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Korean Fashion Trends - K-Pop idol style closet capsule

Previously on Korean Fashion Trends, we talked about the capsule closet you need if you want a Korean fashion look. However, until now, we haven’t talked about the capsule closet you need if you want a K-Pop idol style. Do you think there is no difference between one and the other? There is. While Korean fashion focuses on neutral and classic style clothing, K-Pop fashion is a bit more flashy. However, the limits are confused many times. And each one takes elements from the other. Also, remember that K-Pop integrates many genres. We see it in the idols of the style wear on every comeback. Also, the artists take care of every detail. And even the outfits that they will use when they go on a trip. Why? Because many fans take photos of them. So K-Pop idols should always look good. If you want to know about the K-Pop idol-style closet capsule, keep reading!


5 items you need to have in your k-pop style capsule wardrobe if you want to look like a Korean idol


The dress code in K-Pop is very peculiar. If you want to imitate the idols’ fashion, here is a list of five elements you need to put together your outfits without spending too much money. You have to look for similar clothes and combine them as you like. This K-Pop idol-style closet capsule is perfect for K-Pop lovers. If until now you think that achieving the look of idols is very complicated, from today you will know that achieving such a style is not difficult. To prove it, we prepared this closet capsule with the basic elements to achieve your fashion goal: a Korean idol look. Let’s get started!




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing a tennis skirt - K-Pop idol style closet capsuleWe start this K-Pop idol-style closet capsule list with tennis skirts. If you are thinking of acquiring a Korean idol style, from now on, you should know that you can’t do it without a tennis skirt.


In Korean fashion and idol fashion, this skirt is popular. You may have noticed it in the styles of many of your favorite idols. This skirt is a must if you want to achieve a proper K-Pop idol-style closet capsule. You can add them in the color you prefer.


However, we recommend you buy tennis skirts in neutral colors such as white or black. That way you can mix it more easily with other clothes.


For example, tennis skirts go well with a crop top and fishnet stockings. That is a usual look in K-Pop and also very fashionista. Also, if you like grunge style, it is perfect for you.




Korean Fashion Trends - K-Pop idol style closet capsule - Taeyeon soloistJust like tennis skirts, crop tops are a must when putting together a K-Pop idol-style closet capsule. That’s why we couldn’t let them pass by. If you are wondering, yes. The crop top can be the style you like the most. It can be sleeveless, with them, with puffed sleeves, off-shoulders, long sleeves, etc. When it comes to this garment, there are no limits. You can use the crop top that best suits you.


Also, if you look at the style of the idols, you can see that they wear any design of crop tops. These garments are ideal for combining with tennis skirts, jeans, and shorts. You can also elevate this look with a jean jacket. Crop tops are necessary because they can perfect almost any casual look.


If you like a style with a feminine and chic look, you should add more crop tops to your clothing repertoire. That way, you can get your K-Pop idol style more easily. Many idols have worn this combination in their comebacks or their presentations.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean person wearing sneakersWe continue with this K-Pop idol-style closet capsule with the basics of the basics is footwear, the sneakers. If you have a closet without the right sneakers, you are not ready to have a K-Pop idol look. If you want to avoid that, you need to add at least one pair of sneakers to your wardrobe.


You need white sneakers. These will be the base of any casual look, but they could also accompany a more elegant look.


For example, a monochromatic look of pants, a top, an oversized blazer, and white sneakers is a great sophisticated outfit.


If you want shoes that you can wear with casual and elegant looks, white sneakers are the most suitable. Therefore, do not think of a K-Pop idol-style closet capsule without these shoes.




Korean Fashion Trends - Ulzzang woman wearing a bucket hatFourth place in this K-Pop idol-style closet capsule goes to bucket hats. Although these hats have been in the sights of Korean fashion and K-Pop for several years now, they are still a trendsetter in 2022. Especially in the spring-summer season.


Bucket hats are not just fashionista hats. They are also helpful because they protect you from the sun. If you are looking for an accessory that will be your ally during the summer, it is best to add one or more bucket hats to your closet. Neutral color classics are an excellent idea.


However, if you are going for a monochromatic look and want an extra, different detail, you can add a colorful printed bucket hat. That will be the final touch in a single-color outfit. Also, when you wear denim, a bucket hat can be a great accessory. Although, to be honest, these hats go with almost everything. So having one of them is having a versatile accessory. You can wear it using jeans, shorts, skirts and even dresses! And if you want to get some inspiration to wear this accessory correctly, take a look at the looks of the idols. They always get the most out of bucket hats.




Korean Fashion Trends - Korean woman wearing an oversized shirtWe finish this K-Pop idol-style closet capsule with oversize shirts. In general, oversize clothes have always been a hit in Korean fashion and the fashion of K-Pop idols.


They couldn’t be absent from the K-Pop idol-style closet capsule. Idols also prefer larger than normal sizes.


They usually like to dress “loose” and comfortable. That is why oversize shirts or t-shirts are the ones for you.


You can wear them with jeans or shorts, and even with some dresses. Add oversized shirts to your wardrobe if you want a Korean Idol look.


The K-Pop idol style closet capsule contains the basic elements if you intend to wear a K-Pop Idol style. Remember that classic elements will always be a must and that you can elevate any outfit with the right accessories. And you, are you ready to dress like an idol? Tell us in the comments about your experience! See you soon.

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