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We are at a time when it seems that we already know everything about beauty. At this point, it seems like we’ve tried and seen everything. It is as if we already know what we like and do not. And yet, there is always something new waiting for us to discover. Those who don’t know Korean makeup still have the opportunity to do so. And what better way than to know the best Korean BB creams. Do you like K-beauty but still do not know enough to give it a try? Then you are in the right place. On this occasion, we will talk about BB cream, and why it is so popular, and you will get to know the five best Korean BB creams. Are you ready? Let’s begin!


What is BB Cream?


In recent years, BB Creams have become a staple of beauty routines. Many women have included this cosmetic in their routine because of the many benefits it offers them. The first to use BB Cream were the famous ones, especially the models recommended by professional makeup artists. This product went from being exclusive to the catwalks to being used by women from anywhere in the world. For those who do not know what BB Cream is, it comes from the word Blemish Balm Cream, which means balm for blemishes. It is a fusion of moisturizer and makeup.


BB Cream aims to hydrate and illuminate the skin while correcting and covering imperfections. The best thing about this cosmetic is that it includes sun protection in light textures. It means that your face will take the necessary care against the sun’s rays. When you apply this product to the face, it will provide a pleasant sensation of freshness to the skin. You will find BB Cream for all skin types, and you can even buy specific formulas such as anti-aging effects.


What is BB Cream for?


The BB Cream stands out for its moisturizing power. Also, for its ultra-light, fast-absorbing coverage. With the BB creams, you will get a natural daytime look with a non-greasy finish and no mask effect. By finding a BB Cream, you will achieve a unified skin tone with a natural finish. In addition, your skin will stay hydrated and protected against UVA rays for 24 hours. For that reason, the BB cream serves not only as makeup. It also serves as a sunscreen that brings many benefits to your skin.


BB cream or foundation?


Makeup bases tend to provide more coverage than BB Cream, as they are denser and heavier. BB Creams leave a more natural finish on the skin since their texture is much lighter. Choosing BB Cream or makeup base will depend on what you need at all times. For an important event, you may need a foundation that covers blemishes completely. However, for day-to-day, possibly a BB Cream meets your needs. In addition, you will also improve your skin daily, thanks to the treatment it includes.


Types of BB Cream


You can find different BB creams according to the type of skin, texture, finish, sun protection factor (up to SPF50 +++), and according to the type of treatment it includes (moisturizing, nourishing, firming, anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish, control of oil and pore control). You have to choose your BB Cream thinking about all these factors. Also, look for the one that best suits the needs of your skin.

5 best Korean BB creams


Premium Super Magic BB Cream


The first BB cream on this list belongs to the HANSKIN brand, the creators of the first BB cream. It is a Korean cosmetic brand that fuses the latest biotechnology, innovation, and pharmaceutical skincare foundations, to offer products with efficacy. For HANSKIN, skincare comes first. That is why, by merging with CELLTRION, a pharmaceutical company, they brought a renewed vision of cosmetics. Using active ingredients in high concentrations provides visible and surprising results. With its Premium Super Magic BB Cream, you will see that it is anti-aging, and takes care of sun damage, guaranteeing healthy skin without blemishes. To purchase it, visit the official website of Style Vana and buy your BB cream here.


Be Beautiful Natural BB Cream


The second BB cream is from the renowned Thank You Farmer brand. This brand not only focuses on the minimalist design of its products but also on its quality. They use natural elements for their formulas, so it guarantees natural quality. The Be Beautiful Natural BB Cream prevents aging and dryness, provides hydration, and repairs uneven skin tones. Its texture is creamy. And from the first application, you will see the difference in both your makeup and your skin. Buy it here on the Style Vana website.


Magic Cover BB Cream


This third BB cream is from The Face Shop brand. It is one of the most recognized brands, a pioneer in Korean cosmetics, and with a global presence of over 3,000 stores around the world. With a commitment to nature and the environment, its products include innovation. An example is the Magic Cover BB Cream. It is creamy in texture. It repairs acne damage, is anti-aging, soothes the skin, and provides SPF20PA ++ sun protection. In addition, it adjusts to any skin. To buy it, visit the Style Vana website by clicking here.


M Perfect Cover BB Cream RX


This BB cream is from the famous brand Misha, which owes its fame to its premise that good skincare or makeup products do not have to be expensive. In addition, over the years, Missha has established itself as one of the top Korean makeup brands for skincare, with the creation of its line of high-quality products. While most beauty brands promise instant change, Missha promotes gradual change over time with a more realistic approach. With the M Perfect Cover BB Cream RX, you can observe this gradual change in the whitening of your skin. It is a cheaper option but still offers quality and care for your skin. If you are interested, you can purchase it by clicking here. Style Vana has everything you need in K-beauty products.


Precious Mineral BB Cream Moist


This last option is the one with the lowest price of all, making it the most affordable. However, its quality is equal to that of the others. This BB cream is from the Etude House brand, which is a brand that you cannot miss. Thanks to its competitive prices and its wide variety of skin and hair care products, it has almost always been present as a recommended K-beauty brand. One advantage of Precious Mineral BB Cream Moist is its price, as we already said. However, it also helps hydrate the skin, takes care of the sun’s rays, and repairs uneven skin tone. 


Did you know there are currently many brands that market this product? Thanks to that, you have thousands of options to choose your perfect BB Cream. And without a doubt, it is the Asian brands that stand out when it comes to BB Creams! In addition to having more experience in these types of products, they tend to have a broader catalog than any Western brand. With the best Korean BB creams, you can choose the one that best suits you. Visit this blog every day. That way, you would not miss anything about K-fashion and K-beauty!


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