Korean fall fashion ideas for work


Korean fall fashion ideas for work. With the arrival of October, we enter fully into the work mood and leave behind the much appreciated and comfortable linen garments. Do you wonder what to wear for work in the fall? If so, don’t worry. Today we put together a compilation of Korean fall fashion ideas for work! Here you can find the best looks for the office for this fall 2021 according to Korean fashion. In addition, we will show you different outfits adapted to many types of styles. In that way, you can find the one that best suits you and your day-to-day life. Are you ready? Keep reading!


What are the must-have fall clothes for the office?


Korean-Fashion-Trends---What-are-the-must-have-fall-clothes-for-the-office-(Subtitulo)Before starting with Korean fall fashion ideas for work, you must know what clothes should not be missing in your closet to achieve an office look for this season. They are a blazer, rigid fabric jeans, a white shirt, and heels or sneakers. Those are the basic garments that your closet should have.


For that reason, you should get hold of these basics and adapt them to your style by giving them an innovative twist.


For example, change the neutral-colored blazer and jeans for a khaki one. And the white shirt for a more navy one.


Thanks to these small details, you will get a classic look that is flattering and characteristic of office outfits but with a more sophisticated and current point. That is, you will get a very creative and versatile outfit, typical of Korean fashion.


6 Korean Office Looks You Can Wear In Fall 2021


Casual office looks


Not all offices are the same and, therefore, it is not always necessary to dress so formally to go to work. However, according to Korean concepts, you should know that you must have an impeccable image, although you do not always have to dress formally. Next, we propose several casual styles of looks with which you will feel prepared with a casual and informal point.


  • Look into jeans to go to the office


Korean-Fashion-Trends-JeansAre you comfortable wearing jeans to go to work? Perfect! Do not give them up and enhance your style with other types of garments.


If you have to choose some jeans for the office, it is better that they are in dark tones and have rigid fabric.


You can combine them with more formal garments if you need them, such as a fitted blazer, or with more informal clothes such as a T-shirt.


Perfect the outfit with sandals or slippers. That way, you’ll be ready both for work and for a drink.


A lovely outfit! Don’t you think so? Because of that, it is part of the Korean fall fashion ideas for work.


  • Office look with sneakers


Korean-Fashion-Trends-SneakersIf you work in an office where you can wear sports shoes, feel free to do it!


Create your total casual look with palazzo or oversized pants, a basic t-shirt, and an oversized blazer to take trends to the extreme.


If you have to choose a color for your outfit, let it be white or ecru.


It is suitable and sophisticated in both summer and winter, so it fits perfectly in autumn.



  • Office look with leather-effect garments


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Leather-effect-garmentThe leather effect has been one of the top trends for years.


Whether you like to take the rocker style to the extreme, or if you want to incorporate it in small doses, we recommend you start by making yourself with pants of this type of fabric.


Wear it with a tweed jacket, a white shirt, and some small heels or sneakers.


It all depends on your preferences.


But whatever your choice, we assure you that you will get an incredible outfit that shows that it is part of the Korean fall fashion ideas for work.


  • Office look with wide-leg pants


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Wide-leg-pantsOne of the most fashionable pants in Korea right now is the high-waisted wide-leg pants.


If you want to go trendy, choose tailored trousers in this style and combine them with an overshirt of the same color to create a monochromatic effect.


With sneakers and a maxi coat, you will be comfortable and, also, perfectly fashionable.


That is the reason why we include these garments among the Korean fall fashion ideas for work.


Classic office looks


Now, if, on the other hand, your work needs more formal and classic styles to go to the office, but you want to give them a modern touch, we give you some tips on how to do it. Check out these Korean fall fashion ideas for work if you are into an office look that is a bit more classic and fancy at the same time.


  • Classic office look with a suit



The total look tailored is versatile and a safe bet to go to work. You can combine them in a thousand ways. And give them a more formal or informal twist, depending on what you are looking for.


If you love the classic style, but want to add a touch of personality to your outfits, get a black tailored suit that includes a blazer. You can also risk wearing platform shoes with some pattern.


But if you don’t like any pattern, you can also opt for colors that break a bit with the sobriety of the look. Remember that Korean fashion is about creativity and versatility.


  • Classic office look with a skirt


Korean-Fashion-Trends-SkirtsIf you got a pleated midi skirt in spring-summer, good news because you can still use it in the fall.


Combine it with an elegant blouse, an oversized blazer, and medium-heeled shoes.


That is a feminine and very classic look that is always a trend.


If you don’t have a pleated skirt and want to wear a winter one, go for knitting.


3 Clothes that are trending in Korea for fall fashion that you can wear to the office


Oversized turtleneck sweaters


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Oversize-turtle-neck-SweaterTurtleneck sweaters have been a signature item in Korean fashion.


And this fall it is taking over!


The fun part is, you’re not limited to the classic black fitted turtleneck sweater.


This trend features turtleneck sweaters that are oversized in attractive pastel colors.


In addition, they have an elegant and semi-formal look you can use both in the office and outside of it.


Jacket dresses


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jacket-dressesDo you remember that Korean fashion is about creativity and versatility? One of the reasons why it works like this is that Korean fashion has a way of taking men’s clothing and making it chic and feminine.


Sometimes it does it with colors or also by adding a feminine look to any garment. Hence the blazer dress. A jacket dress is a dress that looks like a jacket.


Either way, this trend is very popular this fall. This fabulous trend is brilliant, especially for work and corporate events.


A blazer-style dress is elegant and feminine. In addition, you can use it in the color of your preference.


Natural-tone wool coats


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Wool-jacketsFor many years, there has been a trend in Korean fashion to involve natural elements in garments.


We see that characteristic not only in the typical Korean costume but also in current trends.


For example, wool coats of a natural tone. Autumn often connects us with nature. So why shouldn’t our clothes do the same? This trend has beautiful wool coats in equally beautiful colors.


In addition, the sobriety of the tones allows you to wear them in the office.


We all know that Korean fashion has taken the world by storm over the years. The fashion trends that come in and out of Korea each season make fashion enthusiasts crave more of the Korean style. Because of that, Korean fall fashion ideas for work are significant when coming up with an outfit that fits your needs and desires. Remember that elegance is not apart from comfort. And that you can perfectly dress in an office look by adding more casual elements! After all, it also depends on your creativity and risk. Which of these ideas do you want to put into practice? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to visit this blog every day. There is still much to discover about Korean fashion.

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