Know all about Korean classic style

Korean Fashion Trends - Know all about Korean classic style

Surely you have heard the phrase “the classics never go out of style.” And it’s true! Classic style looks are timeless and always stay on-trend. The presence of elegant and high-quality clothing characterizes the classic style. In addition, straight pants are also very recurrent, as is the creation of balanced silhouettes through the combination of garments. The classic style transmits romanticism and sophistication through outfits where neutral colors such as black, white, gray, or beige prevail. Because of that, the classic Korean style is part of the top styles that are leaders in K-Fashion. Since neutral colors are a hit in Korean fashion, you can find the classic style even in the most casual combinations. Know all about Korean classic style in this post! Are you ready? Let’s get started!


What is the classic style?


Korean Fashion Trends - What is the classic style - Korean womanTo know all about Korean classic style, it is important to define what the classic style is. The classic Korean style projects maturity and confidence.


Therefore, many people do not give this style a chance, considering it a bit boring. Nothing could be further from the truth. Classic style is not synonymous with old.


The classic style is to wear quality garments and give presence to neutral and harmonious colors. It is also choosing straight garments to generate straight cuts. The classic style is not to wear frills and exaggerated decorations.


Wear bright colors and abuse maxi prints. You have to choose timeless and sophisticated garments, patterns, and colors if you want a Korean classic style.


4 Types of Classic Styles You Need to Know


It is easy to think that the Korean classic style is one. However, this style is very versatile. You can find it in other styles without any problem. That’s what we mean when we said that the classic style was not boring at all because their looks are not always for formal occasions. The classic style is very versatile. These are the four types of classic styles that you should know.




Korean Fashion Trends - classic romantic - Korean woman wearing a floral blouseThe classic romantic style is the one that combines pieces of both styles.


If you want to achieve a classic style of this type, you need clothes that suit both styles.


They are for days when you want to dress more neatly and show off a more feminine, classic style.


You can choose to give your looks a romantic touch with puffed sleeves (without being exaggerated), a midi skirt, and kitten heels.


To add even more that air of sophistication, finish your look with a clutch bag and rouge lips. Without a doubt, it is the perfect look to go out to dinner.




Korean Fashion Trends - korean woman wearing a sporty classic styleKorean classic style can also be very comfy.


On those days when comfort is your priority, you don’t have to give up wearing a classic style.


You can combine a navy striped top to add a touch of color and light with straight-cut indigo blue jeans and white sneakers.


And as a final touch, you can’t miss the trench coat to achieve that elegance that characterizes classic looks.





Korean Fashion Trends - korean woman wearing a minimalist classic styleThe third type of Korean classic style is more minimalist. The classic style is not at odds with simplicity.


You can achieve stunning minimalist looks without giving up the classic essence.


Knitted dresses in neutral colors like beige are perfect for achieving this.


Mix them with a masculine cut coat of the same color to bring verticality to your figure. Or another color if you’re looking to create a bit of contrast.


Combine this look with loafers or sneakers and a black crossbody bag.




Korean Fashion Trends - korean man wearing a classic masculine styleAnd the last type of Korean classic style is masculine.


With classic masculine looks, you will give off an incredible personality.


The most characteristic garment of this style is the structured blazer.


You have to opt for this garment in neutral colors and combine it with tailored pants.


To complete the look, add a sweater and loafers.


3 looks you must recreate if you want a Korean classic style


After knowing everything you need to know about the Korean classic style, we offer three options of looks that you can easily recreate if you want to try this style. Remember: you only need basic, timeless, and good-quality garments. It is not very difficult to achieve this style when you have the right elements and clothes!


LOOK 1Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a white blouse with wide beige pants


The first Korean classic style look follows the sandwich rule.


This rule consists of wearing an upper garment of the same color as the lower garment, while the middle garment is of a different color.


Wear a white blouse with wide beige pants.


Add a beige blazer and combine it with white sneakers.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a camel-colored trench coatThe second option in these Korean classic style looks includes a trench coat.


Wear a classic long black dress with a camel-colored trench coat.


Add some brown ankle boots and a white crossbody bag.


You can wear jeans with a white shirt and sneakers in the same color instead of a dress.





Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a vest and a skirtAnd finally, in these Korean classic style looks, we have a slightly more casual but sophisticated combination at the same time.


Wear a beige skirt with a brown top. Add an oversize blazer with buttons and try to make it the same color as the skirt. You can add a brown crossbody bag and black heels or sneakers.


Add the accessories of your choice. Gold jewelry fits well with these looks. You can also play with the clothes.


And instead of a hoodie, you can use a vest.


The Korean classic style is ideal if you want to elevate your style to a more sophisticated one. With garments of this type, you can stand out wherever you go because elegance is a lifestyle when dressing. Wearing an elegant dress can be an option in any outfit. You need to choose the right clothes and wear them in style. Do you like Korean classic looks? Tell us in the comments! See you in an upcoming Korean Fashion Trends blog.

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