Know all about Korean vintage style

korean fashion trends - Know all about Korean vintage style

Since the 2000s, the rise of vintage aesthetics is bigger. Gone are those times when this type of clothing was simply considered ‘used’. In this way, little by little, it has earned the position it deserves of quality, exclusive pieces with a history behind them. This process is thanks to the new generations. They are betting on clothes from another era in search of a unique but more sustainable style. Thanks to that, there has been a craze for vintage clothing. More and more people are interested in this type of clothing. However, before knowing all about Korean vintage style, it is important to note that this trend is not the same as new clothes that are inspired by past times. By knowing this, you can more easily identify what is vintage than what is just vintage-inspired clothing. With that cleared up, let’s get started!


What is vintage clothing?


korean fashion trends - What is vintage clothing? - korean young womanBefore knowing all about Korean vintage style, we first need to define vintage clothing. The term ‘vintage’ describes clothing that is between 20 and 100 years old, although some limit the time to between 25 and 75 years.


However, many have also begun to consider that vintage clothing is ten years old if they are designer pieces. The latter is because several famous and influential designers have passed away.


Beware of confusing the vintage style and the classic style! The classic style is the opposite of vintage because the pieces remain fashionable. They have style regardless of the passage of time. That is, they don’t reflect an era. But rather transcend time. For example, the black dress, trench coats, pumps, white shirts, or blazers.


4 reasons to wear vintage clothes if you like Korean fashion


Yes, wearing a vintage look seems difficult in Korean fashion, where fast fashion has a presence in the fashion world. However, luckily, Korean fashion changes and reinvents itself over time, which is why we can increasingly notice the presence of sustainable and vegan clothing brands. For that reason, it’s no wonder that wearing a vintage Korean style is a great bet. However, if you still need reasons to join the Korean vintage style, here are five reasons for you to do so. Let’s get started!




korean fashion trends - VINTAGE CLOTHING IS ECO-FRIENDLY - korean womanThe best thing about the Korean vintage style is that the garments of this style are eco-friendly.


Vintage fashion gives clothing a second chance, reuses it, avoids new productions, and reduces waste. The textile industry uses much water and energy and releases many polluting substances.


Clothing contributes to 10% of the global carbon footprint that harms the planet.


An amount of unnecessary clothing has been produced for many years. It is essential to find alternatives. A vintage style is a good option.




korean fashion trends - vintage clothes ARE TIMELESS AND QUALITY PIECES - korean womanThe garments of yesteryear were made to last a long time. You didn’t have to buy clothes often, unlike now.


Before, the industry invested time and effort in creating pieces with exquisite fabrics and handcrafted details or finishes. For that reason, we could say that vintage consumption favors the fashion ideals of a few years ago.


That is: quality and exclusivity. That makes Korean vintage style clothing invaluable.


In addition to their excellent quality, they are timeless pieces that you can reuse over and over again without fear of blurring your style.




korean fashion trends - vintage clothes are cheaper - korean womanThis reason to love the Korean vintage style is a favorite. Why? Because saving a little money is always well received.


And, this saving is easy if you know where and how to search to find vintage clothing and accessories from well-known brands at more affordable prices than current collections.


However, sometimes buying luxury vintage can be an investment. Some designs come back with force over the years to street style. If you want to join the Korean vintage style, consider that by doing so you also do your wallet a favor.


Especially because you buy quality clothing, which allows its durability. And therefore, you spend less money on clothes.




korean fashion trends - KOREAN VINTAGE STYLE OPENS UP MANY POSSIBILITIESEvery good lover of fashion and Korean fashion will know that owning an original and different garment that allows infinite possibilities in your ‘looks’ is an incomparable pleasure, a creative challenge.


However, this is not the only delight that vintage clothing causes in ‘fashionistas’. Exclusivity has also contributed to its great success, knowing that they are pieces that no one else can buy, that no two will be the same.


The satisfaction of owning accessories that contain history. A small tribute to the love for fashion and its history. So if you join the Korean vintage style, you will stand out for your unique, quality, and stylish garments.


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3 looks inspired by Korean vintage style


Here are three options you can recreate if you like the aesthetics of the Korean vintage style. However, remember that you need original vintage clothing to achieve a Korean vintage style. However, you can still carry this aesthetic with a few pieces of clothing. Let’s see those three looks you can recreate!




korean fashion trends - korean woman - baggy jeans with a long-sleeved cream shirtThis first look inspired by the Korean vintage style is sophisticated but chic and feminine.


Pair some baggy jeans with a long-sleeved cream shirt.


On top, add a knitted blazer and perfect it with tennis shoes or loafers.


You can also add a few accessories if you prefer.





korean fashion trends - korean woman - shirt with puffed sleeves with transparencyAnother option that you can achieve if you want a vintage Korean style is more casual but also chic.


Wear a shirt with puffed sleeves with transparency. You can wear a top or another shirt in a solid color if you prefer.


Add some wide-leg jeans and mix with heels or the shoes you prefer according to the occasion.


Of course, you can also add accessories like a clutch bag. That will accentuate and elevate your style.





korean fashion trends - korean womanThe last option to adopt a Korean vintage style includes a corset. We recently learned how to style a corset according to Korean fashion.


These tips are helpful if you want to integrate this accessory into your vintage look.


Either way, wear a long white dress or a shirt wide enough to look like a dress.


On top of that garment, you will wear your corset. You can wear heels or boots in the same color as the corset.


The Korean vintage style is one of the most sustainable styles of all. When you dare to wear this style of clothing, your looks stop being a ten to become a twenty. And not only because the vast majority of the garments are beautiful. It is also because they are quality garments. Would you like to join the Korean vintage style? If so, tell us in the comments. Don’t forget to visit us every day. Your favorite Korean fashion trends portal has available daily information about your favorite fashion. See you in the next blog!


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