K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you already have plans for this February 14? Remember that recently, in Korean Fashion Trends, we shared ideas for outfits, series, and movies that you can use and watch today. And yes, best of all, everything is according to Korean fashion and entertainment! However, as today is the most romantic day, we think that maybe you have forgotten what to give and we want to suggest an idea that never goes out of style. Have you ever given a playlist made by yourself? It is a classic but quite significant gift because a beautiful way to show your love is through songs. Therefore, today we will know the K-Pop songs that are perfect for Valentine’s Day if you are interested in dedicating a few of them. Get comfortable and know with us those romantic K-Pop songs that will make you sigh and your partner too. And if you’re alone, it doesn’t matter! These songs will make you feel love close.


8 Most Romantic K-Pop Songs For This Valentine’s Day


The truth is that we can’t talk about love without a soft, emotional, and happy song. Music improves any celebration, and the day of love and friendship doesn’t escape that. Therefore, we consider it necessary that you know some of the K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine’s Day. These songs are just some of the many that tell stories full of love and romance. All of them, of course, have the spark of originality of the idol who plays them. That makes them that much more special. But to end the wait, let’s get started!


1. TWICE – What Is Love?


Korean-Fashion-Trends-TWICE-What-Is-LoveWe could hardly leave this song off the list of K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine’s Day.


This song tells several stories. It’s a song even several years after its release recently went viral again on TikTok.


For some, Valentine’s Day comes as a time of reflection. Everyone dreams of living a love story. Maybe a story similar to what they see on TV or read about in books. TWICE is asking all the right questions about love, and we can only share their sentiment. 


In addition, in the video, we see how they recreate several couples from the cinema. If you want to make a playlist with the K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine’s Day, this song cannot be missing from it.


2. IU – Blueming


Korean-Fashion-Trends-IU-BluemingIf there’s an idol who always knows how to make our hearts flutter, it is IU. Although IU is usually an expert in sad songs, some are the opposite.


For example, in this single, she walks us through the prologue of each potential relationship when two people are getting to know each other excitingly.


Maybe this plot could apply to you this year? We don’t know, but anything is possible.


This song reminds us that sooner or later, love always comes, and that is always the beginning of new and exciting experiences. 


For that reason, this song reaches second place in this list of K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine’s Day.


3. BTS – Trivia: Love


Korean-Fashion-Trends-BTS-Trivia--LoveBTS always surprises us with songs about self-love, but from time to time, we also find in them those romantic songs that can be part of this list of K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine’s Day.


Love can sometimes be confusing.


In this track, RM poses the question and proceeds to give his take on love.


He makes use of the famous Korean pun “person 사람/love 사랑.”


In other words, the song means that if you find the right person, you will find love.


4. iKON – My Type


Korean-Fashion-Trends-iKON-My-TypeIt is maybe one of iKon’s most romantic songs.


It is among the K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine’s Day.


In addition, it is a song to give away on February 14.


You know that feeling you get when you finally cross paths with your ideal type?


iKON seems to know about it as they describe their Wonder Woman.


The lyrics are ready to cheer you up.


5. SEVENTEEN – Love Letter


Korean-Fashion-Trends-SEVENTEEN-Love-LetterWriting letters has been a token of love since ancient times.


So, are we celebrating Valentine’s Day if we don’t talk about love letters?


SEVENTEEN does it for us in this song.


They nervously confess their feelings by writing their thoughts in the form of a love letter.


If you do not know how to write a love letter to your special someone, you can dedicate this song among the K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine’s Day.


6. Zico – I Am You, You Are Me


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Zico--I-Am-You-You-Are-MeSince Block B, Zico never ceases to amaze us with his music and his voice.


Zico is a rapper, but that does not stop him from making love songs.


For that reason, among the K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine’s Day is I Am You, You Are Me. In this laid-back song, he manages to portray the soul mate concept.


He leaves his audience fascinated and moved with the dreamlike performance full of love.


7. Chungha – Roller Coaster


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Chungha-Roller-Coaster - K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine's DayMany love songs are not only about romance. They are also about heartbreak and new opportunities.


In Roller Coaster, Chungha tells us that it is normal to be afraid of starting a new relationship. But that you need to put it behind you to immerse yourself in a new love.


If this February 14 you are alone because your relationship ended, do not worry too much. It’s normal to feel sad about that. But Chungha reminds us with this song that this is not the end. You have to wait for the right person and the right time.


This choice among the K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine’s Day is hopeful and beautiful.


8. Crush – Beautiful


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Crush-Beautiful - K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine's DayTo finish off this list of K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine’s Day, we have Beautiful by Crush. This song is also for drama lovers.


Do you know the Goblin drama?


We are sure that it is because it was a complete success.


This song talks about how wonderful soulmates are. But it also has a sad note.


The song mentions how painful it would be to lose the person you are meant to be with.


Like its name, it’s a beautiful song with a hint of nostalgia. But it is also very full of love.


The K-Pop songs that are perfect on Valentine’s Day are suitable to dedicate this day. If you don’t have someone to dedicate them to, it doesn’t matter. In any case, you could listen to them to enjoy the day with the best romantic atmosphere that K-Pop songs know how to recreate. Could you add other romantic K-Pop songs perfect for this February 14? Let us know in the comments. See you soon! And again, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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