Keys to wearing a girl crush style like your favorite K-Pop idols


Keys to wearing a girl crush style like your favorite K-Pop idols. Are you a fan of Korean girl groups? Did you know you can wear a girl crush style like them? That is right! You can renew your outfits by taking ideas of Korean fashion worn by K-Pop idols. In the world of K-Pop, there are many concepts when it comes to fashion. Some may focus on the sweet or the retro, but today we will talk about the girl crush style. This concept in the Korean music industry takes up the feminine while adding powerful elements that provide a confident image. Groups like ITZY, BlackPink, 4minute, and many others have carried this concept since their debut. Because of that, they are the best inspiration when you want to learn about this type of fashion or create looks with the same qualities. Stay on Korean Fashion Trends and find out what are the keys to wearing a girl crush style like your favorite K-Pop idols!


Discover 4 ideas to have a girl crush style like your female K-Pop idols


Women’s clothing and urban fashion


Combinations are a significant point for girls’ outfits when it comes to showing their girl crush image. Therefore, the combinations create a fascinating balance between feminine elements, such as skirts and crop tops, with some urban-style items. For example, sweatshirts, bomber jackets, combat boots, and more! Try these clothes that are part of the keys to wearing a girl crush style like your favorite K-Pop idols. You will show off the best of the best of a girl crush outfit.




A trend that we cannot leave out is the use of monochrome outfits. This alternative is brilliant. An example is ITZY girls. They used it a lot on their most recent comeback, Mafia in the morning. When you have a monochrome outfit in a girl crush style, you should combine all your clothes and shoes in the same color, but there may be variations in the accessories.


The power of accessories


One thing that cannot be missing in these outfits is accessories that attract attention and allow you to use all kinds of elements. An alternative might be shiny necklaces and earrings. But you can also implement items with colorful chains and belt designs. For that same reason, footwear is just as important. The girl groups with this concept usually use boots of different styles when combining their looks, so that is an alternative that you should try. Because of that, accessories are a significant part of the keys to wearing a girl crush style like your favorite K-Pop idols.


Executive style


Another example of girl power in this concept is the use of formal garments, from dress pants to shirts, ties, blazers, and vests. Of course, it is not about wearing them as you would to go to an exam or job interview. You have to adapt them with some twists that show the fashionista side of each of these garments.


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Who is the most girl crush in K-Pop?




Korean Fashion Trends - Lisa from BLACKPINKLisa is fierce, talented, international, and stunning.


At such a young age, she already loves what she does.


She did not seem like a rookie when she first debuted with the rest of the BLACKPINK members.


The girl has guts and can paralyze anyone when she dances.


Also, she looks good with all hair colors. Because of that, she is among the Korean girl crush.


Krystal – F (x)


Korean Fashion Trends - Krystal, f(x) former memberKrystal is the best IT-GIRL who is always in fashion.


Also, whenever she plays a bad or sassy girl, she does it with such class and tenderness that you can not hate her.


She is the best-looking girl by Korean standards.


Cute and small in the face, tall in stature, has long legs, and has fabulous hair.


She is also multi-talented! Krystal is a K-Pop idol, actress, and model.


Momo – TWICE


Korean Fashion Trends - Momo from TWICE - girl crush styleYou really cannot pick a favorite TWICE member, because they are all flawless and incredibly adorable.


But Momo is a girl who has a unique charm. Outside of TWICE, every time Momo acts, she is like a different person.


One minute she is doing the full “niko, niko, nii” with her fingers in the air like a cute rabbit, and the next she owns the dance floor like there’s no tomorrow.


That is why she has stolen the hearts of many!




Korean Fashion Trends - MAMAMOO - girl crush styleMaybe it is unusual for all members of a group to fall into this category.


But as you can see, all the MAMAMOO girls are authentic girl crush.


MAMAMOO is the national girl crush in Korea because each member is beautiful, and when they are together, they are pure fire.


They have vocal skills, a stunning personality, and great catchy music. Girls can relate to them.


All the MAMAMOO girls are very close to each other!


Jeon Somi


Korean Fashion Trends - Jeon Somi soloist, IOI former member - girl crush styleMulti-talented is the best word to describe Somi!


Furthermore, Somi exudes a youthful and carefree attitude.


In Korea, during the days of “Produce 101”, Somi was the most sought-after name when it came to makeup.


She is kind of funny turning into goo when she freaked out Minzy.


She could be anyone’s dream girl, best friend, or sister.


Who has the best style in K-Pop female?


Korean Fashion Trends - best style in kpopOne of the women in K-Pop who has the best style is Jennie. She has declared her love for fashion on many occasions. In addition, she is a girl who can achieve urban and relaxed styles but is also elegant and luxurious. Jennie, the global Chanel ambassador, has found her way to combine streetwear with haute couture, and no one does it as well as her.


However, she is not the only one who takes that place. Sunmi is also one of the best-styled women in K-Pop. She is not only a queen on stage but also on the streets. Even on her Instagram account, she loves to mix a feminine style with Normcore touches. And, of course, she knows how to use a lot of fancy accessories and details to stand out.


Who is the fashion queen of K-Pop?


Korean Fashion Trends - CL soloist, 2ne1 former memberCL, a former member of the disbanded group 2NE1 and now a solo artist, is considered by many fans and experts as the queen of K-Pop fashion. That’s because she has been a Korean fashion sensation for many years.


In 2010, the Korean group 2NE1 debuted with the album “To anyone”. With all four of her members, she excelled in the K-Pop universe, helping to cement one of them as a western fashion sensation. With many followers and supporters in the fashion industry, the singer CL is today a style icon.


Thanks to being the queen of K-Pop fashion, CL shone at the 2021 Met Gala. She wore a denim outfit that took inspiration from Korean culture. Without a doubt, CL is stunning!


Girls with the girl crush concept exude energy and independence and sometimes go to the realm of sensuality. Furthermore, their lyrics frequently champion girl power. To wear a look like theirs, you must know and put into practice the keys to wearing a girl crush style like your favorite K-Pop idols. What other ideas would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments! And do not forget to visit this blog every day. In that way, you will be up to date with all the news about Korean fashion and K-Pop!


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