Let’s Get to Know IU’s Style

Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know IU's style

One of the most feminine and chic styles among Korean celebrities is of the idol and actress Lee Ji-Eun, better known as IU. That’s way today, Let’s Get to Know IU’s Style in our celebrity style section! If you consider your style as chic, feminine, and even romantic with the necessary touch of sensuality, you can take inspiration from one of the best references in Korean fashion. IU’s style is iconic! And she has major popularity inside and outside of Korea. Moreover, she is also an ambassador for the fashion powerhouse Gucci. As you can see, we are talking about a professional in this field, so you can fully trust IU‘s style when it comes to improving your fashion game. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.


Who Is Korea’s Talented Singer IU?


Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know IU's style - Lee Ji EunAs always, before getting to know IU’s style, it is necessary to talk about the important things, and give some background information.


Lee Ji Eun is one of the most important idols in the Korean art scene. This is because of her multifaceted talent that made her stand out in the drama and music scene. As mentioned, her full name is Lee Ji Eun. And she was born in 1993, in South Korea’s capital, Seoul.


At a young age, she became interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Therefore, she began attending classes to learn how to perform. After her debut, IU’s career was filled with many successes, making her one of the most popular celebrities today.


Furthermore, many people consider her the K-Pop princess. Also, she has participated in different dramas and has recorded several albums. Undoubtedly, she is a woman full of many talents! And a fashion icon that stands out in the industry.


What Is IU’s Style Like?


Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know IU's style - Korean idol wearing vest and long sleeve shirtIU’s style is chic, romantic, and feminine, which fits perfectly with her angelic face and aura. However, we can also describe her style as a relaxed and cool one. IU pays attention not only to her clothes, but also accessories such as bags, hair details, and jewelry.

She skillfully leverages her appearance through her choice of clothing. And her features and doll-like figure have set a standard that many fans aspire to achieve. So, her impeccable sense of style serves as an inspiration for fans. Alongside her innate femininity and chic fashion, IU’s style is rooted in classic and somewhat conservative elements, leaving room for a wealth of basic and timeless wardrobe choices.


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5 Garments You Need to Achieve IU’s Style


Korean Fashion Trends - Let's get to know IU's style - Korean idol wearing a Knitted polo shirtHowever, to achieve IU’s style, you will need some basic clothes, which will be the key to emulate IU’ fashion sense. So, get to know the five most worn garments in IU’s closet, and get inspired by IU’s style to take your outfits to the next level. Let’s get started!




Knitted polo shirts and solid colors are basics in IU’s style. Consider an oversized polo shirt made of light fabric for a refreshing touch. It gives a casual look, and is very popular in Korea. In addition, it is a timeless basic that is ideal if you like the classic, chic, and feminine style, just like IU’s style. Don’t know where to buy knitted polo shirts? Click here!




Korean fashion Trends - Let's get to know IU's style - Korean idol with long sleeve blouseLong-sleeved blouses are also a must-have in IU’s style! They are sophisticated and exude a warm flair. Also, consider opting for an off-the-shoulder cut to add a sensual touch. You can shop for Korean-style blouses now! Click here.




Styling midi skirts and layering clothes are usual in IU’s style. Moreover, it is also a recurring trend in her K-Pop idol looks. Consider mixing and matching fabrics to achieve a cozy look.


You can combine a beige corduroy midi skirt with a black knitted sweater. It’s a look with a lot of “IU touch.” In addition, it is elegant and chic. You can get your Korean-style midi skirts here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol in skinny jeans and crop topBelieve it or not, skinny jeans are one IU’s style favorites.


Unlike other Korean celebrities, IU likes skinny jeans. In addition, skinny jeans can flatter your figure wonderfully. Undoubtedly, IU is aware of this.


She often combines skinny jeans with long-sleeved shirts for a casual yet stylish look.


And it brings balance between tight and loose clothing, which makes the outfit look on-point. Shop your Korean-style skinny jeans here. Don’t miss out!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol in black dress

Throughout her career, singer and actress IU has demonstrated her ability to seamlessly adapt to various styles and fashion trends. Nonetheless, her distinctive style is the embodiment of elegance and timelessness. This is why she radiates a breathtakingly adorable and refreshing charm, while also effortlessly exuding sophistication, especially in dresses.

To achieve IU’s style and make a grand entrance at an elegant event, you can draw inspiration from her stunning dresses worn at awards ceremonies and prestigious events like Cannes or fashion galas. She has a penchant for dresses that transform her into a princess, and this is a look you can aim to capture for your own special occasions.

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3 Looks You Can Recreate Inspired by IU’s Style


Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol in orange cardiganNow that we know the key pieces to achieve IU’s style, we will unveil the three looks you can recreate by taking inspiration from IU’s style. Let’s take a look!




For our first look, you will need the oversized knitted sweater that we mentioned at the beginning. Opt for a color you love! But, pastel and neutral colors are the best options to emulate the IU essence. Combine with a pleated skirt and white tennis shoes, and let your socks peek. Also, you can add accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and hair accessories! And you can buy everything you need for this look by clicking here!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean idol wearing a sweaterOur next look to achieve IU’s style is comfortable and especially ideal for airport outfits. Combine skinny jeans with an oversized hoodie. Pair with black sneakers. Tie your hair up, or add a cap. Consider incorporating a backpack. This is a casual and practical outfit. However, you can also elevate it with other accessories. Buy what you need to achieve this look here!




And finally, the third look is more casual and sophisticated. Combine an oversized black jacket with a striped blue top. Pair with a black corduroy skirt, and add a black tote bag. Finish off the look with sneakers or heels, according to your preference or to the occasion.


IU’s style is fresh, comfortable, and feminine. But most importantly, it is chic, classic, and elegant. Clearly, IU knows how to harness her femininity through her style. If you like her style and want to recreate it, take note of the clothes you need and the looks you can recreate by taking inspiration from IU’s style.


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