Know all about Korean minimalist style

korean fashion trends - Know all about Korean minimalist style

If you like the sophisticated style, chances are you enjoy the minimalist style too. It is the style that bets on simple garments and aseptic combinations. Although many people believe that the minimalist style is boring, the reality is far from it. You can’t confuse the minimalist style with the boring basic style. It takes a lot of judgment to adhere to minimalism, so don’t underestimate it. Also, if you feel you need to improve your outfit, you can complement your look. How? By adding accessories. For that reason, minimalist-style outfits will not stop being a perfect option. In addition, the minimalist clothing style is based on the quality of the fabrics, the simple cuts, and the use of neutral colors. These characteristics are also found in Korean fashion. If you want to know more about the Korean minimalist style, stay with us. Here we go!


What are the key garments you need to achieve a Korean minimalist style?


The choice of garments and their combinations rests on neutral colors and is simple to compose a sober, elegant, timeless, and simple style. Therefore, the following garments are what you need to achieve that Korean minimalist style that you want so much:




korean fashion trends - WHITE SHIRT - korean womanIf you want to achieve a Korean minimalist style, you need a white shirt.


Although the truth is, whatever your style, the white shirt is an essential part of the wardrobe.


We advise you to have a classic cotton one.


But aside, you should also have other models that provide a touch of originality in the shape or the fabric.





korean fashion trends - STRAIGHT JEANS - korean woman - Korean minimalist styleDo you like jeans?


Perfect, because they are also a basic garment in the Korean minimalist style.


Also, if you aim for all the trends in jeans, much better.


However, the neutral straight jean is the only one that adapts to any scenario, so don’t give up on yours.






korean fashion trends - BLACK PANTS - korean person - Korean minimalist styleAlong with white shirts and t-shirts, black pants are another wardrobe staple you must have if you want to achieve a Korean minimalist style.




Because it stylizes, it adapts to any style.


And it is versatile enough to work with any look.


There is also a lot of variety, so choose yours.




korean fashion trends - BLAZER - korean woman - Korean minimalist styleA simple outfit with pants and a shirt is taken to another level with a good blazer.


For that reason, if you have to choose the main garments in the Korean minimalist style, the blazer can’t be missing.


A blazer can mean the difference between being elegant or wearing a combination that is too boring.


And no, we insist that the minimalist style is not boring.





korean fashion trends -blue SWEATER - korean woman - Korean minimalist styleJumpers and sweaters give more style than you think.


Wear it tight and wear wide pants at the bottom to play with the volumes.


That will be enough.


There is no need for garish colors or patterns you will get fed up with within two days.


Being simple garments that provide a lot of styles, they are an essential part of the basic garments of the Korean minimalist style.




korean fashion trends - ACCESSORIES - korean woman - Korean minimalist styleA leather shopper bag in a color like beige is adaptable enough to any outfit.


But in accessories, you can use them to take the basics out of the look.


Having models with animal print or patterns such as houndstooth is also allowed.


As long as you wear neutral colors in your clothes, your accessories can be whatever you like.




You already know the basic garments you must have if you want to join the Korean minimalist style. There are still a few tips that you need to follow to get into this style the right way.




korean fashion trends - TAKE CARE OF THE QUALITY OF YOUR CLOTHESIt is one of the most relevant features of the minimalist look.


The style opts for superior quality materials that give an idea of ​​luxury.


They are simple cuts, but the textures and details count a lot.


Don’t buy cheap-looking clothes because they will clash with your Korean minimalist style.





korean fashion trends - linen pants with a knit sweater.Opt for versatile garments with simple cuts. Avoid prints and excesses in the decorations.


If you find it too basic, play with textures, for example, linen pants with a knit sweater.


White, black, beige, gray, and blue are the essential tones in this style. They are neutral, yes. But their different shades and combinations give a lot of play.


If you want a correct Korean minimalist style, the colors you need in your closet are neutral ones.




korean fashion trends - LIGHT FABRICS WITH MOVEMENT ARE THE BEST CHOICE - korean womanThe oversize and fluid fabrics contribute to that feeling of apparent simplicity.


It seems easy to dress in a minimalist style because it is always a hit, but it takes practice to achieve sophisticated outfits.


Choose oversize garments and layered outfits.


They are also a good option in the Korean minimalist style.



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3 outfits you can recreate if you want to follow the Korean minimalist style


Now that you know the key pieces and the tips you need to know to adopt a Korean minimalist style, it’s time to discover those combinations of looks you can recreate. If you like this style, join it by wearing one of these three outfits.




korean fashion trends - korean person - black sweatpants with an olive green short-sleeved topWe start with this list of outfits for you to adopt a Korean minimalist style with a casual combination.


Wear black sweatpants with an olive green short-sleeved top.


The best thing about neutral colors is you can mix them with others without problems.


Wear white tennis shoes and add a beige canvas tote bag.






korean fashion trends - korean man - black palazzo pants with a long-sleeved satin shirt in brown, camel, or peachThe second combination to adopt a Korean minimalist style is a bit more sophisticated.


Wear black palazzo pants with a long-sleeved satin shirt in brown, camel, or peach.


You can wear these garments with loafers, white sneakers, or even heels if you want to make them more formal.







korean fashion trends - high-waisted wide-leg pantsAnd the last look in these outfits to achieve a Korean minimalist style is more elegant.


Wear high-waisted wide-leg pants in brown.


You can combine it with an elegant white shirt.


Add some heels in the same color.


The bag can be the same tone.


The Korean minimalist style is not difficult to achieve. You need good quality basic garments in neutral colors to recreate the best Korean minimalist outfits. Once you start wearing this style, there will be no going back. In addition, you will be able to stand out for your sense of fashion. See you soon in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog!


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