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Know BLACKPINK Jennie’s fashion style. We all know that the BLACKPINK girls are fashion icons. They are not ambassadors of Korean and international fashion brands for nothing. Each of them has their style. They know how to capture eyes on and off stage and inspire us to want to follow their footsteps in fashion, or at least want to look as beautiful as them. You could review the style of each of the girls, but at least this time, we will talk about Jennie’s style. How is her style when it comes to dressing? How are the garments that define her presence in fashion? If you are interested, you should know BLACKPINK Jennie’s fashion style. In this way, you can be aware of everything that makes it possible for this world-famous star to be an icon of fashion and image of Chanel. Are you ready? Keep reading!


What kind of style does Jennie have?


Through time, Jennie’s way of dressing shows us more and more of her style and personality. The singer and rapper of YG Entertainment not only looks great with outfits on stage or at gala events because fashion accompanies her and is part of her daily life. But what kind of style does Jennie have? Jennie’s style is a bit dramatic. But also very girly, elegant, and youthful. Whether it’s puff sleeves, dresses, and flared pants, Jennie has a knack for relaxing her style in her outfits. Also, with each of her outfits, she looks stunning. On the other hand, even when she is 25 years old, Jennie still sports her classic schoolgirl style.


Tennis skirts are all the rage, not only in Korea. Also in other parts of the world, thanks to her. Her elegant and feminine clothes are a hit everywhere, but she also sometimes highlights her goth style and how she matches pieces with accessories. Jennie doesn’t just go grunge goth from time to time. The idol often sports baby 90s style as well. For that reason, oversized hoodies and bucket hats are part of her favorites. The BLACKPINK Jennie’s fashion style is innovative and fun.


Is Jennie fashionable?


Yes, Jennie is very fashionable. From her outfits at concerts and performances to her day-to-day style. Jennie has easily demonstrated her impeccable and incredible fashion sense. Her style is second to none, whether on red carpets, front row fashion shows or even on the streets. Jennie makes even Chanel look casual and chic when needed. Thanks to the fact that she is a very fashionista girl, Jennie gathers many fashion hits. Also, Jennie has been reserved and busy with many sponsorships over several years. All of us Blinks are so used to seeing her dressed in designer and formal wear. Because of that, it’s easy to forget how strong her street-style game is as well. From her stunning airport looks to her street style, her fashion sense stands out among others. If you like this idol’s way of dressing, you must know BLACKPINK Jennie’s fashion style.


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How do I dress like Jennie BLACKPINK?


Instead of taking a look at Jennie’s outfits at shows, today we’ll be looking at the garments and clothes she wears while she’s enjoying a day off, taking a walk, or wearing some of her favorite brands. To know the BLACKPINK Jennie’s fashion style, stay to discover the keys of her when dressing:




One of the key pieces in BLACKPINK Jennie’s fashion style is wide-leg jeans or wide legs. There’s nothing like combining wide jeans to create the perfect balance with a shirt or top. If you still don’t dare to wear such a model, Jennie’s style will certainly motivate you to do so. We can usually see her frequently on Instagram wearing pants of this type. In Korean fashion, they are a trend. For that reason, we are not surprised to see that Jennie is an expert in wearing them. In addition to combining them with tops or hoodies, you can add platform sneakers or combat boots. The style will be very similar to Jennie’s style, it will be fabulous and perfect.




If you pay attention to BLACKPINK Jennie’s fashion style, you will notice that tops and crop tops are repeated a lot in her closet. Also, Jennie’s figure looks stunning in these crop tops. We have also seen her wear crop tops and tops, creating great styles that more than one would love to replicate, don’t you think so? She wears tops of all kinds, from long sleeves to short sleeves, knitted or not, with cardigans or hoodies. If in K-Pop someone is an expert and a goddess wearing crop tops, that’s Jennie. So, if you like this type of clothes, you can take inspiration from her to know what other clothes to mix them properly.




Let’s talk seriously. Today, who is not a knitted garments lover? In Korean fashion, these garments are a must. It is not surprising that Jennie knows how to take them to another level. With knitted garments, we refer to those garments with a soft texture that reminds us of the delicacy of a sweater, but that we do not necessarily see them only in winter garments. Jennie usually wears items of this style, modeling from skirts, blouses, tops, and of course, also some open or closed sweaters. In addition, these types of garments are very comfortable. She also wears them in an oversize style. Sometimes, she combines this type of clothing with jeans, sneakers, and accessories, such as statement bags and bucket hats, to recreate a unique style.




And lastly, at BLACKPINK Jennie’s fashion style, we have the sets. Something that we have seen in Jennie on several occasions is the sets. There are two or even three garments with the same designs. Whether it’s a skirt and a blazer, a skirt and crop top, etc. Sometimes they are plain, other times with prints or even details like buttons. Thanks to Jennie, many girls are encouraged to wear these outfits that you may not have considered wearing before. For that reason, we confirm once again that BLACKPINK’s Jennie is a true fashion muse.


If you are a Blink, knowing BLACKPINK Jennie’s fashion style will allow you to approach some of Jennie’s keys when it comes to dressing. But if you’re a fashion lover in general, you’ll still find Jennie’s fashion style inspiring, and you might want to recreate it at home. You can achieve it successfully by adding some of her most characteristic clothes. Do you dare to look as good as Jennie? Let’s hope so! See you soon.


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