K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadors


K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadors. In addition to female idols, some K-Pop male idols are ambassadors for various leading beauty brands in the market. So thanks to the looks, smooth skins, and beautiful faces of your favorite idols, beauty brands have not hesitated to add these K-Pop idols as their ambassadors. Know the K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadors! Besides idols, they would have a great modeling career. Today we will tell you all the details of those who have joined commercials or advertisements, modeling makeup or skincare. In that way, you will achieve an equally irresistible look, or you can add them to your collection.


K-Pop idols who are the face of beauty brands




Korean-Fashion-Trends-BTS-(Subtitulo)The most famous group of the moment has also intermingled in skincare with MEDIHEALTH.


And also in makeup, being the winning brands of their representation Vice Cosmetics and VT Cosmetics with BT21.


They even have toothpaste with their image!


And we can not blame the brands, or our favorite K-Pop idols, or the ARMYS, or anyone else, because they want everything that BTS sells, makes, or breathes.


Taeyeon – Girls’ Generation


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Taeyeon-Girls_-Generation-(Subtitulo)Taeyeon has been Banila Co’s muse since 2016.


The reason? Because the Korean makeup brand sees the female artist as an excellent representation of the current beauty of Seoul women.


They issued a makeup set called The Happy Taeyeon Collection.


Taeyeon’s beauty is so incredible! Because of that, it is expected that she is among the K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadors.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Monsta-X-(Subtitulo)If MONSTA X once made us rush to TONYMOLY stores for a lip tint, it is not weird they did it again.


But now for the Urban Decay shadow palettes! That is right. We are talking about your NAKED line.


Makeup lovers know Decay’s products and their flagship product Naked so well.


So MONBEBE, as their fandom is known, could not be more proud that MONSTA X has been selected to be the new global face of Urban Decay, as well as its best-selling products. Taking MONSTA X for inspiration, who would not become a beauty master?




Korean-Fashion-Trends-RED-VELVET-(Subtitulo)ETUDE HOUSE is one of the most prominent South Korean cosmetic brands that you can find in different countries.


Many K-Pop idols have endorsed Etude House, and one of them is Red Velvet, who became their model in 2018.


They released a new set of liquid lipstick called Matte Chic Lip Lacquer.


It comes in five colors inspired and named after the five members.


NCT 127


Korean-Fashion-Trends-NCT-127-(Subtitulo)Did you know that NCT 127 is the image of Nature Republic?


Thanks to that, we have fallen in love with them.


And also become addicted to each of the skincare products they promote!


And how not to do it?


If these K-Pop idols have faces so perfect, youthful, and fresh that no one can resist acquiring the cleansers, scrubs, serums, tonics, and masks that this group models for us.


Korean-Fashion-Trends-YooA OH-MY-GIRLYooA – OH MY GIRL


Too Faced is a US cosmetics brand that manufactures feminine beauty products.


They introduced YooA as their Korean brand ambassador in September 2020.


She is the image thanks to her doll-like appearance that perfectly suited the concept of the brand.





Korean-Fashion-Trends-STRAY-KIDS-(Subtitulo)Another K-Pop idol who has recently ventured into modeling for beauty brands is none other than STRAY KIDS, for CLIO.


With them, they promote everything from eyebrow pencils to lip tints. And if that was not enough, the brand designed a group-inspired eyeshadow palette called “Pro Eye Palette Stray Kids Limited”.


Perfect for Stray! This palette comes in two different presentations, which vary a bit in the warmth of the shadows.


But they stand out for their neutral and pink colors. It is a good item for our K-Pop makeup kit. Of course, Stray Kids could not be missing among K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadors.


Korean-Fashion-Trends-LISA-BLACKPINK-(Subtitulo)Lisa – BLACKPINK 


In October 2020, BlackPink’s Lisa became the first K-Pop idol to be an ambassador for MAC.


BlackPink and YG are known for their bold beauty, and Lisa was drawn to MAC because of MAC’s reputation as an innovator and trendsetter in the beauty world.



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Korean-Fashion-Trends-G-DRAGON-BIG-BANG - K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadors

G-dragon – BIG BANG


Korean beauty brand Moonshot has worked with many YG Entertainment artists.


But its most notable spokesperson is Big Bang’s own G-Dragon, who has launched products like foundations, men’s skincare, fragrances, and more.







Korean-Fashion-Trends-JISOO-BLACKPINK - K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadors

But did you know that Lisa is not the only BlackPink member to partner with a makeup brand?


Jisoo is well-known as the perfect girl with sweet and feminine features.


Her style perfectly matches the elegant aesthetic of Dior.


For that reason, she is the ambassador for the Dior makeup brand.






Korean-Fashion-Trends-EXO- K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadors (Subtitulo)Other K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadors are the guys from EXO.


They have taken it upon themselves to fill the makeup and skincare kits for their treasured EXO-Ls. To begin with, as a group, they have been the image of brands like the Nature Republic.


But individually too, like Sehun for Some By Mi, Lay being a global ambassador for MAC, or even Kai for Bobbi Brown.


We have all become addicted to these products, that is a fact. In addition, there is no doubt that more than one of these brands are within our cosmetic bags, and as long as they are the image, we will continue to buy their products.


Dahyun and Sana – TWICE


Korean-Fashion-Trends-DAHYUN-AND-SANA-TWICE- K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadorsAble C & C’s cosmetics brand APIEU announced on March 29, 2021, that they selected the members of JYP Entertainment’s girl group TWICE as exclusive models for Japan and South Korea.


Sana and Dahyun began full modeling activity for the brand in March. They started with the photo shoot for the product ‘APIEU Madecass outside Ampoule 2X’. The photoshoot launched on March 30 on APIEU’s official networks and Able C & C’s ‘My Nung’ online shopping center.


The two members of Twice had various activities as models for the cosmetics brand APIEU in both Japan and South Korea. The Able C&C company also plans to carry out active marketing activities both online and offline in Japan. Furthermore, the Japanese subsidiary of Able C&C said: Twice is very popular in Japan and especially has the overwhelming support of young people in their 20s and 30s. This selection of models will be a strong impulse for APIEU to grow in the Japanese market. Twice’s fame has no limits, do you agree? That is why they are part of the K-Pop idols who are ambassadors for beauty brands.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-SUPER-JUNIOR - K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadorsSimilarly, Super Junior could not be missing from this list.


With 15 years of experience, these beloved K-Pop idols could not be left behind with their different campaigns with beauty brands.


Among them, we find Avajar, TONYMOLY with the Super Junior-M subunit, and more recently, with their collaboration with the Korean-American company Kiss New York for a special edition of false nails.


So, without a doubt, ELF has everything to achieve the best look. From face creams, masks, to nails of all styles and colors. The ELFs look perfect from head to toe, hand in hand with SuJu!


K-Pop idols who are beauty brand ambassadors are an inspiration to anyone looking to refresh their makeup kit. Thanks to the K-Pop stars, even many others dare to dabble in makeup for the first time. Are you one of them? How has your experience been? Tell us in the comments! And do not forget to visit us every day! Korean fashion trends await you here.


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