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Denim garments dominate the wardrobe and have been considered the number one base garment for several decades. And how could they not be? If they have managed to prevail over time, overcoming any season. In addition, they have influenced the most representative styles. That includes many Korean styles. In Korean fashion, denim garments are undoubtedly one of the favorites. With these garments, you can recreate casual styles. But also elegant styles depending on what other pieces you combine them with. Denim is a staple in K-Fashion thanks to its versatility and the style they always bring to outfits. For that reason, today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we will know the Korean denim trends 2022. Stay with us if you want to be up to date with the Korean denim trends for this year. Keep reading!


8 Korean denim trends 2022


1. Wide-leg denim


Wide-leg jeans are one of the favorites of the fall season. That is why they are also part of the Korean denim trends 2022. The versatility when combining them allows you to create multiple styles with them. One of the advantages of this garment is that, as it does not mark the legs, it is flattering for all types of figures, especially if you do not want to have very marked hips or legs. That is why they also stand out in Korean fashion. Likewise, if you choose a style above the ankles, it will help to stylize the legs. The wide-leg jean has a triangular shape. It is high-waisted, which helps to define the waist. The upper part is similar to mom jeans with a high waist that is not as fitted to the body. The middle structure is straight as a triangle shape, but they do not end as open as the bell boot. You can combine them with tops and shirts. Also, you can add a blazer if you want to achieve a more sophisticated look.


2. Mom jeans


Mom jeans have become our great allies for our daily looks and the not-so-everyday ones. Mom jeans are the most coveted jeans of the 90s because they allow as many combinations as styles and clothes you have in your wardrobe. That is why they are also part of the Korean denim trends 2022. Mom jeans are flooding Korean stores. It is thanks to the wide and baggy jeans trends. Mom jeans are a garment that wins a lot in the most basic outfits. Why? Because it allows us to use all kinds of sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts, blouses or jackets with them to be appropriate, modern and perfect. With mom jeans, the motto of less is more is one of the looks proposed by these jeans. And best of all, they can be given a thousand lives depending on what other garments you combine them with. A black leather jacket, a white shirt, and black combat boots can be perfect to create an outfit with mom jeans.


3. Baggy jeans


Baggy jeans are oriental-inspired. They are usually made of flowing fabrics and colorful prints. These are fitted at the waist and begin to take on volume until they reach the ankle. In Korean fashion, the oversize trend is one of the favorites. Therefore, these jeans are part of the basic elements of any Korean fashion closet. Because of that, baggy jeans prevail among the Korean denim trends 2022. Baggy jeans are easy to combine because they fit well with everything, so you have to search your closet or incorporate new pieces that you think will make you look fashionista with them. You can combine them with a top, a shirt, a cardigan or pullover, etc. There are no limits when it comes to these jeans.


4. Ripped jeans


Ripped jeans are a complete trend in Korean fashion. Because of that, we couldn’t leave it out on this list of Korean denim trends 2022. These jeans go with any look, but they are especially favorites in casual outfits. And actually, you can choose any jeans. They can be mom, baggy or wide-leg jeans, and these can have rips without problems if you prefer them with a different touch and not a classic style. To accompany an outfit with ripped jeans, you can wear sneakers, t-shirts and add accessories such as hats and bags. These types of combinations in pastel colors are popular in Korean fashion. For a grunge look, wear fishnet stockings under ripped jeans. In that way, the look will expose parts of the stockings. That’s a perfect outfit.


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5. Denim jackets


Denim jackets are a fashion statement! And since Korean fashion knows that, they are part of the Korean denim trends 2022. With these jackets, you can achieve endless outfits! Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes. If you like a more classic style, you can use it without any decoration. If you prefer them with extra touches, you can buy a denim jacket with motifs of your choice. Or you can add very fashionable pins. Denim jackets can’t be missing in your closet! Especially if you are a K-Fashion lover. These jackets together with a shirt and mom jeans are a fashionista look.


6. Denim skirts


It is not appropriate to show much of your upper body in Korean fashion. However, it does not happen in the same way with the lower part. That’s why skirts, shorts, and dresses that reveal the legs are a fashion statement in K-Fashion. A garment that is a significant part of the Korean denim trends 2022 is skirts. With these skirts, whether long or short, you can recreate incredible outfits, especially oversize outfits. Why? Because you can add an oversized shirt or sweater and wear it inside the skirt, which is fitted to the body, it will give you a casual and chic look.


7. Denim dresses


The denim dresses that are part of the Korean denim trends 2022 can be long, short, tight, or oversize. There is not much restriction to wearing these dresses, except that they are a better idea for the hottest days of the year. In Korea, there is a tendency to wear dresses over shirts. Denim dresses are a good option if you want the dress to be a little different from the ones you use in this type of outfit. You can recreate that style by adding some sneakers or chunky shoes. In that way, you will see how you achieve a perfect look.


8. Denim shorts


And finally, we have high-waisted shorts in this list of Korean denim trends 2022. In Korea, it doesn’t matter if you show your legs. Therefore, shorts are a significant piece in any Korean fashion outfit. These pieces are especially very popular in summer and spring. Like the skirts, you can wear them using an oversized garment on top or not, depending on your preferences. Whether it’s a top, a shirt, a pullover, etc., you can combine the shorts with the garment of your choice. We assure you that you will achieve a casual and incredible Korean look.


Among the Korean denim trends 2022, we can find the wide leg, mom, and baggy jeans. But also other garments such as shorts, dresses, and jackets. Do not miss the trends in Korean denim for this year so that you can recreate your favorite outfits inspired by Korean fashion. Don’t forget to visit Korean Fashion Trends every day!


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