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korean fashion trends - k-beauty trends 2022

In Korea, not only fashion is an important topic. K-Beauty is too. If you have kept up with our updates, you already know that skincare is more important than makeup in Korea. For Koreans, having healthy, smooth, and beautiful skin is worth more than all the products and trends in makeup. Although Korean skincare is famous for its ten-step routine and excellent quality products, the trends are renewed. Novelties are not incorporated only in fashion. At K-Beauty too. That is good because companies updated their products to keep offering quality products. If you want to have beautiful skin this year too, check out the K-Beauty Trends 2022 today at Korean Fashion Trends. Let’s get started!


7 trends in K-Beauty that will change your life in 2022


In South Korea, skincare is inherited from generation to generation. Since its inception, K-Beauty was premised on the use of natural ingredients. That has not changed over the years. However, the industry continues to innovate. Therefore, here we present to you the K-Beauty Trends 2022. In this way, you can have even more beautiful skin this year. In no specific order, let’s get to know the K-Beauty Trends 2022.


1. Seven tonics


Unlike the minimalist routine (we’ll talk about that later), this trend refers to applying three to seven layers of toner and essence as part of your nightly routine. These products are applied directly to the face right after cleansing. It is helpful information because this technique is to take more advantage of the effectiveness of the products. In that way, much more is absorbed into the skin. In addition, its function is activated in a better way. For that reason, the method of the seven tonics is part of the K-Beauty trends 2022.


2. Minimalist routine


Previously, in K-Beauty, there was a trend called the 10-step routine. It consisted of using ten products, usually at night, to complete your routine. However, for some people, this has always been difficult to achieve. Why? Because it requires a lot of time and money. Although that routine remains, in 2022, the daily Korean skincare routine will consist of fewer steps. In that way, those who can’t do the ten-step routine can still incorporate the Korean skincare routine into their lives. This new K-Beauty trend is minimalist as it requires fewer products and time. Minimalism is not only in fashion. K-Beauty is also adapting to this minimalist style. That is why many brands will launch multi-use products. For example, moisturizing oils will work for hair care and lip hydration. They are two-in-one! Among all the K-Beauty Trends 2022, this is one of our favorites.


3. Fermented ingredients


But not only the minimalist style reaches K-Beauty, so does the vegan style. For this reason, this 2022, at K-Beauty, we will continue to look towards more products suitable for vegans and more sustainable packaging. Everything seems to indicate that the Korean market is increasingly moving away from sheet masks due to their single-use consumption. Now they are more inclined towards masks with a water rinse. Formulas that are more respectful of sensitive skin, soft and fragrance-free are also a trend. In addition, there is an increase in products with fermented ingredients, such as fermented tea and kombucha, also known for their anti-aging properties. If you are vegan or want to lead this lifestyle, this option among the K-Beauty Trends 2022 is perfect for you.


4. Natural and healthy shine


In Korea, having shiny skin is not synonymous with having an oily face. On the contrary. The term refers to skin that can shine without problems thanks to its softness. That is why the search for a healthy glow is popular. People want to be confident with their skin and focus on keeping it healthy. That is one of the main trends of Korean beauty. However, this year you can forget about crystal skin. You can opt for a simple routine with nourishing and luminous ingredients, such as propolis and hyaluronic acid. This trend among K-Beauty Trends 2022 stands out a lot thanks to its functionality.


5. Increase in products with vitamin A


Many people who love K-Beauty add vitamin C as an essential in their daily routines. This vitamin comes in different presentations: soap, serum, and tonic, thanks to its high demand. However, among the K-Beauty Trends 2022, we have this good news: vitamin A is coming to all Korean beauty products. Do you know what the benefits of vitamin A are? It helps stop acne problems, stabilizes oil production in the T zone, and eliminates the appearance of pigmentation. It also helps the skin to produce elasticity and collagen. That is why this vitamin will be the star of our Korean skincare routines in 2022.


6. Mask-proof beauty products


It is probably one of the trends that Koreans appreciate the most, but so do we! For this reason, it has a special mention among the K-Beauty Trends 2022. The mask-friendly beauty or maskne is a trend that became popular during the health crisis. The term maskne refers to acne that is caused by skin contact with the mask. For that reason, many K-Beauty brands started making products to stop this problem. You don’t need to buy specialized maskne items. That’s good news. But why? Because many Korean skincare ingredients can help you stop this situation, for example, the famous tree tea. Also, the K-Beauty industry has launched new makeup products to respond to this new problem. For example, indelible lip stains are now an essential element in many people’s makeup. Although, they were already famous before the pandemic.


7. Unexpected natural ingredients 


Among the K-Beauty Trends 2022, it stands out that new natural ingredients will be added to the products. Among the unexpected natural ingredients are plant extracts. They happen to have beneficial properties, like a red onion. In addition, awareness of the need for sustainable packaging will also grow even more.


The K-Beauty Trends 2022 will help you renew your skincare routine. You will be able to simplify it, acquire products with new natural ingredients, and you will be able to avoid acne when you use the mask. These trends are fascinating and easy to put into practice. What are you waiting for to join the people who practice Korean skincare? Remember that beauty is not only in the way we dress. It is also in our skin. If you take care of your skin, you will be taking care of yourself. That is self-love. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!

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