Know all about the Korean romantic look

Korean Fashion Trends - Know all about the Korean romantic look

Do you know the romantic style? It is a romantic style because it evokes tenderness, refinement, and lightness. Also, it is typical of times with good weather. The romantic style uses garments with floral prints and bright colors. This style is perfect for spring and summer occasions. Although due to its versatility, it also fits with shades at any time of the year. In Korean fashion, the romantic style plays an important role. Why? Because pastel tones, floral prints, and delicate fabrics are part of many trending garments in spring and summer. That is why today, so that you can learn more about this style, we have gathered the characteristics and some ideas of romantic outfits that you can recreate if you want to look according to the season in the best way. Do you like the romantic style? Stay on Korean Fashion Trends to know all about the Korean romantic look! Keep reading.


What is the romantic style?


Korean Fashion Trends - what is the romantic style? Korean woman wearing a blouse and a skirtIt is necessary to know what is the romantic look to know all about the Korean romantic look.


Fashion classifies the use of delicate fabrics, such as chiffon and tulle, the most feminine transparencies, a range of softer colors, and the presence of volumes and pleats as a romantic style. That is the best way to describe this way of dressing.


This practice encourages the taste for dressing well, for always appearing elegant, flirty, and very feminine through light and soft garments.


That is why the most common summer dresses in Korean fashion are so feminine, chic, and reminiscent of a maiden straight out of literature.


What are the characteristics of the Korean romantic look?


The features that allow you to recognize the Korean romantic look are easy to recognize. The most iconic formulas of this way of dressing are floral prints, bows, puffed sleeves, or satin fabrics. But these are the main keys that define the romantic style!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a purple dressThe most prominent fabrics in the Korean romantic look are cotton and linen.


Also, the natural fabrics that favor the flight in the garments are a usual bet in this way of dressing.


Options such as soft wool, lace, silk, satin fabrics, chiffon, or tulle also fit perfectly.


All those light and spacious materials are welcome.





Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing red clothesIn the Korean romantic look, they stand out a lot.


The basic idea is to show the maximum femininity in the silhouette.


For this, choose draped, geometric, linear, and fluid cuts. Also noteworthy are the decorations that add volume to the garments, such as puffed sleeves, lace, ruffles, or embroidery.


Also, ornaments and decorations are other good options.


The rhinestones and floral elements are the accessories and complements that have the most presence in the Korean romantic look.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a floral dressAnother feature of the Korean romantic look is the colors. White tones are the main protagonists in this fashion style. Pastel colors and warm neutrals are also a safe bet.


Pink, turquoise, lavender, nude, and light blue are the best shades in the Korean romantic look. And as for the warm but neutral: beige, orange tones, earth colors.


In general, more vivid colors are preferred, although not excessively intense. Subtle, more feminine tones are better.


Getting garments in these tones is not a problem when Korean fashion gives them so much prominence in this and other styles.


5 Korean romantic looks you can recreate


The Korean romantic look continually reinvents itself. But it is usually adapted to the basic features that make it recognizable. These proposals will help you create your Korean romantic looks!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a blouse and jeans - Korean romantic lookThe first option in these Korean romantic looks includes voluminous blouses and jeans.


The blouse is a garment in a romantic style.


It represents the idea of ​​femininity and offers its wide versatility as a virtue.


Dress it up in styles with floral prints, button-down collars, ruffles, puff sleeves, or embellished or fringed cuffs.


Include a jean of your choice. But try to make it a classic style.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a white dress - Korean romantic lookIf you want to achieve a perfect Korean romantic look, you need to add romantic dresses to your closet.


What are those romantic dresses? The floral dresses, especially.


Why should you add these dresses to your options? Because if there is a garment that defines this way of dressing, it is the dress.


Here, the general trend is to opt for maxi, flowing models with floral and lace motifs.


The dresses are versatile. You can wear them with sneakers, blazers, and biker jackets.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing puff sleeves and black skirtThe third option among the Korean romantic looks is also feminine, chic, and a bit sophisticated-looking.


Wear a long, puff-sleeved pastel blouse.


You can combine this shirt with the skirt of your choice. But it is a high-cut black skirt.


That way, you can wear the shirt inside, and the pastel color with the black color will make a sophisticated contrast.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a dress and a blazerWe continue with the Korean romantic looks, and this time, we have a combination that includes a dress and a blazer.


This time, the dress can be a little more elegant looking. It can be a pencil-cut dress in white.


On top, you can wear a long pastel pink blazer.


You can accompany this look with heels or white sneakers.


Also, you can add accessories like a crossbody bag. It would be a perfect look to go to the office or to go out to eat with your friends or partner.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a total white outfit - Korean romantic lookThe latest Korean romantic look is ideal for lovers of monochromatic looks. Previously we said that the white color stands out a lot in the romantic style.


Therefore, this look is only white. Wear an elegant-looking oversize blouse in white with a skirt in the same shade and look.


It is a look that you can wear with heels because it looks elegant and sophisticated.


Accessories in pearls and flowers will elevate this outfit much more.


The Korean romantic look is a style you should follow if you consider yourself feminine and chic and if you like romantic aesthetics. You can use flowery, delicate chiffon and tulle garments in this style. You can get a lot out of this style because many combinations are versatile. Do you like the Korean romantic look? Which of these looks was your favorite? Tell us in the comments. See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!


Romantic looks to recreate


Halter Plain Ruffle Mini A-Line Dress / Plain Ruffle Bolero – $20.50


Set: Halter Floral Print Ruffle Drawstring Swimdress + Plain Ruffle Cover Up Jacket – $34.50


Ruffle Trim Ruffle Trim Chiffon Blouse – $26.10


Spaghetti Strap Floral Print Lace Up Ruffle Maxi A-Line Dress / Plain Ruffle Jacket / Set – $52.10


Long-Sleeve Irregular Ruffle Blouse / High-Waist Ruffle Mini Skirt – $18.60


Ruffle Midi A-Line Mesh Skirt – $20.40


Ruffle Bow Socks – $9.70


Short-Sleeve Cold Shoulder Patterned Print Ruffle Slit Midi Sheath Dress – $26.90


Embroidery Dip-Back Evening Gown – $78.90


Set: Bell-Sleeve Mandarin Collar Midi A-Line Dress + Floral Embroidery Frog Button Crop Vest – $32.90


Long-Sleeve Collared Floral Print Ruffle Shirt / Elastic Waist Mini A-Line Skirt – $21.30


Set: Long-Sleeve Ruffle Blouse + Mini A-Line Skirt – $34.70


Set: Long-Sleeve Floral Swim Top + Bottom + Swim Skirt – $29.30


Short-Sleeve Crew Neck Puffed Plain Crop Top – $14.70


Invisible-Neckline Puffed-Sleeves Mini Wedding dress – $67.20


Long-Sleeve Round Neck Plain Ruffle Pintuck Blouse / High Waist Plaid Ruffle Mini A-Line Skort – $29.90


Bow Ruffle Lace Camisole Top / High Waist Plain Ruffle Mini A-Line Skirt – $21.90


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