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With each day that we spend in quarantine, people seek to get in shape to look better and lose those extra pounds that we have won locked at home for so long, so the diets that Korean women often use can become our inspiration. If you have a few kilos that you want to lose, you must know these Korean eating habits to lose weight. Not only will you achieve your desired weight, but you will also get to look like an idol. Would you like to try it? Keep reading to find out how to lose weight with these tips.


How do K-pop idols get skinny?


These are the healthiest diet and exercise plans that K-pop idols do to maintain their figure. Read them to find out how Kpop idols get skinny.


Seolhyun’s diet tips


AOA group member Seolhyun is considered one of the idols with the best body in Kpop. She sports lean muscles and a defined abdomen that has been the envy of many. She has shared her diet and exercise secrets on television shows, claiming that while she takes part in restrictive diets during periods of filming, she maintains her weight by exercising. Likewise, she advises we should never lie down after eating and that we should be more active. Seolhyun assures she gains motivation by looking at old photos and seeing how she looks now with her hard work. Besides that, she does not restrict her food. She eats what she likes, including fried food, but she is aware of not overeating.


Suzy’s diet


Suzy is an actress and singer, admired by many for her beauty and physical care. A couple of years ago, she shared the diet that helped her lose weight and consists of Sweet potatoes, chicken breast, a glass of low-fat milk for breakfast, a salad with brown rice for lunch, and two sweet potatoes for dinner. In terms of calories, the diet seems quite filling, even though the meal plan seems bland to most, it has good carbohydrates and necessary protein.


Soyou’s diet tips


Soyou, a former member of Sistar, is known for her experience in diet and exercise, which is why she attended a talk organized by ‘Get it Beauty’, a program that focuses on beauty tips for Korean women. It was there that she spoke about these incredible tips. Do not blindly follow what famous people do. She asks that we find a suitable diet for our body type since each person is different.


She asked viewers to not constantly weigh themselves and instead use photos to notice the change. Also, Soyou asked viewers that when they are on a diet or exercise, not put it off until the next day and start their changes from their first meal. So that they take care of themselves and feel good from the moment they are, they propose it.


What is the most realistic way to lose weight?


If you are overweight or want to shed a few extra pounds, you need an achievable and realistic goal. The best way to lose weight is to make some changes to your diet and the amount of exercise you do. Follow these tips to lose weight in the most realistic way possible.


Stay active,  know these Korean eating habits to lose weight


Do you want to lose weight? If you want to achieve this, you can increase physical activity. Also, you need to eat smaller portions during meals. It is better to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least five days a week. However, some people need to do more than that. For example, if you are overweight or obese and are now trying to keep it off. Moderate exercise should make you feel hot and a little out of breath.


Follow a healthy and balanced diet


To help you lose excess weight, you must reduce the number of calories you eat. It does not always mean eating less food, it could simply be choosing different types of food. Your GP or nutritionist can help you design a healthy eating plan.


Set realistic goals


It is important to choose small, practical changes that you are comfortable with. For example, don’t think you need to cut out all the foods you like from your new eating plan – that will only make you crave more. Instead, be sure to only eat them once in a while for a treat. Remember, there is no quick fix to long-term weight loss – it takes time. Aim to lose no more than 1 to 2 pounds (0.5 to 1 kg) per week.


Don’t throw lightning parties


Slow and steady weight loss has a greater chance of long-term success than drastic weight changes. When you lose weight, you lose lean tissue (muscles) besides fat. Fast diets can be detrimental to your health because you lose more lean tissue than fat. Your body’s reaction to these types of diets is to slow down, so you burn fewer calories. 

What if I have a hard time losing weight?


Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we cannot lose weight. It can be due to many reasons. However, one of the most common is not being able to control your appetite. If that is your case, we recommend the best solution! Phen375 helps you maintain an optimal metabolic rate. The Phen375 diet plan works to help you control your appetite, which should make the process easier. If you want to buy it, click here and go directly to the Phen375 online page to buy it and facilitate your weight loss.


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What do K-pop idols eat to lose weight?


Korean idols follow the Korean diet to lose weight, your new ally to lose weight. It is ideal because, unlike fast diets, this one is healthy and balanced. Ignore diets like the apple diet and follow this one, which is your best option to lose weight.


It is no secret that in Asia, the obesity rate is low. For that reason, this diet is gaining a presence in the Western world. That’s right. The Korean diet is about low-calorie intake, increasing the water per day, and increasing spicy food and fish. Look how it works.


Drink lots of water


The recommended daily is two liters of water, but Koreans go further and drink three. If you get used to drinking a lot of water, you will notice it very soon, especially in summer. If you have problems going to the bathroom, you will see that if you drink more water, your intestinal transit will also improve.


Consume herbal teas


You can drink water as an infusion, so we give it flavor. Green tea or roasted barley tea are great allies when Koreans want to lose weight, as they are rich in antioxidants and help proper digestion. Not in the mood for hot drinks in summer? Add ice to cool you down!


Eat fish and shellfish


The Korean diet is about reducing your intake of red meat and replacing it with fish and shellfish. It is a low-calorie and high-protein diet. It also includes heart-healthy minerals and fatty acids. Fish and shellfish are much easier to digest than meat, so their digestion will not be as heavy.


Eat spicy foods


Spicy food speeds up our metabolism and helps to burn what we eat faster. It also improves our digestion and makes us feel more satisfied. For Koreans, the best option is spicy soups.


Change the way you cook your food


Forget about fried foods and start steaming your food. In this way, it does not lose its flavor or texture, and at the same time, it will retain its properties, minerals, and vitamins. It is the most natural and healthy way to prepare your food. You’ll love it!


How do I have a body like a K-pop idol?


You may be wondering how many calories Korean women consume. It is difficult to say how much is the daily caloric intake of women in Korea, but it is below 2000 calories a day. Having a body like Korean is easy if you exercise well, eat well, and follow your new healthy weight loss routines. In addition, following the tips that we leave you here is also an excellent idea.


When we talk about the fast diets that idols do to reach their ideal weight, we are mean to diets that you should not practice. Don’t you know what they are? Click here and learn the fast diets you should not do. On the other hand, the Korean diet and exercise are perfect ideas for losing weight. Now that you know these Korean eating habits to lose weight, do not lose sight of your goal and achieve the perfect body! Remember that you can visit us every day to stay connected with the Korean trends that you love so much.


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