K-pop idols who have collaborated with fashion brands


K-pop fans have plenty of reasons to love their idols. Especially when it comes to people who have talent, not only as musicians or dancers. They gave talent also on a catwalk or in front of the cameras. There are many K-pop idols who have collaborated with fashion brands, and thanks to that, we can recognize Korean stars as potential models. Also, because of this, we can say that fashion is a big part of K-pop. Not all idols can indeed be fashion icons. But for those chosen, the world of fashion can open doors to many opportunities. Do you want to know the K-pop idols who have collaborated with fashion brands? Stay with us!


Know these 10 K-pop Idols who have collaborated with great designers




Korean-Fashion-Trends-BTS-x-FILABTS is the epicenter of the modern world. The group of the moment has collaborated with multiple brands such as Stone Henge and has inspired many others, such as the SYSTEM ‘Blood, Sweat, Tears’ collection.


However, the sportswear brand FILA is its biggest collaborator. FILA has launched a collection called Voyager. They show on that collection the zodiac signs of each BTS member in a galactic aesthetic line.


Although it is exciting to see BTS enter the fashion industry, all ARMYS are looking forward to having the members design their collection.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-NCT-127-x-TEDDYISLAND-X-SLOWACIDThe members of NCT 127 are the models for the SLOWACID x TEDDYISLAND sweatshirt line. The brand has offered them to go one step further and design their t-shirts.


This collection has 9 designs in 3 colors each, making a total of 27 t-shirts.


Each member embodied a bit of their personality in their design, from the most minimalists like Taeil, Jungwoo, and Taeyong, to the most creative like Yuta, Doyoung, and Mark. Isn’t that cool? Due to their fabulous collection with TEDDYISLAND, NCT 127 are part of the K-pop Idols who have collaborated with fashion brands.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-P.O-x-NEPA(subtitulo)P.O, who is the Block B rapper and variety show star who has been tasting the sweet honey of fame for years. He has recently also been very successful through shows like ‘Amazing Saturday’, ‘New Journey to the West’ or the famous ‘Mapo Hipsters’ with WINNER’s Mino.


And this has attracted the attention of brands like NAPA. In collaboration with this sportswear brand, he launched ‘P.O Paleece’, a reversible jacket with a design that blends padding and wool.


His proposal is perfect to add a touch of style to casual winter clothes. It is a helpful and very fashionable garment. Because of that, we are excited to include him on this list of K-pop idols who have collaborated with fashion brands. We can see in him a potential fashion designer! He not only thinks about style but also about its functionality.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-WayV-Ten-x-REPRESENT(subtitulo)We all know Ten’s love for art and drawing.


Ten’s creativity as an artist is infinite, and that is what he wants to reflect in his collection ‘What is??? THE ANSWERS’ in collaboration with the Represent brand. The designs not only show his artistic sensibility, they also tell us a story.


It is about Ten’s self-exploration and acceptance that there is no predetermined path for him, but he can grow and express himself freely.


His designs are full of symbolism and metaphors. Ten is a complete artist, and because of that, he is happy that he is also venturing into the world of fashion.


Taeyang x FENDI


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Taeyang-x-FENDI(subtitulo)Taeyang collaborated with Fendi to create his collection in 2017.


Fendi’s creative director worked closely with Taeyang to create a fall/winter collection that included T-shirts, jackets, and accessories.


Taeyang wanted to include his favorite slogans, representing his ideals with the words: faith, saved, grace, and passion.


The representative colors of the collection are black and red, perfectly capturing Taeyang’s intense aura. It shows us that Taeyang is a complete artist in every way.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Kai-x-GUCCI(subtitulo)Kai has been a global ambassador for GUCCI since 2019. GUCCI has featured the project alongside Kai as their most unique and most anticipated collaboration to date.


Making a direct reference to the iconic connection between Kai and teddy bears, the brand presents a diverse selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories that integrate the classic GUCCI print with this adorable little animal.


The collection went on sale on March 5, 2021, with prices between 250,000 and 3,000,000 won, and it did not take long for supplies to run out.




Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jennie-Kim-x-GENTLE-MONSTER - K-pop idols who collaborated with fashion brandsJennie’s reign as Korea’s It Girl is undeniable. Jennie is the face of the most significant luxury houses and brands, such as Chanel, HERA, or Samsung, and recently she has taken the big step to design.


In collaboration with Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster, Jennie has her collection: ‘Gentle Home’. Drawing inspiration from her childhood memories, this selection includes both glasses and sunglasses brimming with ‘90s nostalgia.


The collection launched on April 25 and sold out in record time. Because of that, Jennie is not just one of the members of the K-pop girl group that causes the most furor in the world. She is also a true fashion icon. For that reason, she is part of the K-pop idols who have collaborated with fashion brands.


Jackson Wang x FENDI


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Jackson-Wang-x-FENDI - K-pop idols who collaborated with fashion brandsJackson has been a “Fendiman” for 2 years now, becoming the only brand ambassador in China.


Shortly after, he launched his first collection, integrating the Fendi logo, his iconic baguette bag, and Jackson’s style: sporty and minimalist yet sophisticated.


Jackson was fully involved in the creative process.


This limited edition included accessories, shoes, and clothing items ranging from streetwear to formal suits.


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G Dragon x NIKE


Korean-Fashion-Trends-G-Dragon-x-NIKE - K-pop idols who collaborated with fashion brandsG Dragon is a true creative genius, both as a musician and as an artist. In 2016, he became the first K-pop idol to launch his own brand, PEACEMINUSONE, which he created in collaboration with his stylist.


In 2019, he launched his exclusive AF1 Para-noise sneakers through the ‘PEACEMINUSONE x Nike’ collaboration. The main protagonist is the brand’s logo, the daisy, which crowns a sneaker designed with seemingly random brushstrokes.


G Dragon goes a step further to ensure the individualism of each customer by including custom pins that you can place as you wish. Many K-pop artists wear his designs with great pride. It is a sensation among K-pop idols who have collaborated with fashion brands.


Red Velvet x THE SELECTS


Korean-Fashion-Trends-Red-Velvet-x-THE-SELECTS - K-pop idols who collaborated with fashion brandsIn 2019, Red Velvet crossed the line between music and fashion by collaborating with the Korean fashion show The Selects.


Each member worked with a different Korean designer to create exclusive, yet affordable, pieces in which they blend their styles with the designers’ creative vision.


Joy collaborated with WNDERKAMMER, Yeri with Hidden Forest Market, Irene with LIE, Seulgi with NOHANT, and Wendy with SWBD.


Red Velvet was the first K-pop group to take part in a project of this magnitude. For that reason, they are among the K-pop idols who have collaborated with fashion brands.


Who is the most fashionable group in K-pop?


The meteoric popularity of groups like BTS and Blackpink shows K-pop’s lasting impression on entertainment and fashion on a global scale. Currently, K-pop is a worldwide phenomenon. Fans look to K-pop idols turned trendsetters for catchy tunes and style inspiration. Among the most fashionable idols and those who most inspire with their style are BLACKPINK, BTS, NCT, RED VELVET, and ATEEZ.


K-pop idols who have collaborated with fashion brands are an inspiration to their fans and also to K-fashion. Many stand out for their originality in dressing. That is why it is difficult that they are not the focus of attention for Korean and international fashion houses. Do you think we forgot to mention any K-pop stars on this list? Let us know in the comments! And visit Korean Fashion Trends every day to keep up to date with all the news from the Korean world.


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