Know these 8 K-Pop idols who have acted in plays and musicals


We all know that K-Pop idols are very talented. They stand out not only for their singing skills. Many also stand out thanks to their acting skills. Because of that, many great idols venture into the world of acting. They debut with roles on-screen, whether in K-Dramas or movies. However, many others decide to broaden their paths and take the opportunity to participate in plays. Many of these have participated in successful musicals thanks to their incredible voices and staging skills. Today at Korean Fashion Trends, we will know some K-Pop idols who have acted in plays and musicals. Are you ready? If so, let’s get started!


8 K-Pop idols who have acted in musicals


Kyuhyun – Super Junior


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Kyuhyun---Super-JuniorKyuhyun is famous for his vocal ability. He is part of the first generation of idols who participate in musical works.


Because of that, he was a part of many musicals. Some of them are Moon Embracing the Sun, The Three Musketeers, Singing in the Rain, Catch Me If You Can, The Days, Werther, and Robin Hood.


Those are just some of the titles in which this artist has appeared.


One of his best-known characters is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in the play Mozart! Kyuhyun tops this list of K-Pop idols who have acted in plays and musicals thanks to his long history of participating in musical plays.


Leo – VIXX


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Leo---VIXXIf you’re a Starlight and read the title of this blog expecting to find Leo on this list, you won’t be disappointed. Of course, when talking about K-Pop idols who have acted in plays and musicals, Leo from Vixx is a significant part of them, and we can’t ignore him.


Leo is the main vocalist of VIXX and is also known as a solo artist. He has a beautiful and unique voice. Leo can perfectly adapt to different musical roles.


Why? Because he is used to performing with many different concepts in VIXX.


That has allowed him to participate in several musical works, such as Monte Cristo, The Last Kiss, Mata Hari, Elisabeth, and recently wrapped up performances of the musical Frankenstein. Leo has a beautiful career in theatrical works. 


Park Hyun Sik – ZE: A


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Park-Hyun-Sik-ZE-APark Hyun Sik is known more for his role in Korean series like Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Hwarang. But he is also part of the K-Pop group ZE: A.


In the past, HyunSik has participated in the musical Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers, Temptation of the Wolves, and Bonnie & Clyde.


In 2018, he had the same character as VIXX’s Leo in Elisabeth. Both artists participated as Der Tod, a fatally charismatic character.


They both played a stunning role. For that reason, Park Hyun Sik is also part of this list of K-Pop idols who have acted in plays and musicals. He is one of the idols with the longest track record in musical works.


Luna – F(X)


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Luna-F(X)In addition to being a talented idol, Luna has also participated in exciting musicals. Luna starred in a Korean version of In the Heights.


This talented singer also played Gabriella Montez in High School Musical on Stage! and Sophie in Mamma Mia! Her most recent role was in 2020-2021, in The Days.


Luna’s musical theater career is worth delving into because she does a stunning job in musical plays.


Also, she played Elle Woods in the musical Legally Blonde. It gave her a lot of recognition in the industry. For this reason, she is part of this list of K-Pop idols who have acted in plays and musicals.


SuHo – EXO


Korean-Fashion-Trends-SuHo-EXOThe EXO leader is also part of these K-Pop idols who have acted in plays and musicals. He participated in The Last Kiss in 2017, playing Crown Prince Rudolf.


His excellent performance led the EMK Musical company to choose him as the lead in The Man Who Laughs.


The high level that he achieved by acting as Gwynplaine in the play caused the audience to mark him as the new musical star of his generation.


SuHo is also an idol who stands out on stage in plays.


Seohyun – Girls’ Generation


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Seohyun---Girls_-Generation - K-Pop idols who have acted in playsSeohyun (besides being an idol) has also starred in K-Dramas and movies, like the recent Netflix one called Love and Leashes.


This artist also stands out among the K-Pop idols who have acted in plays and musicals.


Seohyun is a talented actress with several acting awards in her career.


Some of the plays she has participated in are Moon Embracing the Sun and Gone with the Wind.


D.O and XiuMin – EXO


Korean-Fashion-Trends-D.O-and-XiuMin---EXO - K-Pop idols who have acted in playsBut SuHo is not the only member of EXO who is part of the K-Pop idols who have acted in plays and musicals. D.O and XiuMin have as well. Since they both participated in the same play, they have the same place on this list.


In 2020, they participated in the military musical Return: The Promise of the Day. The play tells the story of military veteran Seung Ho, who searches for the remains of his companions who died in battle during the Korean War. During the stage performance in which this pair of idols participated, D.O. acted as the younger version of Seung Ho.


Meanwhile, XiuMin played the character’s grandson, named Hyun Min. Along with them, other idols such as Yoon Jisung, FTISLAND’s Lee HongKi, Infinite’s SungYeol, and Gugudan’s SeJeong participated in the play. In 2020, the musical honored the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, in which more than 3 million soldiers fought and sacrificed their lives in battle. It was a beautiful opportunity to participate in a musical play, so their participation in it was very significant.


Changsub – BTOB


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Changsub---BTOB - K-Pop idols who have acted in playsAnd to close this list of K-Pop idols who have acted in plays and musicals, we have Changsub.


He is the main vocalist of BTOB and is known for having a quirky and cute personality.


Also, he is a very talented singer. He was one of only two male students who were accepted into Howon University’s Practical Music major during the year he submitted his university application.


Changsub appeared in musicals like Boys Over Flowers, Napoleon, Edgar Allan Poe, Dogfight, and Iron Mask, thanks to his beautiful voice and talent.


These K-Pop idols who have acted in plays and musicals stand out on theatrical stages thanks to their artistic skills. Many of them not only have fame thanks to their careers as idols. They also achieve great popularity and recognition through musical works. As we said before, these are just some who have acted in plays and musicals. There are many more! Who would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments. See you in the next blog!

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