Let’s get to know TWICE Nayeon’s style

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know TWICE Nayeon’s style

Where are you ONCE? If you are a part of ONCE and a Nayeon fan, you are in the right place. Why? Because today, in Korean Fashion Trends, we will get to know TWICE Nayeon’s style! Nayeon is well-known for her unique and impeccable fashion sense. Her style is pleasing to the general public, and suitable for everyday wear. But, the TWICE idol adds a personal touch inspired by vintage styles that make her look not only chic, but also feminine and sophisticated. Do you want to know more about her style, and take inspiration from her to achieve incredible outfits? Stay with us and keep reading!


Who is Nayeon from TWICE?


Korean Fashion Trends - TWICE Nayeon’s style - Korean idol wearing vintage clothingAs always, before getting to know about the style of an idol, we always talk a little bit about them. So, before we check out TWICE Nayeon’s style, let’s get to know more about the K-Pop star.  Im Na Yeon, better known by the stage name Nayeon, is a South Korean singer. She is the eldest, secondary vocalist, and face of TWICE. Nayeon passed the 7th JYP Entertainment open audition, and became a trainee on September 15th, 2010.


In 2013, she was cast as a member of 6MIX, a JYP girl group that was planned to come out but never debuted. Before Sixteen, and her debut as a member of Twice, she appeared in a few TV commercials and several music videos for her labelmates, including Jun.K’s “No Love,” Got7′s “Girls Girls Girls,” and Miss A’s ‘’Only You’’.


Of course, since she became known to the public, she has drawn attention to her artistic skills. However, it is also her style that captivates fans and non-fans of the group. She is undoubtedly a fashion icon. Remember that, if you want to achieve TWICE Nayeon’s style, click here to access the YesStyle website, and shop for Korean fashion!


What TWICE Nayeon’s style is like?


Korean Fashion Trends - TWICE Nayeon’s style - Korean idol wearing gray clothingDefining TWICE Nayeon’s style might take some time. Nayeon is not just a talented artist, but also an excellent visual. She is also a fashion inspiration for many people. Why? Because she has shown fashion diversity by experimenting with many aesthetics throughout her career.


Also, she is TWICE’s fashionista, because she can look extravagant and fashionable when it comes to her outfit. She wears everything so confidently. We could define this girl’s style as chic, feminine, versatile, and with many vintage touches. Shop here for Korean fashion clothing to achieve TWICE Nayeon’s style!


Do you want to achieve TWICE Nayeon’s style with Korean-style clothes, but you don’t have them? Don’t worry. If you click here, you can access a complete catalogue of Korean fashion. In addition, you can also get Korean beauty products. Best of all, you can make your purchases without breaking the bank.Why? Because, you can take advantage of the discounts and daily offers that YesStyle has for you!


5 garments you must have if you want to achieve TWICE Nayeon’s style


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean Idol wearing pink sweaterNext, here are the five basic clothes you need to be able to pull off  TWICE Nayeon’s style. However, before mentioning them, we must clarify that the brown palette and ocher tones (with the wide-legged pants and the checkered jacket) are clear examples of Nayeon’s style, especially her vintage style.


In addition, Nayeon shows that, she can make even the simplest garment very stylish by adding various accessories.


So, in addition to adding the following clothes, you can try adding accessories to elevate your looks inspired by TWICE Nayeon’s style!




Korean Fashion Trends - TWICE Nayeon’s styleYou need dresses if you want to pull off TWICE Nayeon’s style. You should go for feminine, but modest options if you want to wear a dress just like Nayeon. For example, a white dress that exposes your back will be ideal for summer adventures. You can buy a dress like this, here.




Another thing that stands out in TWICE Nayeon’s style is her love for pastel colors. Add a simple cream sweater with wide sleeves. That’s a perfect example of the sweaters Nayeon wears. Click here to buy it.




Korean Fashion Trends - TWICE Nayeon’s style - Korean idol wearing sweatshirtThe obvious thing about most of Nayeon’s outfits is that, they are cute. Especially when it comes to hoodies, Nayeon chooses basic colors like light gray with cute prints on them. Buy Korean-style hoodies here!




TWICE is one of the sweetest, and most girly girl group in K-pop due to their concepts. And so is Nayeon’s clothing choice, which is often skirts for TWICE’s performances. To achieve TWICE Nayeon’s style, you should consider adding miniskirts to your closet. For example, a classic beige plaid skirt gives you rich girl vibes. Buy Korean-style miniskirts at a discount here!


  1. TOPS


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing princess topThe tops also have a leading role in TWICE Nayeon’s style. Also, we have to admit that, nothing complements Nayeon’s warm and feminine aura more than a floral print crop top, with pretty short sleeves.


These tops make her look like a princess. If you want to look like this and copy TWICE Nayeon’s style, you must have enough tops.


Where can you buy them? By clicking here.


3 Looks you can wear inspired by TWICE Nayeon’s style


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing ruffled mini skirtNow that you have the basic clothes, you can achieve TWICE Nayeon’s style! And to do so, you can recreate the following looks. Let’s take a look!




The first look you can recreate to achieve TWICE Nayeon’s style consists of a pleated white skirt. You can combine it with a black long-sleeved top, and add some white sneakers that allow you to show off your white socks. Add hair accessories, and a crossbody bag. So you can create a casual, and comfortable look. Shop here, and recreate this look!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing orange dressThe next look to copy from TWICE Nayeon’s style includes a short orange dress. You can combine it with a green bomber jacket. Add long black stockings, and black boots or loafers. Buy here!




The last look you can recreare by taking inspiration from TWICE Nayeon’s style, includes jeans. Combine them with a basic black shirt, and an oversized gray blazer. Add sneakers, and a baseball cap. It’s a casual, comfortable look, and perfect for an airport look too. Buy everything you need to achieve this look here!


TWICE Nayeon’s style is perfect for those who love a feminine chic style with vintage touches. Recreate the look of your favorite Twice member, and look stunning wherever you go! See you in the upcoming Korean fashion trends blog. But, hey! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already. And, follow us on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, Tiktok, and Twitch!


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Get inspired by Nayeon´s style!


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