing, paying attention to the ladies. In an interview that the designer gave, she talked about the identity of Kye. Kathleen Kye said it was all about casual wear. The brand has grown quite a bit over the last eight years. Thanks to its popularity, the brand is also associated with like-minded personalities and famous clothing brands such as Adidas, Gentle Monster, Big Bang, Irene Kim, CL, and Shu Uemura. The brand is the favorite of many people thanks to its stunning designs.




8seconds is as popular in Korea as Forever21 is in the US. That’s how big its popularity is in the Korean industry. The 8seconds brand was launched in the second month of 2012 by Cheil Industries. It is a subsidiary of Samsung. Currently, it is one of the giants of Korean fashion. That is why it is part of the Korean fashion brands you need to know in 2022. Thanks to its popularity, it is now the direct rival of some famous companies such as UNIQLO. In 2012, the company earned more than 60 billion won, approximately 54 million dollars. A year later, the company earned 150 billion won (134 million dollars). The brand is only growing year after year. For many reasons, the 8seconds store is a leader in the Korean fashion industry. Some of the brand’s characteristic looks and styles are part of the trends. Something that makes this brand much better is its affordable prices.




Clothing brand Tibaeg occupies the list of Korean fashion brands you need to know in 2022. Also, it has a similar story to Korean brand Kye. Both brands are owned by passionate people who want to make a mark in Korean and international fashion. Eunae Cho founded the Tibaeg brand after accumulating ten years of experience as a worker in large Korean clothing companies. There, she learned the trade of running a business empire. And thus, Tibaeg was born. The founder’s love of tea inspired Tibaeg. Eunae Cho creates designs from simple yet attractive inspirations. His secret is in the art of spreading the tea and enveloping the water with its flavor. The company has made notable collaborations with larger companies like Disney over the last eight years, among other big brands.




Shoe brand Reike Nen is ranked fourth in the Korean fashion brands you need to know in 2022. Rei Yoon Hong Mi founded the clothing brand Reike Nen a decade ago. The main objective of the brand is to reconstruct classic footwear. They do it to turn them into high-quality and designer shoes. Reike Nen still pulls off some original designs even after the complete rebuild and color restrictions. Most of the brand’s designs are simple and do not seek attention, and thanks to that, they stand out. They are one of the most comfortable shoes you can find in Korea. In this brand, comfort is also a friend of fashion.




The latest clothing brand on our list of Korean fashion brands you need to know in 2022 is MVIO. This brand specializes in men’s business wear. If you love to dress well, look fashionable, then MVIO should be your next choice because it is the most perfect of all. The brand offers original designs and business casual clothing for men. Furthermore, it is also a subsidiary of Samsung in our list. Han Sanghyuk led the company. He is known for his traditional styles mixed with an aggressive style. It is a brand that stands out a lot among others.


The Korean fashion brands you need to know in 2022 are haute couture companies. They are responsible for making the best K-Fashion garments and accessories. If you are a fan of this fashion and an enthusiast of Korean culture, you should check out these brands. On the website of each one, you can buy everything you like, or you could take inspiration in terms of style when it comes to dressing. As we mentioned before, there are many Korean fashion brands that you should know about. These are some of them that this year are also more noticeable. Did you know them before? Tell us in the comments. See you soon!

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