Top 10 Korean beauty products you can use for body care


Top 10 Korean beauty products you can use for body care. As important as knowing the ingredients with which we feed is knowing the ingredients with which we take care of the largest organ we have: the skin. It is not news that many conventional and industrial creams or sunscreens contain micro-plastic that we then pass on to our face and body. Because of that, one of the best options out there in the personal care products industry is Korean. Most use natural ingredients, are cruelty-free, and provide protection and care to our skin. So, do you want to know the top 10 Korean beauty products you can use for body care? If so, don’t go and keep reading!


Top 10 Korean Body Care Products


Koreans not only go out of their way to take care of their face. They also take care of all their skin. If you pay attention, you will notice that all those Korean idols and actors that you love so much have almost perfect skin. The reason is that they invest a lot of time and care in their skin. If you want to have skin radiant and beautiful, we invite you to learn more about these top 10 Korean beauty products you can use for body care.


1. Body cleanser


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Body-cleanser-(subtitulo)Traditionally, cleaning products have been soap and water. Parallel to the development of the bathroom, products with specific purposes related to body hygiene have been appearing on the market. The main objective of a body hygiene product is to clean the skin properly, maintaining part of the cutaneous microorganisms without ostensibly modifying the skin pH and without completely dragging the hydrolipidic barrier.


The cleansing cosmetics can have different ways of acting. Emulsifying the particles by their active detergents, dissolving the dirt with the oils that compose it, or eliminating by dragging the substances accumulated on the skin. For that reason, the first product that you add to your beauty care must be the cleanser. It is also why it leads to these top 10 Korean beauty products you can use for body care. Don’t miss a body cleanser in your routine! Your skin will thank you.



2. Body scrub


Body exfoliation removes dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin.


Also, it promotes the process of cell renewal, activates microcirculation and drainage.


In addition, it also helps to make our skin more beautiful, more luminous, more homogeneous, and smoother.



3. Refreshing body scrub


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Refreshing-body-scrub(subtitulo)As we have already said, exfoliation stimulates cell regeneration and surface blood microcirculation. With it, the skin regains its softness and flexibility and becomes more receptive to absorbing creams.


In that way, their active ingredients penetrate more effectively. But not only that, but with a good body exfoliation, it is also possible to rejuvenate the skin and keep photoaging at bay.


There are body scrubs that, in addition to providing the common benefits, also provide freshness to the skin. For that reason, if you’re interested, a refreshing scrub can also be a good idea in your body care routine.


4. Antibody imperfections


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Antibody-imperfections(subtitulo)One of the most common skin blemishes is acne. Pimples are one of the skin imperfections that worry us the most because they are unsightly. Although the most visible are those that appear on the face, they can also appear in the back.


Acne in this area even has its name in English: bacne. If you suffer from it, our first recommendation is that you go to a dermatologist. In that way, they can assess the best treatment for you.


However, some products can help you get rid of pimples on the back. An example, the Antibody imperfections. Besides helping with these problems, they also rejuvenate the skin. Do not miss your Antibody imperfections, as well as it was not lacking in this top 10 Korean beauty products you can use for body care.


5. Soothing body lotion


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Soothing-body-lotion(subtitulo) - products for body careBody lotions differ from creams by being lighter. In their formulation, they contain a greater amount of water.


Therefore, the skin absorbs it quickly without leaving an oily trace.


The watery part evaporates, generating a cooling effect.


Its main function is to hydrate. But there are also body lotions that provide calm and freshness to your skin.


Get a soothing body lotion to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.



6. Body whitening


Body whitening creams are a cosmetic treatment that seeks to reduce the visibility of scars, birthmarks, and blemishes.


If you have any of these blemishes on your body, you can fix them by using body bleach.


Koreans are obsessed with having blemish-free skin, so you can easily find Korean brands that offer this product.


7. Moisturizing cream


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Moisturizing-cream(subtitulo) - products for body careMoisturizing creams act on the outside of the skin to create a barrier between the skin and the outside.


That barrier prevents water from evaporating.


The goal of moisturizing creams is to obtain a very smooth and soft dermis.


That is, to prevent the loss of water. You need a good moisturizer in your routine.


Korean brands have endless amounts of these creams, so options will always be the order of the day.


8. Handcream


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Handcream(subtitulo) - products for body careThe hand cream is necessary because the hands are exposed to external aggressions (cold, wind, ultraviolet radiation).


In addition, we keep them constantly active (handling, rubbing, repeated washing).


For that reason, you need a hand cream that hydrates and repairs any damage, absorbs quickly, and contains sunscreen.


Most Korean beauty products, including makeup, contain sunscreen, so getting this kind of Korean hand cream won’t be a problem.




9. Foot cream


The objective of a good moisturizing cream for feet is to prevent them from drying out, to keep them well hydrated, and, if possible, to avoid the formation of corns as much as possible.


It is important to take care of each area of ​​your body, so you should not forget to add a good foot cream to your body care routine.



10. Sun cream


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Sun-cream(subtitulo)Sun cream is a favorite star in the Korean beauty routine.


Therefore, it should not be missing in the top 10 Korean beauty products you can use for body care.


You should apply sunscreen to all the skin of your body, not just the face.


The sun does not choose which part of your skin it will affect.


It damages all of your skin. For that reason, add good sun cream and use it daily.


Are Korean products good for the skin?


They are! And it is not for nothing that they are the protagonists in skincare. Korean skin products are among the best you can find on the market today, thanks to their quality products and their good prices,  but above all, because they are cruelty-free and incorporate natural ingredients. Whether for skincare or body care, Korean products will always be your best option.


How do Koreans maintain their skin?


Every Korean has its skincare routine, but there is a standardized routine that has become popular. Koreans use a beauty routine that consists of layers. They use it not only for the face but also for the body. That is, applying one product after another to achieve a better effect. In this way, Koreans keep their skin flawless and radiant.


Knowing the top 10 Korean beauty products you can use for body care is so helpful! It will help you to know the best products that you should include in your body care routine. Remember that not only the face suffers damage. The skin of your entire body is exposed to the consequences of the sun, dirt, and aging. Start your body care routine with Korean products, and you will notice the difference. See you on the next blog!


Photo by: Morgan Alison Stewart

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