Know all about the Korean sporty chic style

Korean Fashion Trends - Know all about Korean sporty-chic style

Do you like to go comfortable but fashionable? Then, the Korean sporty-chic style is the trend that cannot be missing in your outfits this season. In recent years, Korean sporty chic has had a presence in Korean fashion, being the protagonist in the majority of many looks today. This style is a trend that combines sports garments with a touch of glamor. With this style, you don’t have to put aside comfort to look elegant and with the coolest of the moment.


In addition, if you pay attention to the outfits of many idols, this style is also present in some Athleisure style combinations. If you want to know all about Korean sporty-chic style, stay at Korean Fashion Trends! Here you can discover what it is, the accessories and garments that can not be missing in your closet, and the best keys to get it. Are you ready? So let’s get started!




Korean Fashion Trends - woman wearing over-sized shirtKorean sporty chic is one of the styles most used by women today in Korea, even for men.


It is well-known as an arranged but informal style. Sporty outfits are the perfect mixture of formal and informal garments. There is the key to the balance between the two.


In addition, this fashion consists of incorporating sports elements or accessories into a usual look and prioritizing comfort while spectacular lights.


From adding some tennis to a dress to tracksuit pants with heels, it works to achieve a Korean sporty chic look.




Before knowing the looks you can recreate to dress in a Korean sporty-chic style, it is important to know the basic rules you can’t miss to carry it with many styles. Pay attention to these three rules and get a Korean sporty-chic style!


  1. Korean Fashion Trends - woman wearing leggings and crop topYou need a sports garment due to the look. The sports garment intends to get a casual touch with any outfit. The basis is that the rest of the set is the protagonist.
  2. Don’t be afraid of using too formal garments. You can use all kinds of formal garments. From blazers, dresses, or even pants suits. In this trend, nothing is too formal.
  3. Bet on accessories. They are always necessary, and the Korean Sporty Chic Style is no exception. The accessories can be the perfect finishing touch for any look, from a cap, backpack, or an elegant necklace with a sports shirt.




Sometimes, many people confuse this trend with a dowdy style. It is essential not to confuse the informal with the careless. Korean sporty-chic style is the best of the two worlds: elegance and comfort. And to start carrying a look that fits this style, you need some of the basic garments you already have in your closet. Here we go!




Korean Fashion Trends - woman wearing shirt and pants - sporty-chicWe start this list of options to achieve a Korean sporty-chic style with a mixture that includes heels. Because yes, you can use heels in this style.


The more arranged the heel shoe is better to combine with your sports look. Don’t be afraid to wear sports clothes, here is the key. You can combine them with tracksuit pants and a semi-formal shirt.


But you can also combine them with jeans and a sweatshirt. Or even use a backpack as an accessory. The result will be stunning, and you will fit in the Korean sporty-chic style.


Sporty-chic style: LOOK 2


Korean Fashion Trends - woman wearing blazer and jeans - sporty-chicYou know that blazers are part of many styles. They are also part of the Korean sporty-chic style, as you can imagine.


Using a blazer is one of the most helpful keys to getting a Korean sporty-chic style. It is perfect to start experimenting with this style. You can achieve a sophisticated, current, and chic look.


Dress as if you were to use the typical suit with a blazer or combine a blazer with jeans. And instead of using heels, accompany this look with tennis.


Using neutral colors is the key to seeing you sophisticated with this set. It combines black and white, even gray and beige. When putting a color too striking, you can lose the harmony of this trend.


Sporty-chic style: LOOK 3


Korean Fashion Trends - woman wearing plaid dressYou need a dress to achieve a Korean sporty-chic style. For that reason, in this third option, we include it. Also, because one of the great classics of this fashion sport-chic is to wear a dress or skirt with shoes.


It is one of the simplest outfits to get. The key is to choose a formal dress. In this way, you can play with the contrast of tennis. It is best to use neutral colors.


But you can choose some shoes with a touch of color, such as some red converse and a black dress.



Sporty-chic style: LOOK 4


Korean Fashion Trends - woman with oversized shirtDid you know that, in Korean sporty-chic style, you can combine a sweatshirt with a skirt? It seems crazy, right? But it is not! In this style, everything is possible.


It is one of the most daring techniques, but if you manage to do it properly, you will look spectacular. The key is to use two very formal garments, such as a skirt and heels, with an informal garment at the top, such as a sweatshirt, or a cotton shirt with a sports logo.


Of course, you can carry with heels or tennis and add the best accessories.


Sporty-chic style: LOOK 5


Korean Fashion Trends - woman in blazerIn this last look to achieve a Korean sporty-chic style, we decided to add pants. The presence of pants, especially cotton and wide pants, is important.


With them, a lot of Korean sporty-chic style looks. A perfect combination of these garments includes wide gray pants. You can accompany it with a simple white shirt and add a long navy blue blazer to the top.


However, if you prefer, you can wear jeans with an oversize white shirt and tennis. You can add accessories like a baseball cap. That will give you the last touch.


Korean sporty-chic style is a trend whose boom has been increasing in recent years. In this style, comfort is not at odds with style and knowing how to dress. This fashion doesn’t consist of dressing in gym clothes at parties or throughout the day. Korean sporty-chic style incorporates sports accessories in the daily and usual outfit. This consists of sports fashion with a chic and elegant touch. If you want to achieve it, you need some basic garments. See you in the next blog!

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