Beauty standards in South Korea: which ones should disappear?

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Beauty standards in South Korea: which ones should disappear? In South Korea, many standards complicate the existence of many people. Not only are social standards where people with greater monetary power enjoy privileges that more vulnerable people can’t enjoy. Prejudice of this kind in South Korea is so big that a person is more likely to receive better treatment because they are of a higher social class. There are also beauty standards. Koreans are taught that looking good, wearing high-fashion clothes, having a white skin color, and being small in size and weight is the most important thing in life. Many people have fallen victim to those standards by being unable or unwilling to fit into them. Today in Korean Fashion Trends, we will talk about the beauty standards in South Korea: which ones should disappear? If you want to know which Korean beauty standards should disappear, stay with us and keep reading!


6 Korean beauty standards that should disappear


There are several standards that society imposes on individuals. Unfortunately, if you do not comply with them, others will likely judge you. South Korea is a clear example of this. As we said before, beauty is a significant factor in fitting into society. Also, as fans, we know that artists constantly receive criticism when they don’t meet some standard. They do not escape those criticisms. They are the people who are most exposed to it. However, everyone in Korea can suffer from criticism if they do not fit beauty standards. Know these six Korean beauty standards that should disappear!




White skin is the first to make it to this list of Korean beauty standards that should disappear. Why? For Koreans, white skin is well-groomed and healthy skin, while brown or tanned skin has negative associations with people who work in the fields. Thus white skin is a distinguishing feature of social class, in addition to being an important aspect when it comes to finding work. For that reason, idols must take great care of their skin. Some TV shows have even been exposed for bleaching idols’ skin to make it look lighter than it is. Following this standard of beauty, racism still exists in Korea.


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The small face is the second to appear in the Korean beauty standards that should disappear. We know that there are different types of faces, some longer, and rounder than others. But, according to beauty standards in South Korea, the smaller and thinner your face, the more handsome you are. Why? Because small faces often give a delicate appearance to people. Most idols are considered to fit this stereotype. In some programs, we have seen them compare their faces with objects- they compete to see who has the smallest face. Therefore, if you go to South Korea and they tell you that you have a small face or head, do not be surprised. For them, it is a compliment.




Weight is also part of the Korean beauty standards that should disappear. The reason? Because weight often gets questioned in Korea, as in almost all countries. However, for Koreans, weight is an extreme beauty standard. A woman who weighs less than 50kg is considered beautiful and an example to follow for everything that goes into keeping that weight. It is not about just having a flat stomach and a small waist. The face, legs, and arms should also be slim. Because of that, there have been too many idols who have spoken about how they stay slim. They share their diets with their fans, some even going too extreme. Do you want to know what those diets are? Click here!




The double eyelid is another standard to become part of the Korean beauty standards that should disappear. The line that divides the eyelid is something that almost all people in the West have. This division draws the attention of Koreans. They see it as a sign of beauty, even among older people in this country. It is common for parents to give their children this surgery when they reach a specific age. 


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Another standard to be part of the Korean beauty standards that should disappear is the shape of straight eyebrows. Straight and well-defined eyebrows but little marked to maintain a natural style are usually associated with a childish look, while they consider arched eyebrows a symbol of maturity and sensuality. What Korean society is looking for is a youthful appearance. That is why the straight shape of the eyebrows is the most used. If you don’t use your eyebrows in this way, you will receive criticism because your appearance is not youthful.




Having a V-shaped chin allows the face to look more defined. And so that allows for more detailed proportions to be pleasing. Currently, some products promise to give this desired shape to the chin, as long as they are used frequently. Another option is surgical intervention. For that reason, the quest to have a V-shaped chin is also part of the Korean beauty standards that should disappear.


Are Korean beauty standards changing?


When talking about the Korean beauty standards that should disappear, it is impossible not to wonder if some of these or other standards are changing. Many standards are still in the minds of many people. Although Korean society is more receptive today, especially to young people. However, Korean idols and celebrities who don’t fit in and accept it (like Mamamoo’s Hwasa and BTS’s RM) are taking it upon themselves to make people understand that it doesn’t matter what a person looks like. That doesn’t define their worth. So yes, we could say Korean standards are changing in a way. But the process is slow, and there is no guarantee that the standards will disappear completely.


How strict are Korean beauty standards?


Beauty standards in Korea are so strict that many Korean beauty standards should disappear. If you are wondering how strict they are, remember what we said. Fitting into those standards can give you better opportunities and can help you be more valued as a person. If you don’t fit the beauty standards, you will get criticized for it. For that reason, from a very young age, women and men are under pressure to fit into those molds of beauty. Those molds are, most of the time, difficult to fill.


White skin, weight, and a V-shaped chin, among others, are among the Korean beauty standards that should disappear. These beauty standards are so strict that many people resort to dangerous techniques to fit into them. Because of that, we consider that they should no longer exist. What other Korean beauty standards do you think should go away? Tell us in the comments! See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog.


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