Know the Korean face mask fashion


Know the Korean face mask fashion. If you like K-pop, you have surely noticed that idols tend to wear masks anywhere they go. They not only wear it when they have to travel but also in dance practices, meetings with fans, and even in their day-to-day!


Anyone would think this is due to the times of the Coronavirus. A difficult situation that the whole world is going through today. But the truth is that since long before the pandemic, Koreans have worn masks. They do it so often that, even there, it is considered one more fashion accessory. It is an accessory that, in addition to being helpful, it has made trends such as Korean face mask fashion.


Because of that, Koreans, in general, wear this accessory practically every day. There are masks of all types. Some of these masks are more colorful than others, and some are more elegant. There are masks for everyone’s tastes and needs.


However, did you ever wonder why they use it? Or have you thought that they do it simply for fashion? The truth is that the answer goes much further than that, and perhaps the reasons will surprise you a bit. Keep scrolling down and find out why Korean face mask fashion exists.


Why do Koreans wear face masks?


Pollution, Korean face mask fashion



As in many other Asian countries, there is a lot of pollution in Korea. Especially in the spring seasons, when Asian dust clouds the entire city. Asian dust, also known as yellow dust, is a seasonal weather phenomenon. It originates from Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan and travels to countries like Japan, North Korea, South Korea, and Russia.


However, in recent times the pollution problem has increased. This yellow dust has even reached other countries, such as the United States. It is a significant problem caused by industrial pollution that has even generated political issues. Many Koreans consider it to be a terrorist powder that China produces.


But regardless of that, this dust affects the quality of life of a lot of people. The pollution is so heavy, and many times it causes people to be unable to even leave their homes. Pollution is undoubtedly the main reason that this accessory is part of Korean fashion. Now you know the reason behind the face mask is not as a fashionista as you thought. More people, including idols, use these masks as protection from the air, making the masks trend in Korean fashion.


Politeness, Korean face mask fashion



Beyond the environmental problems that this Asian country may suffer in specific seasons, Koreans also wear masks as a courtesy. They use it when they’re sick and when they have just left the hospital. Or when they are in crowded places, etc. Politeness is a fundamental value for Koreans and using the mask is one of the many ways that they portray this value. 


Koreans also use face masks as a way to contain germs and keep others from getting infected. In recent years, this reason has been taken by many as a civic obligation. It is common in Korea to see people scolding others if they cough or sneeze without wearing a mask. Nobody wants to catch the flu and much less because of someones else’s fault.


Fashion, Korean face mask fashion



It is the least important of all, but it also answers why masks are a trend in Korean fashion. Koreans have always worn masks. But the fact that they have become so popular even among young people is due to K-pop. A couple of years ago when the K-pop band BIG BANG was taking its first steps in the industry, they took selfies with face masks. From there, ulzzangs, other idols, and a long list of fans began to wear the masks as an accessory.


Until then, people wore masks to hide a growing pimple on their faces or to prevent the spread of germs. Or to lessen air pollution exposure. But after the influence of these idols, many began to wear masks. They did it for a more fashionable question than for a health issue.


For that reason, there is currently the Korean face mask fashion. Many young fellas used them in schools to convey a style of curiosity and intrigue, managing to draw a lot of attention. However, this really helped people get used to wearing masks. And, after all, it is good to keep in mind.


One more reason: Covid-19



This reason is more attached to recent times. It also relates to the courtesy of Koreans, but now, more than politeness, it is an obligation. South Korea joined the fight against Coronavirus.


Because of that, it is natural that having the mask almost institutionalized for so many years, it would not be a problem for them to use it at this moment. 2020 and 2021 have been crucial years regarding the pandemic. The use of masks has increased in Korea as other countries still learn to use them.


Many companies that make these masks have designed more effective models. An example of that is the model KF95 masks.


It is the South Korean equivalent to the N95. KF stands for Korean filter, and the number 95 indicates a 95% effectiveness in blocking airborne particles.


It is a mask similar to the N95, only its design is a little different, but its effectiveness makes it a recommended mask. It is a good alternative. You can use this mask or any of your preferences. Anyway, they are all part of the Korean face mask fashion.


What kinds of masks are there in Korean fashion?


There are many types of masks! And the fact is that the Korean face mask fashion also has no limits. The simple masks are the most typical, such as surgical ones or those specially designed to avoid particles in polluted air. However, since in Korea masks are also an accessory, many designs are very creative and can complement any look.


There are masks with adorable designs, like animated characters or animals. Masks that have more minimalist designs, such as cotton cloth masks; and there are also the masks that have prints related to K-POP, such as the names of your favorite groups or distinctive designs of your idols. Using masks in Korea has never been a problem, less now that you can integrate them into your outfits.


A few final thoughts on Korean face mask fashion


Whether we are Korean or not, the difficult times we are all going through now have forced us to integrate masks into our daily lives. Even if we want to or not, using them is an obligation for everyone. We must take care of ourselves and others. How about we learn from Korean culture and adapt to wearing the mask? 


We were used to a different kind of life that’s true, but the situation has changed drastically, and now it is necessary to adapt to a new normal. Normality includes the use of the mask. If we take inspiration from Koreans or our favorite idols, we can be inspired to renovate our closet and achieve a change in our style. But also, if they inspire us, let’s take a few of their good habits. Never before has it been so easy to wear masks and look great at the same time.


Korea is revolutionizing trends in fashion. Every day we discover new proposals and ideas that come from South Korea to conquer the whole world. Its scope is so great that there is even Korean fashion for face masks. It is fashion that perhaps Koreans appreciate more.


They can take care of pollution and diseases (especially currently with the arrival of Covid-19) while still wearing catwalk outfits. For that and more, we love K-fashion. Join in the Korean face masks fashion! And since we know you love it too, do not forget to visit us every day for more information on the latest trends in this acclaimed fashion!

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