5 Korean casual outfits inspired by Somi

korean fashion trends - 5 Korean casual outfits inspired by Somi

K-Pop idols know how to look great. That’s a fact. In addition, they not only look spectacular on stage or in promotions of their comeback. They also look great with looks for a casual outing. An example of this is Somi. And although Somi only debuted as a solo artist in 2019, this girl has been known in the K-Pop world for several years. Before we saw her be a part of the survival show SIXTEEN, she participated in PRODUCE 101 and debuted with 1.0.1. This idol is now part of The Black Label, and in each comeback, she surprises with her songs and a musical style that fans fall in love with. But something that is also part of this girl’s life is fashion. Somi demonstrates her perfect taste with her outfits. And while Jeon Somi sometimes wears fashionista outfits on stage, we’ve also seen her rock casual looks that are so cool! That is why today, we will remember some of them while we tell you how to recreate them. Make yourself comfortable that today you will discover the Korean casual outfits inspired by Somi here, in Korean Fashion Trends!


5 casual outfits you can recreate inspired by Somi


korean fashion trends - 5 Korean casual outfits inspired by SomiSomi’s fans prove that this idol is not only talented on stage. Like any other idol, she could also serve as a model.


Her beauty is undeniable, and her dressing style is admirable. It’s easy to be attracted to the way she dresses and wants to wear outfits like the ones she wears.


You need to have a closet with Korean fashion clothes and K-Pop idol fashion, and that’s it. It’s just a matter of mixing clothes and accessories in the right way.


However, the first and foremost thing you should do is let Somi’s style and fashion sense inspire you. Let’s know those 5 Korean casual outfits inspired by Somi!




korean fashion trends - somi soloist - blue jeans with a black crop topWe start with the Korean casual outfits inspired by Somi with a look that is easy to recreate. This look is simple, but you must pay attention to the details.


Combine blue jeans with a black crop top, preferably one that has sleeves and is pattern-free. Add some black combat boots. She now adds accessories like a large buckled belt and a statement choker.


However, if you prefer a slightly more casual look, you could replace the boots with white tennis shoes. Remember that you can use the jeans of your choice. However, in this option, we think of mom jeans.


Also, you can add a black leather jacket or a jean jacket to your look.




korean fashion trends - somi soloist - outfit with an all-in-black styleWe continue with this list of Korean casual outfits inspired by Somi! And this second option is for lovers of black. Why? Because it is an outfit with an all-in-black style.


Somi wears basic black shorts and combines them with a sweatshirt of the same color that stands out for a white print. For footwear, use black Converse. And if you prefer, you can add black or fishnet stockings to this outfit.


However, remember that this is just an inspiration. You can modify the outfits to your style. If you prefer black combat boots, you can use them.


Instead of a sweatshirt, a jacket would also be a good option. If you want, you can add a crossbody bag, and you will see that this accessory makes a difference.




korean fashion trends - somi soloistThis third option among the Korean casual outfits inspired by Somi is also an all-in-black outfit. But with a different vibe. You need some black baggy jeans.


Although, you can also replace it with joggers. Pair with a fitted sweater or sweatshirt without a hood, as well as a beanie in the same color. Now add accessories in silver, and for footwear, it will be perfect if you wear platform tennis shoes.


However, if you want to adjust it a bit, you can wear wide-leg jeans and an oversize top. The beanie is important in this look because it is what gives it the perfect finishing touch.


The good thing is that this type of accessory fits almost any look, so you can add a beanie to an outfit to make it more relaxed and less formal. After all, it is quite a casual accessory.




korean fashion trends - somi soloist - high-waisted pants - outfits inspired by SomiWe continue with the Korean casual outfits inspired by Somi. This fourth option is full of colors.


For this outfit, you need high-waisted pants, preferably in a color other than blue or black. In Somi’s case, she opts for one in khaki. Combine this garment with a crop top style shirt with prints. Add some lace-up sneakers (they can be converse style) and a flashy belt.


To add bright details, we recommend using bracelets or chain accessories. However, as we said before, you can change and alter this look in your way. Instead of khaki pants, you can wear baggy jeans with a crop top in a pastel color.


On top, you can add an oversize hoodie in another pastel tone that contrasts with the previous one. And you can add some sneakers or even some Korean-style sandals. The important thing is that in this outfit you have fun with the colors.




korean fashion trends - somi soloistWe have reached the end of these Korean casual outfits inspired by Somi! It is a comfortable look and perfect for the hottest days. Somi wears wide shorts, but if you don’t have one of this style, you can replace them with a black skirt.


Add a black crop top or a black shirt. Now complement it with a plaid shirt in the color of your choice. But preferably with a bit of black. You can wear this outfit with tennis or combat boots. Also, add a matching bag.


However, if you want to make this outfit a little chicer, you can add some loafers or low sandals. You can replace the shorts with palazzos and the crop top with an oversize t-shirt that you can wear inside your pants. The t-shirt can also be common, and you would only add an oversize shirt on top of the print of your choice.


The Korean casual outfits inspired by Somi are perfect to go out with your partner, your friends, or go to university. They are looks full of style. Although it is casual, they have details and elements that make them striking and fashionable looks. Which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comments. See you soon!

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