5 Korean Fashion brands you should know this summer

Korean fashion trends - 5 Korean Fashion brands you should know this summer

Luckily, summer continues, and we can continue enjoying it. You can do it by taking the best walks or wearing the best outfits. But have you already renewed your summer wardrobe? While you don’t need to have hundreds of new clothes every season, it’s hard to avoid wanting a few new items to play with on those warmer days. We believe that, like us, you too are obsessed with idols’ outfits. Be it their airport outfits to the looks they wear when performing live. Although we can’t afford all the clothes they have, there are some Korean fashion brands and stores that are affordable. And not only that. They are also the perfect brands if you want to renew your summer clothes. So if you want to add some new pieces to your closet, here are the Korean Fashion brands you should know this summer! If you want to know them, make yourself comfortable that today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about those Korean fashion brands that you need to keep on your radar this season. Are you ready? Here we go!


5 Korean fashion brands you can’t miss this summer


These 5 Korean Fashion brands you should know this summer are ideal if you plan to renew your closet with new clothes this season. Maybe you can’t renew it from scratch. But at least you can add a few new pieces to give your looks a fresh touch. Korean fashion offers several brands where you can get clothes that fit your pocket and style. These are the 5 Korean Fashion brands you should know this summer!




korean fashion trends - MIAMASVIN - korean fashion brandsMiamasvin is the first brand to make it to this list of Korean Fashion brands you should know this summer. In this brand, you can find sophisticated outfits. But at the same time, you can also get perfect and quirky looks that your closet has been craving this summer.


Miamasvin is the Korean fashion brand where you find the multifaceted office look that you can turn into an outfit to go out at night with your friends. What do you need to get a garment or accessory from this brand? You have to browse the brand’s website for a couple of minutes.


That way, you will find everything you need to look perfect this summer. From sophisticated outfits to more casual and romantic ones. When you see the catalog, you may think it is too good to be true. And believe it or not, it is. Miamasvin offers wonderful garments at an incredible price.




korean fashion trends - ALAND - korean fashion brandsThe second brand to make it to this list of Korean Fashion brands you should know this summer is Aland. It is a brand for guys with a defined, edgy style. For that reason, many young Koreans wear looks with Aland garments. The designs of this brand are simple lines.


Also, they are bold designs because they have a bit of retro style mixed with urban inspiration. In Aland, you will find everything! From simple garments to catwalk-worthy clothes. And if that wasn’t enough, did you know that many idols are fans of Aland? That’s how it is!


Many K-Pop idols wear hundreds of different lines from independent Korean designers, including Aland. For that reason, you will find unique and original pieces in this brand. Aland also has a branch in New York. And although that may indicate that perhaps their prices are very high, the truth is that you still get clothes at an affordable price.




KOODING - korean womanWe continue this list of Korean Fashion brands you should know this summer with the Kooding brand. This Korean fashion brand was born to connect people from all over the world with Korean and Eastern trends.


Thanks to that, they have shipments to more than 70 countries. Due to the magnitude of its reach, this brand has a collection that is constantly being updated. For that reason, in Kooding, you will find articles for all tastes. From dresses to skirts, bags, and shoes.


In addition, on its website, you will find everything you need at very affordable prices. You have to go in and check it out for yourself. On the Kooding web platform, you will see everything. You can see from new brands to the most recognized. Also, trends include urban, minimalist, classic, romantic, and modern styles. If your style matches one of these, don’t forget to visit the Kooding website. With this brand, you can find all the clothes you want to be in Korean fashion this summer.




korean fashion trends - STYLENANDA - korean fashion brandsFourth place on this list of Korean Fashion brands you should know this summer goes to Stylenanda. If you are a regular reader of Korean Fashion Trends, you will know Stylenanda is one of the favorites of all lovers of Korean fashion. Why? For good reasons! Stylenanda is not only popular for its stunning shop/cafe in Seoul.


This brand also stands out for its fun, urban and retro designs. Although the prices are a bit higher than the Korean fashion brands mentioned above, many of their collections can still be considered affordable, both with their clothes and makeup items.


If you want to keep up to date with their collections, you should be attentive to their social networks and website. Plus, it will also be worth it because Stylenanda hosts a worldwide free shipping event. Is not it wonderful? It is, just like its stunning summer designs.




66 GIRLS - korean womanWe end this list of Korean Fashion brands you should know this summer with 66 Girls. This brand is ideal if you are looking for items that fall into the comfortable, simple, and pretty category. If so, look no further.


At 66 Girls, you’ll find what you’ve been looking for and more.


Also, affordable clothing from this brand is very affordable. And not only that. You find designs available for all ages. You also find a cool clothing style.


Based in Korea, where they find inspiration from the style of the girls in Seoul, this is where to look if you want authentic Korean clothes and looks.


If you want to renew your looks with new clothes this season, you can’t lose sight of these Korean Fashion brands you should know this summer. In these brands, you will find all the clothes and accessories available for you to stand out this summer, thanks to your Korean style. Best of all, they offer beautiful, quality clothing at affordable prices. See you in the next blog of your favorite Korean fashion website!

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