K-Pop idol-inspired bob haircut


K-Pop idol-inspired bob haircut. If you have not been through the bob haircut yet, what are you waiting for? It is, without a doubt, the most flattering, versatile, and rejuvenating haircut of all options. In addition, it is elegant and discreet. But if you still do not dare to do it, do not worry. Maybe the K-Pop idol-inspired bob haircut will give you the last push you need. We know that K-Pop idols boast exceptional beauty and often set trends. K-Pop Idols change their hairstyle to match the concept of their latest album promotions. Some of these idols look so good with the bob haircut that you can’t imagine them with long hair anymore. Do you want to know who are the idols from which you can take inspiration to have a bob haircut? You can meet them with us! Stay on Korean Fashion Trends and keep reading.


Who are the idols who have had the bob haircut?


Korean Fashion Trends - GFRIEND's EunhaSome of the K-Pop idols who have sported the Bob haircut are CLC’s Yeeun, Red Velvet’s Joy, Jeon Some, Twice’s Momo, Gugudan’s Mimi, Elris’s Bella, G-Friend’s Eunha, Oh’s Binnie My Girl, and Hyeri from Girl’s Day.


All these girls look stunning with the Bob haircut. If you see some of their photos wearing this style, you will notice that each one of them looks adorable and sexy with this haircut.


Because of that, it is one of the most versatile haircuts. To achieve a K-Pop idol-inspired bob haircut, these girls are the ideal choice.


What is the bob haircut?


Korean Fashion Trends - Momo from TWICE - K-Pop idol-inspired bob haircutThe master formula of the bob par excellence follows some basic requirements: it is a haircut that locates its length towards the jaw, below the ear, and above the shoulder.


A medium length is a cut without layers. The manes that were beginning to grow, and that were already brushing the shoulders, took a new name that differentiated them from the classic bob cut.


Thus, they came to be called long bob, due to their greater length than the classic short hair.


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How do you know if the bob haircut looks good on you?


If we want to have a K-Pop idol-inspired bob haircut, the best way to do it is to check if it suits us. And how can we find out? With the 5.7 centimeter rule! This rule helps us know the length between the chin and the ear and with which we will make sure that this cut will favor us or not. Of course, all these are just ways to advise you from the world of professionals, but if you want to try, we assure you it does not fail.


How does the 5.7-centimeter rule work?


To do this, you must first place yourself in front of the mirror, in a position where you can see your chin and analyze the area. Then, place a pencil on your chin, horizontally towards your ear. You should then place a ruler in a vertical position, starting from the earlobe downwards. It will create a kind of right angle. You should pay attention to where the pencil and the ruler intersect. Measure that distance. If that measurement exceeds those famous 5.7 centimeters, both in width and length, you shouldn’t opt ​​for the bob and bet on long hair. And if both measurements do not exceed this 5.7 cm, you are ready for a perfect short bob haircut. Also, it is a brilliant trick to know if you have a long or round face.


How to wear the bob haircut correctly?


Also known as the 3/4 cut (it represents three-quarters of what is considered a long hairstyle), it is ideal for straight, wavy, and curly hair. In addition, it allows you to comb it in a thousand different ways! For example, you can wear a shorter bob in the back and with longer layers in the front. It adapts to the shape of your face! A more recent version allows it to be worn with very chic pointed bangs.


If you have voluminous hair, you can go for a straight haircut. Asymmetrical haircuts with one side longer than the other highlight the neck and cheekbones. Depending on the shape of your face, one measure or another will suit you better. If you have a rounded face, a long bob haircut to the shoulders will look great. But a long face is better off with a shorter bob at the jawline.


Can female K-Pop idols have short hair?


Korean Fashion Trends - CLC member - K-Pop idol-inspired bob haircutThe answer to this question is evident, and K-Pop idols know it.


Sure, they can have short hair! Although sometimes it does not depend on them but on the company they work for.


But in general, K-Pop idols can have short hair. Many of them show off their beauty better with haircuts like the bob style.


Because of that, there are plenty of ideas to achieve a K-Pop idol-inspired bob haircut. Thanks to their well-groomed short hair, these idols shine with their short locks.


Which K-Pop idol has the best hairstyle?


Korean Fashion Trends - Hyunjin from STRAY KIDSAccording to the taste of each person, this question can find many answers.


However, many fans agree that some of the best hairstyled K-Pop idols are:


Stray Kids’ Hyunjin when he wore long blonde hair; Twice’s Dahyun, when she wore wavy blue hair; ITZY’s Yeji, with long hair and two pigtails; Mamamoo’s Hwasa when she wore red hair and BTS’s Taehyung when he wore half pink and half blonde hair.




Which K-Pop idols don’t look good with short hair?


Korean Fashion Trends - Twice’s JeongyeonLike the previous question, the answer about which K-Pop Idol doesn’t look good with short hair depends on the tastes of each fan. However, some decided that several of those idols are Twice’s Jeongyeon, Chungha, Mamamoo’s Wheein, and Jessica Jung.


Thanks to the success of K-Pop music and K-dramas, the Korean influence took advantage of the world of beauty and fashion.


Because of that, it attracts people from all over the world. They take an interest in the aesthetics of idol stars in the Asian country. In terms of haircuts and hairstyles, K-Pop stars are the protagonists of trends that have already caused a great demand in the West. One of them is the bob haircut. Many Korean celebrities have caused many fans to want to try a K-Pop idol-inspired bob haircut. Have you also wanted to try this haircut? Tell us your reasons for doing it! And remember to visit us every day, so you don’t miss any news about Korean fashion!


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