K-Pop Idol Makeup Trends 2022

korean fashion trends - k-pop idol makeup trends 2022

All Korean fashion and beauty lovers know that we can recognize Korean makeup because it has a natural look. That’s because Koreans place a lot of importance on skincare. They prefer to have healthy and beautiful skin than to have it beautiful for a moment only by wearing makeup. In K-Pop idol makeup trends, things vary a bit. Yes, although Korean makeup trends are usually simple yet beautiful. Simplicity is still maintained, but in many cases, the makeup reaches another level where there is room for bright tones, decorations, and more. If you are interested in learning more about the K-Pop Idol Makeup Trends 2022, stay on Korean Fashion Trends. This year, you can power up your Korean makeup with these trends we see from K-Pop idols. Let’s get started!


6 K-Pop Idol Makeup Trends that you can’t miss in 2022


If you love K-Pop, we bet one of the first things that strike you about idols, aside from their style, is how pretty the makeup they wear is. Isn’t it? Maybe you are wondering how you can make your makeup look as eye-catching as K-Pop idols. Well, if you want to know the answer, read on. In this way, you can know the K-Pop Idol Makeup Trends 2022 to practice and take your makeup to another level.




Eyebrows are so important. Why? Because they frame the face. K-Pop idols wear thick, straight eyebrows. In addition, they have a youthful and cute appearance. It’s also easy to achieve if you have a good-quality eyebrow pencil. Did you know that Koreans don’t do the big brow we usually see in western makeup? They refer to it as a “seaweed eyebrow.” These types of eyebrows are part of the K-Pop Idol Makeup Trends 2022. Do you want to have seaweed eyebrows? To achieve them, use your eyebrow pencil as a guide. Hold it against the side of your nose and where your brow line falls is where you should start outlining. You need to hold it diagonally against the corner of your eye to find where the brow should end, and voila! You will have your eyebrows like those of a K-Pop Idol.


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Another one of the K-Pop Idol Makeup Trends 2022 is puppy ​​eyes. But how is it achieved? With the best friend of every makeup lover: the eyeliner. It is best to use an eyeliner pencil because it will give you more control. However, you can use the type of eyeliner you like the most. You can also use eyeshadow and an angled brush for this if you’re looking for a more exaggerated eyeliner. Bring the liner tip as you would when doing a cat-eye to achieve puppy eyes. Then, lower the liner, so that it reaches the outer corner of your eye. In that way, you’ll get puppy dog ​​eyes. Are you wondering why they are called that? It is due to the cute look of the puppy’s eyes. That is the effect that this trend wants to achieve.




The K-Pop version of a smoky eye is a bit different from the kind of smoky eye we see in the West. This version is called the cloudy eye in the K-Pop Idol Makeup Trends 2022. You can achieve it by using a very light wash of color on the lid and the outer corners of the eyes. Then you go deeper with a brown or black on the edges and a bit more on the crease. Because of this, Korean eyeshadows tend to be less pigmented than the eyeshadows you can find from Western brands. Do you want to achieve cloudy eyes? Use the same brush for all eyeshadows and blends. Then use your finger to add a bit of shimmer right in the middle of the lid for a cloudy eye.




We have all realized that the theme among all trends in K-Pop or Korean makeup, in general, is youth. Koreans always aim to look young. That’s why you can see people over forty wearing the skin of a person in their twenties. Since it’s all about looking younger, the K-Pop Idol Makeup Trends 2022 in blushes will give you a more youthful look, even when its name is hangover blush. The same goes for the blush of a hangover. You only need to apply the blush under the eyes and on the nose if you want to achieve this trend. An extra trick you can do to perfect the look is to add fake freckles made with a brown eyebrow pencil. Complete the look with faux freckles using a brown brow pencil.




It is probably the most universally recognized K-Beauty trend. That’s why it’s part of the K-Pop Idol Makeup Trends 2022. It never goes out of style. This trend is still as popular as ever in K-Pop makeup. If you have naturally highly pigmented lips, this may not be the trend for you. Otherwise, pay attention to gradient lips because you will want to wear them this way every time. How do you do it? You just need to apply enough concealer for this trend to work and blend your lip shade with your foundation. Next, place the lipstick in the center of your lips, tap to blend it out, and you’re good to go: you’ve got gradient lips just like K-Pop idols.




Glitter under the eyes is another major K-Pop Idol Makeup Trends 2022. Sparkly studs to highlight under-eye puffiness is not a new trend. However, this year, this style is still a trend. This year, makeup artists are using even bigger studs with a stronger glitter. This trend is seen in both male and female idols. Thanks to its popularity, we can expect a fresher take on this trend with more exclusive materials in the future. To achieve this trend, you only need to apply the makeup of your choice, and just on the lower eyelids, place shiny studs or the figures of your choice, such as stars, hearts, etc. It is a very striking trend and, above all, so fun.


The K-Pop Idol Makeup Trends 2022 are full of color but at the same time keep their roots in natural-looking makeup. If you like Korean beauty, you must put Korean makeup trends into practice. However, if you also like K-Pop, you should try the makeup trends that K-Pop idols wear this year. Which of these trends is your favorite? See you in the next blog!


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