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Differences between Korean and Thai fashion. We have already talked about the differences that Korean fashion has with other fashions. Between one and the other, there are many differences, but also some similarities. However, until now we have not talked about the differences that K-Fashion has with the fashion of a country whose popularity is also increasing. If you are not only a lover of Korean culture but of Asian culture in general, you will love this article! The reason? Today’s blog is a little about Thailand! Why? Because today we will talk about the differences between Korean and Thai fashion! Stay in Korean Fashion Trends and miss nothing about these fashions so different from each other. Here we go!


How is Korean fashion?


Although we already have a long time studying K-Fashion, it is significant to remember what it is like. By doing it, we can trace the differences between Korean and Thai fashion. That is why below we present several of the characteristics of Korean fashion:


  • Many fans of oriental culture appreciate Korean fashion because it has various combinations and styles that appeal to different audiences. Korean fashion is more casual, without much hype. In addition, it takes a lot of influence from Internet and Television artists, singers, actors, etc. Korean fashion styles include street style, Korean girly style, sophisticated, cute, and those that vary each season.


  • In general, Korean fashion prioritizes oversized garments and layers. Also, it prioritizes minimalism on many occasions and attention to detail. Things that we may think are insignificant in Korean fashion are a big hit. For example, extra small bags or socks. In Korea, it doesn’t matter if a bag is helpful or not. The important thing is that it goes well with the outfit. And about the socks, it is better if you let them see and do not hide them, as they are a good accessory that adds the perfect and fun touch that your outfits often need.


  • Korean fashion takes a lot of influence from its origins and is very governed, in part, by conservatism. In Korea, wearing low-cut blouses could be disrespectful. The reason? Showing too much upper body skin is prohibited. But bare legs are not frowned upon. We know that we may sound a bit contradictory, but it is so. While wearing a skirt or shorts is an everyday occurrence, many people still get offended if they see a girl in a crop top.


  • Korean fashion has a preference for classic neutral colors but also pastel colors. White is a precious color in Korea because it means elegance and simplicity. So white in this fashion will always be the correct option.


  • Among the favorite garments of Korean fashion, ripped jeans stand out a lot. Sometimes many people perceive these jeans as sloppy. But Korean fashion shows that they are not. Ripped jeans can be a great option if you know how to wear them. The important thing is to wear other simple clothes so that the focus of attention is on the jeans.


  • Accessories such as hats, hooks, and hair ties have been a trend in Korean fashion for a long time. Whether they are bennies, berets, or bucket hats, all of these hats stand out in K-Fashion.


How is Thai fashion?


Did you know that Thai fashion for a long time had the label of piracy? Although young Thai designers have gained worldwide fame and are making their way to the international fashion catwalks, they have done so after fighting to remove the piracy label that marks the Asian country from their creations. Until the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, wore a suit by the Thai couturier Thakoon Panichgul, Thai designs did not stop reaping worldwide recognition. Thai fashion has excellent fabrics and working methods. Here are some characteristics of Thai fashion:


  • Because Thailand has a tropical climate, you will find a summer trend all year round. Light garments such as dresses, shirts, shorts, etc., predominate in Thai fashion. Sneakers and sandals are a favorite when it comes to footwear.


  • But of course, not all people dress like this at all times. Depending on the occasion, styles will vary. Many top designers stand out thanks to their gala designs or casual collections.


  • The clothes are usually in very colorful tones and patterns. And believe it or not, it is also common to see many people with oversized or layered outfits. Maybe it’s a Korean fashion influence?


  • Although Thai fashion is less conservative than Korean, there are dress codes when people visit Buddhist temples. Women should adequately cover their cleavage and wear skirts. On the other hand, men should wear pants and long-sleeved shirts. 


  • Thailand Fashion is divided into centers of high-end fashion and low-end fashion.


  • As for high fashion, the most prominent are department stores such as Isetan, Zen, Emporium, Pata, Robinson, and many more. Also, chain stores and malls like Erawan Bangkok, Gaysorn Plaza, Siam Square, and others. But undoubtedly, Ribbon Center is the biggest fashion accessories wholesale store in Thailand. There are night markets like Susan-Lam, Nana Night Market, Patpong Night Market, and many more when it comes to low-end fashion. Likewise, you will find places where you can buy at lower prices since they are not from original brands, but they are similar. These have been for years one of the favorite places in Thailand for all tourists.


  • In Thailand, you will find your local fashion centers, since in the country they produce garments of world-renowned brands such as Esprit, Guess, Calvin Klein, Nike, Adidas, or Ecco.


  • Thailand is not only renowned for its beautiful silks and imposing fashion all over the world, but they have also used it for fashion watches and jewelry.


And what are the differences between Korean fashion and Thai fashion?


There are several notable differences between Korean and Thai fashion. For example, Korean fashion will vary its trends according to each season, even if many garments still prevail. In contrast, Thai fashion is entirely more summery. No matter what time of year it is, you can always wear floral dresses, skirts, or shorts. That’s the good thing about an always warm climate, at least for those who are lovers of hot weather. While Korean fashion prioritizes neutral and classic colors, Thai fashion opts for a whole range of bright and colorful tones. Although, of course, these details always vary in each person. In addition, Thai fashion gives more freedom when it comes to dressing. In Thailand, you can wear a bikini on the beaches, while in Korea, even on the beaches, bikinis are a bit questionable.


But Korean fashion and Thai fashion do not only differ when it comes to dressing. They also do it in makeup. Korean makeup tends to be subtle, so much so that it often looks like makeup with no makeup. However, Thai makeup takes a lot of inspiration from Europeans and Americans. It focuses on the five senses while slightly strengthening the contour and creating a mature beauty. In this way, we can see that Thai and Korean fashion is very different from each other because while in Korea you can only wear summer dresses in summer, in Thailand you can wear them all year round.


The differences between Korean and Thai fashion are visible. However, both have characteristics that make them unique. In addition, depending on your style and also on the seasons of the year in your country, you will know which of the two suits you more. Don’t forget to visit us on the next Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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